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How to Get More Likes on TikTok

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How to Get More Likes on TikTok
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TikTok is the new short video-sharing platform with billions of users around the world. Getting watchers of content takes no time and so do the likes. But social growth takes time and even for TikTok getting more engagement requires effort.

Pushing the content with so many content creators posting every second cannot be effortless. Knowing how to get more likes on TikTok is possible by creating a mark both with the content and engaging with the content to the right audience.

Following some tried and tested strategies by some of the best creators on TikTok, new budding creators are moving up the ladder really fast and they are piling up the likes.

Properly designing the profile with Bio and Picture

Properly designing the profile with Bio and Picture

Once a new viewer likes the content, the first place where they are headed is the TikTok profile. The profile must be so good that every person ending up on the profile becomes a follower. A perfect bio means it must be crisp and should show your choices as a creator. It attracts the right set of people as followers.

Always add your picture on the profile as people tend to have the idea of looking at a fake account if they do not see the creator on the profile picture. Both steps are equally essential for making viewers feel connected to the creator. Add all the information as a part of your TikTok bio soon before starting to create content.

Creating Shorter Videos

Creating Shorter Videos - How to Get More Likes on TikTok

Viewers mostly like the short videos on their platform as they can watch them at any moment. At present, people do not like spending time watching long videos on social media. Small videos are trending more on TikTok and act as a way of how to get more likes on TikTok, which is why most creators try keeping it within 10 seconds or less. With low view time but millions of views, the short videos also compensate for huge watch time.

Just like Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, create short videos for TikTok as well. Engagement comes faster as people complete watching the video below a minute.

It increases the chances of getting comments and likes on the TikTok video. As a great opportunity, you can share these videos on other platforms as well pushing your social fame.

Create Videos on Specific Topics

Setting up a plan to explore a specific topic is important while creating TikTok videos. There must be a genre based on which a creator creates the videos. If the creator follows their own ideas and their own genre of topics, they can get the target audience easily.

Since most people follow a specific topic for creating videos, it gets easier for them to reach out to a specific audience. If you are a tech creator, keep following that if you think about how to get more likes on TikTok and do not suddenly shift to new content.

Getting a new audience from the scratch is really difficult. With the same genre of videos, the eyes of the viewers stay on the creative videos that you make, which eventually will make you famous. This works even better when people are looking for fame on other social platforms.

Keep Posting Daily

Keep Posting Daily - How to Get More Likes on TikTok

Staying consistent is undoubtedly the main requirement for being a famous creator. There must be more than one post daily so that some of them get to reach a larger audience. More uploaded videos increase the chance for a few videos to go viral. Daily posting has become essential for the steady growth and is eventually it is how to get more likes on TikTok.

Daily posts also increase the total likes of the creator which induces the TikTok algorithm to push their post to new watchers. This eventually increases the number of likes for all possible posts. Being consistent about posting will always increase the number of viewers and keep them waiting for more posts every single day.

Properly Introduce Hashtags

Hashtags are the new ways of optimizing the content to get only those people who are interested to watch. It is a perfect idea to end up with the best videos available on TikTok and it is one of the ways how to get more likes on TikTok. Based on the specific hashtags TikTok suggests the videos to its watchers.

It is important to put the right hashtags with the videos. It drives the right people to the videos when it comes to TikTok. A simple SEO plan based on hashtags will bring a lot of likes as people who search for them want to watch content like your channel. So, they find connected to the content and leave a like or even comments which adds to the positive engagement.

Build A Dedicated Audience

Any creator who performs for their audience needs an audience who will watch all the videos. These are avid watchers of the content who genuinely are interested to see the videos. Every creator has a dedicated audience whom they can blindly trust.

It takes time to develop a target audience and know how to get more likes on TikTok, but if videos are created in the right manner, views do not become an issue.  It is important to maintain the attention of a steady audience.

If the creators work on their videos and tend to introduce new ideas with their content, the viewership will remain with them. With a trusted audience they are going to soon start getting a million likes on their videos within a day of sharing.

Try Working on Video Edits and Transitions

Try Working on Video Edits and Transitions

Transitions have made TikTok different and famous among its creators. So even if new trends start, the transition videos are never going to be off-trend. Try the latest transitions and also the newest video editing software to make the video cutting edge.

Learn to use a specific video editor that you can keep improving your videos on and with time the new videos are going to surpass the old. With the growth in the number of likes, the content needs to improve its quality as well.

The best video editing tools are all set to help with this as they make the quality cutting-edge. Editing does not necessarily destroy the originality of videos, as when used in the right manner it attracts more viewers since the content looks visually improved than a basic camera-based video.

Interact with the Audience More

Always interact with people from the audience to get their reactions and reviews on the recent content. They give honest feedback on the content once you start asking for their ideas regarding the content.

It will help optimize the content regarding how to get more likes on TikTok and act as just the audience needs it. This brings you the chance to know your audience better and expect the best outcome.

Following the advice of the audience has helped creators grow. In some cases, the people from the audience provide video ideas too which really helps when the creator is facing a creator’s block. Therefore, interaction with the audience of the content always has an upside to it.

Seek Engagement from All Places

Every social platform has a different set of audiences with different ranges of choices. Firstly, getting the audience from multiple platforms diversifies the viewers. The engagement from all places is all set to bring you a larger audience.

This is ideal for the engagement expected from short videos. As more people view it more likes are going to reach the TikTok video. Secondly, getting the content on all websites is all set to bring you popularity from all sources.

If creators are getting acclaimed for their work on all social platforms, they must explore the options about expanding, which will help them get viewers on TikTok who end up watching their videos first on a different social website.

Use Catchy Captions for Videos

Just like captions for images, proper captions must be there for the videos. It is bound to attract the attention of viewers. Attraction attention is possible with the perfect caption that goes well with the videos. It is important to give it a thought before posting as every person posts with a basic caption.

Try to think of something trending but new that people are going to click on. Do not hesitate to experiment with the captions at the start and see the ones that are bringing the highest likes. Follow the plan and the same pattern for the new videos and this will eventually get your content to the top of the trending page.

Check Out Trending Video Options

Every creator needs to check out the trends of the day which are constantly getting millions of views. Following the trends with the trending hashtags increases the chance of the videos ending up on the trending page.

Since more people are searching for such videos at that specific time, likes are also available in millions. Trends are constantly changing and as a creator, one must never miss out on a chance to push their fans on TikTok.

Getting more fans at a particular time increases the chances of getting likes for all future videos. To follow such trends, the best idea is to follow creators who have more than 10 million fans and follow the places where they excel.


Getting likes on TikTok is possible with the positive tips that are given. Following them while creating content for TikTok is all set to bring the onlookers to the website. More viewers who find the content good are going to like it.

Following all these strategies will keep increasing the likes on all the TikTok videos even in the future. This is for budding creators and also for the veteran TikTok creators who want to push towards the mark of a million views for all their new content.

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