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How to Make a Poll on YouTube? (Step-by-Step Guide)

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  5. How to Make a Poll on YouTube? (Step-by-Step Guide)
How to Make a Poll on YouTube

Making a poll on YouTube is a great way to engage with your audience and get their opinions on a particular topic. Polls can be created in two different ways on YouTube, through the Community tab or through a video. Creators can engage with subscribers in a variety of ways, including as comments, shares, likes, and dislikes. You may use YouTube polls to transform your standard YouTube videos into practical tools for subscriber feedback. Get everything you need to know here by reading on, including how to make a poll on YouTube and use the online video editor at Clipchamp to produce videos that are insight-driven.

YouTubers create YouTube polls to gather feedback and opinions from their subscribers through online surveys. The creator and the audience can both see the results immediately. The YouTube Community makes polls that are a simple way to learn and that you can use to your benefit.

Without using an external page or survey, a YouTube poll can assist creators in bridging the gap between businesses and customers. If you run an instructional YouTube channel, students looking for more knowledge and assistance are probably your target market.

Steps for How to Make a Poll on YouTube is provided below:

  • Enter your YouTube login information and go to your channel page.
  • The “Community” tab will appear in the navigation bar.
  • Choose “Poll” from the menu when you click the “New post” button.
  • Write the alternatives you want your audience to choose from in the poll question.
  • Decide how long the poll will last. The poll may remain active for up to a week at your discretion.

Click the “Post” button to publish your poll after adding any additional text or material to your poll post, such as pictures or videos.

Why should you make use of YouTube polls?

Why should you make use of YouTube polls

Creators can interact with their audience and get feedback from them via polls on YouTube. They enable real-time communication between creators and their audiences, fostering a more dynamic and immersive experience for all involved. You ought to use YouTube polls for the following reasons:

  • Increase audience interaction: Polls are a great approach to interact with your audience and persuade them to interact with your material. You may build a sense of community and motivate viewers to express their ideas and opinions by posing questions that are pertinent to your material.
  • Get useful information about your audience: Polls can also be used to obtain useful information on the interests, preferences, and viewpoints of your audience. You may better personalize your content and marketing initiatives by asking focused questions to find out more about the demographics, interests, and habits of your audience.
  • Provide fresh content ideas: Polls are a fantastic resource for doing this. You might receive ideas for new subjects or strategies that you may not have thought of before by asking visitors what they want to see more of.
  • Increase inclusivity: By providing all viewers a voice, polls can also increase inclusivity. You can demonstrate your respect for your audience’s ideas and your desire to produce material that fulfills their requirements by soliciting their input.
  • Encourage participation and growth: Polls can encourage participation and growth for your channel. You may expand the reach and visibility of your information by designing interesting polls that inspire visitors to share it with others.

Alternatively, by following these procedures, you can make a poll inside a video:

  • Make a video that includes the poll question and possible answers.
  • When you want a poll to display. Edit your video and add a poll card at that particular spot.
  • Choose the poll’s duration and add the poll question and alternatives to the poll card.
  • When you publish your video, the poll card will be played during playback and viewers will be able to vote.

All done! Now that you know how, you may use the Community tab or a video to create a poll on YouTube. To interact with your audience, solicit their thoughts and opinions, and provide your visitors a more interactive experience, use polls.

Check your YouTube poll eligibility

Check your YouTube poll eligibility

Make sure you comply with the following standards to determine whether you are qualified to create a poll on YouTube:

  1. A minimum of 1,000 YouTube subscribers are required for your YouTube channel.
  2. Your YouTube channel must have existed for at least 30 days.
  3. You need to comply with YouTube’s community rules and terms of service.

If you can satisfy all of these conditions, you ought to be able to make polls for your YouTube channel. Go to your YouTube Studio dashboard’s “Create” section and select the “Poll” option to create a poll. From there, you may design your poll and make any necessary modifications.

Before you can make polls on YouTube, you may need to concentrate on increasing your channel’s popularity and audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are YouTube polls answers anonymous?

Yeah, surveys on YouTube are anonymous. A viewer’s response to a poll on YouTube is not linked to their account or any other identifiable information. This implies that the poll’s creator won’t be able to observe how each respondent chose to respond.

The username and activity of a user may be visible to others if they post a comment or engage with a poll in any way. Nevertheless, responses to polls in particular are kept private.

What if I don’t have 100 followers on my YouTube channel?

YouTube’s subscriber base has shrunk. In order to access the Community tab, YouTube channels must have between 1000 and 500 subscribers. You won’t be able to publish on YouTube using polls, photographs, GIFs, or text if you haven’t accumulated 500 subscribers. You can continue to add standard YouTube videos to your channel.

How do I turn off polls on YouTube?

A poll can be easily deleted from YouTube Studio if its creator no longer wants it to be active. There will be no option for subscribers to disable watching YouTube polls.


To sum up, creating a poll on YouTube is a fantastic method to involve your audience and obtain insightful feedback. By simply following the above-described basic procedures. You can quickly establish a poll on your YouTube channel and begin gathering replies from your visitors. To encourage as many people as possible to participate, keep your poll brief and to the point and be sure to advertise it in your videos and on your social media Platform.

A well-crafted poll can help you learn more about the preferences and viewpoints of your audience. Which will enable you to produce future content that is more focused and interesting. Therefore don’t be afraid to give this feature a shot and see how it might help your YouTube channel.

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