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How to see an Unsent Message on Messenger?

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Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular platforms. They have tons of options and features. This makes them an ideal option to connect with your friends and family. Moreover, many businesses also use this feature to communicate with their clients. In this article, we will come to know how to see an Unsent message on Messenger.

Unsending messages have been one of the most popular features on the platform. It allows you to remove messages in any chat on Messenger. However, you might unsend a message by mistake and want to see it. So, there are a few ways through which you can see unsent messages on Messenger.

Further, this article aims to answer the question of how to see an unsent message on messenger. Most importantly, we have listed the best techniques and they will help you see unsent messages on Messenger.

What are unsent messages?

ways to see Unsent Messages

The unsend feature is considered one of the best features on the platform. This feature allows you to delete any of the messages which you send on messenger. However, there are two ways of unsending messages. The first method allows you to unsend for everyone.

This removes the messages from the entire chat and no one can see them anymore. On the other hand, you can use unsend for you. This will remove the message from your screen but will remain there on the screen of others. Both of these methods are quite popular and useful. There are different situations when these features are used.

Different ways to see Unsent Messages

Unsent messages might be one of the best features. However, there might be times when you want to see these messages. There are a few ways by which these messages can be seen. Some of them work better than the rest. These methods can be used very easily and are a lifesaver when you unsend messages by accident.



Notifications are one of the easiest ways to see unsent messages on Messenger. However, this method only works when you are the recipient. You cannot use this for messages unsent by yourself. You should check the notification panel of your mobile device to find the unsent message.

Firstly, you have to keep your notifications turned on for Messenger. Having this turned on gets all your messages in your notification bar. However, if you miss the notification, you should go to settings for Android.

It has all the notifications of your applications and you can view the messages as well. This is one of the easiest answers to how to see an unsent message on Messenger. However, Apple devices do not have a notification history. This means that you can check the notification on the notification bar but cannot access it later.

Third-Party Applications

Third-Party Applications 

There are a few third-party applications that you can use to track your unsent messages. These applications sync notifications of Facebook Messenger. These apps are great for personal use as well as for use by parents. You can use this application for multiple purposes.

Moreover, they are one of the ideal ways to see unsent messages on Messenger. This is the best answer to how to see an unsent message on Messenger. Further, all you have to do is download the application and give the required permissions.

This is one of the most comprehensive methods. Most importantly, you can see even the oldest messages. Downloading the application is a small step. But it can give you access to all of your messages. You can see unsent messages on Messenger for free. You can keep a track of all of your conversations.


Outbox is an exclusive method for iPhone users. This allows them to see unsent messages on Messenger. This feature is present in the application itself. So, there is no need to download any application and give them access to your messenger. You have to open your Messenger application and navigate to the menu option on the top left.

You will find the outbox option present there. This has a record of your unsent messages. Above all, it is an efficient answer to the question of how to see an unsent message on messenger.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Email Notifications send all of your notifications to your email. Whenever you receive a message, an email will be sent to your email id. This is an organic way to keep a record of all of your messages including unsent messages. Therefore, you can see unsent messages on Messenger.

Moreover, this feature can be enabled on the
Facebook application. You have to log into the application and navigate to the settings section. You will find the notification option in this section of the application. Further, you have to click on the email settings option and enable notifications.

This ensures that all messages are sent to your email as notifications. However, this method might become annoying over time. Getting emails for all of your conversations is tiresome and you might have difficulty finding the exact messages that you need.


Can you recover unsent messages?

No, unsent messages cannot be recovered on Messenger. You will never be able to recover messages on Messenger once you have unsent them., these messages get removed from Facebook’s database and you will not find them. Some applications claim to recover these messages on Messenger itself.

However, all of them are scam applications that are preying on your data. Therefore, you should use the messages listed above if you want to see unsent messages on Messenger. These are legitimate methods that work well.

Can I see unsent messages on Messenger on my PC?

There are a few ways through which you can see unsent messages on your PC. firstly, you can enable notifications for Facebook on your PC. this will ring all new messages to your notification panel and you can check it from there.

Secondly, you can use third-party applications and sync them with your laptop. Lastly, you can enable notifications for your, you just need to check your email from your laptop and you will have a record of your messages. These are the few answers to the question of how to see an unsent message on messenger for PC.

Can Unsent messages be seen in Facebook data?

Facebook delete your messages as soon as you unsend them. Therefore, you cannot find any of it on Facebook data. You can download your Facebook data but you will not find any unsent messages. So, this is not a legit way to see unsent messages on Messenger.

How long can I use the unsend feature?

The unsent message feature is time-limited. You can use it after a certain amount of time has passed from the delivery of the message. Any message cannot be unsent after 10 minutes. So, you should unsend a message before you cross this time limit.

Is removing the message the same as unsending?

The difference between both of these is quite simple. You can unsend as well as remove messages. Unsending messages remove the messages for both the sender and the recipient.

Facebook removes it from their servers and there is no record of them available officially. However, removing messages gets rid of the messages from the screen of the sender but not the recipient. The recipient can still see the messages.


This article has answered the age-old question of how to see an unsent message on messenger. All of these methods are legitimate. Moreover, all of these methods work in different ways. You can choose the ones which are the most useful for your scenario.

However, these methods have some limitations as well. You should take those limitations into account when you choose the ideal method. Most importantly, all of these methods are very useful and you should try them for your account.

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