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10 Proven Tips to Get More TikTok Views on Your Videos

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How to Increase TikTok Video Views
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TikTok can be a magically entertaining space with content spanning from comedic social commentary to instructional videos and life hacks. However, there is one goal all TikTok creators share: increasing their audience! If you’ve scoured the internet looking for a resource on how to increase TikTok video views for your channel, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we’ve compiled a resource to guide you on your journey toward virality!

Why TikTok Views Matter?

Expansion on TikTok has been compared to exponential growth models–and for good reason! The algorithm promotes content that has more views, as it’s more likely to be picked up on the FYP (For You Page). Therefore, the more sets of eyes you can get your video in front of, the higher your chances of getting picked up by the somewhat enigmatic TikTok algorithm.

You might be wondering, But why does any of this matter? The reason you should care about your TikTok views is that you can actually make money on this platform. In fact, TikTok pays up to $0.04 for every 1,000 views through their so-called “Creators Rewards Program.” Who doesn’t like to get paid?

What Counts as a “View” on TikTok?

Especially compared to other video hosting platforms, measuring views on TikTok is relatively straightforward. Simply put, a video earns a “view” the instant it plays on a device (unfortunately, not your own account). What’s more, the video is set to loop–so if you can keep your audience around until the end of the content, you may even get more than one view out of each user.

How to Increase Your Views on TikTok? 10 Tips 💡

Gaining views on your TikTok can be intimidating at first–but if you break it down into the actionable steps we’ve presented below,👇 you’ll find it’s actually not so daunting! Let’s get into it.

1. Buy 🚀 TikTok Views From Viralyft

One option that exists (and can give your content more impressions almost overnight) is to purchase real TikTok views through a reliable source like Viralyft. This can act like jet fuel for your channel, propelling your views forward nearly instantaneously. However, this is best accomplished in tandem with best practices for optimizing your content, which we’ve posted below.

2. Remember, It’s a Short-Form Platform!

TikTok is known for its short-form content. Folks on the platform aren’t looking for long-winded diatribes about your honors thesis–they want to be entertained, educated, or–ideally–both. Keep your videos short and engaging by utilizing effective editing and content strategy ideas.

3. Create a Compelling Caption

Your caption does wonders to draw in a crowd. While the condensed limit of 150 characters can present some challenges, especially if you’re just getting started and don’t have a feel for what works yet, creating an effective hook in your title is possible. Make sure to monitor which captions perform the best and do your best to emulate them moving forward with future content.

4. Add Relevant Hashtags

Use Popular Hashtags

TikTok’s hashtag system is how those utilizing the search function find the content that they’re looking for. If you don’t add accurate hashtags, how will they ever find your channel? Hashtags are a great way to hop on a viral trend as well, and to elevate your chances of getting picked up on TikTok’s FYP.

5. Leverage Trending Audio

Use Trending Audio

You may have noticed creators on TikTok frequently utilize the same songs and soundbites as other “top-performing” influencers. Using trending audio is a great way to boost your chances of viewership.

6. Make How-To Videos and Other Trending Content Formats

Providing clear value for your audience is one surefire way to not only get more views, but to get more subscribers as well. Creating value-adding content helps to create trust with your audience as they offer you their valuable time. What’s more, creating “how to” content is a best practice when it comes to shooting for viral content.

7. Select and Cater to a Niche Audience

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re creating a video for “just anyone” who may be scrolling the feed, you’re effectively creating content for “no one.” Remember, viewers like to feel like your content is personalized to them and that it strongly resonates with real people. This also has the two-fold benefit of offering a higher likelihood that you will develop a loyal following and community.

8. Collaborate🤝with Other Creators

Collaborate with others

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the platform, you’ve undoubtedly discovered the power of TikTok Duets. Jump on viral videos by adding your spin, or connect with other content creators to get your video in front of their audience, too.

9. Upload Multiple Videos a Day (and Stick to a Regular Schedule)

Because TikTok is a platform for short videos, it is a very “hungry” algorithm–it feeds on your content! The more often you can post, the better–and this is even further optimized by sticking to a regular schedule. Be sure to post at least daily to connect with your audience, check in, and further develop that trust that will keep them around as followers for the long term.

10. Connect Your TikTok to All Social Channels

Promote Your Account on Other Social Platforms

Now that you know how to fully leverage your video content, you’ll want to promote it across all social platforms! This can be a great way of exposing audiences that follow you on other channels to fresh content and give them yet another reason to follow you. This promotes brand recall and awareness, too–if you run a business.

Viralyft Gives You a TikTok Boost 🚀

In a perfect world, we would have ample time to strategize our online video content, leveraging it in every possible way on every platform with an optimized plan for each. However, especially if you see your TikTok content as a side hustle or another accolade to add to your day job credentials, you don’t always have time to create a bulletproof, organic content schedule–let alone stick to it. That’s where Viralyft steps in and offers you the opportunity to be picked up by the algorithm, without the headache or significant upfront investment. 

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