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39 Latest Twitter Statistics Researched by Experts (2023)

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  5. 39 Latest Twitter Statistics Researched by Experts (2023)
Twitter Statistics

Twitter is a formidable social media platform for business promotion and personal development. If you are planning to grow on the site or want to know more about leveraging it, you are at the right place! You need to know about the latest Twitter Statistics to help you read into the audience. Most marketers refer to personal and general Twitter Analytics to form an efficient and foolproof marketing plan. To help you save time on research to start content creation and planning, we have compiled a list of the latest Twitter Stats every marketer (or business owners/influencers) should know. So, let’s get started on the strenuous but exciting journey.

General Twitter Stats

Twitter makes a substantially useful platform for quick content consumption and helps the audience stay updated. The platform has seen considerable usage growth over the years, with several factors motivating the change. So, let us start with some general Twitter Statistics to understand the popularity boom.

Twitter has an audience of 396.5 million active users

  • Twitter is constantly gaining users and can help you get the audience you deserve.
  • With an increment of about 28% every year, Twitter’s user base makes it an enormous digital marketing asset. 
  • In 2019, surveys predicted around 340.2 million users for Twitter, whereas data reveals that the number is well past the prediction. 
  • Out of the registered users, a whopping amount of 206 million users access the platform daily, making it a sizeable platform for brands. 
  • Comparing Twitter’s 2020 Q3 and Q4 report, we observe that the number of monetizable active users has grown from 187 million to 192 million. 
  • According to the data, most users do not contribute to ad revenue but offer better brand engagement through social media activity.

Twitter’s recent growth is from non-US countries

Originally launched in the US, the platform has the highest number of users from the country. However, the social media app has spread to other countries and has caught up on the market. Currently, Asia, Japan, and India have a combined Twitter audience higher than the US. Moreover, the app is Japan’s top social media platform and has a user base of 10 million in more than six countries.

Social Media Platforms like TikTok have left Twitter behind

Comparing Twitter statistics with other platforms, a notable difference is the number of daily users. Other than popular apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, recent ones like TikTok, Telegram, and Snapchat boast a greater daily user count. The difference is due to the limited content types available on Twitter. The popularity of video content and the lack of it on Twitter further slows down the app’s growth. However, Twitter’s developers plan to roll out new features like Twitter Spaces and its Shop Module to gain the momentum it needs. Nevertheless, as of now, the platform is the top choice for brand customers and growth services.

Twitter is the 7th favorite social media platform

Twitter is a popular social media application among teenagers and might be the appropriate platform for brands catering to them.

  • A survey conducted on internet users between 16 and 64 years of age shows that Twitter is #7.
  • Around 3.3% of the people surveyed favored the app for daily media consumption, whereas WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook occupied the leading positions with 15.7%, 14.8%, and 14.5%, respectively. 
  • When the collected Twitter stats were extrapolated, based on gender, it was noticed that 4.8% of female and 3.7% of male internet users aged 16 to 24 said that the platform was their favorite. 

Twitter is 7th on the top 10 apps ranked by cumulative time (in android users)

The popularity of video content and personalized marketing strategies make it difficult for Twitter to rank on these lists. Most people look for brands that strike a chord with them, but Twitter’s professional air makes it difficult to achieve the goal. The introduction of Twitter Spaces and Communities might help bridge the gap once they utilize marketing techniques and gain popularity. 

Twitter Analytics reveals that android users spend 5.1 hours per month (on average), whereas the top platforms like YouTube (23.7 hours/month), Facebook (19.6 hours/month), and WhatsApp (18.6 hours/month) have significantly higher numbers.

Twitter is the 9th most-visited website (based on total website traffic)

Needless to say, website traffic is an important parameter to discuss and decide a web application’s popularity. According to Semrush Digital Report, Twitter received over 2.5 billion visits, out of which 0.62 billion were unique. Thus, most Twitter users revisit the website and account for its footfall. Twitter Statistics show that forming a consistent and active audience on the platform is possible.

User Statistics

The user base of a social media platform defines its use, which is why knowing more about it helps form a better digital plan. Here, we will discuss the trends observed in Twitter’s usage over the last quarter.

Twitter has a larger male audience than female

As of 2021, Twitter had 61.6% of male users and 38.4% of female users. It might not seem so, but brands need to focus on the platform’s female audience.  Compared to Twitter stats in 2020, the application had 70% male and 30% female users, showing that the platform has witnessed steady growth.

Twitter is popular among people between the ages 25 and 34

Twitter’s global audience comprises 38.5% of people aged between 25 and 34 years, followed by users between 35 and 49 years old with a share of almost 21%. According to Twitter Statistics, users below 24 years comprise around 24% of the total user count, showing Twitter is gaining popularity across all age groups.

Twitter boasts of a highly qualified user base

According to Twitter stats, around 33% of adults on the app held a college degree, while 26% were in the process of pursuing one. The microblogging platform is highly useful for up-to-date news and conversations. Most influencers gain a following on the app by starting dialogues, or by expressing their opinions on controversial topics.

Most Twitter users are on Other Social Media platforms

Twitter Analytics for 2023 Q1 show that Twitter has a unique audience base of about 0.2%. The number is not highly unusual as most internet users are on more than one social media platform. The application shares most of its audience with Instagram (87.6%), Facebook (83.7%), and YouTube (80.1%).

75% of Twitter’s daily users are not based in the US

Most social media platforms focus on boosting local reach, but Twitter doesn’t seem to do so. The platform’s high amount of non-US active users shows that it might be easier to create a global audience using Twitter. Moreover, around 52% of Twitter users in the US log in to the app every day. Marketers ask brands and influencers to focus on content to tap into the engaged user base Twitter offers. Around 96% of Twitter users open the app at least once a month, proving that Twitter has an involved community in-store for you.

Approximately 575,000 tweets are published each media minute (2021 Q3 report)

The popularity of media and its increased use in our daily lives made it crucial for social media experts to analyze their behavior. We extrapolated the available data from various sources and found that Twitter’s page gets loads of tweets each media minute. Thus, you should post high-quality content to ensure that you get the engagement needed and stay on your audience’s feeds for longer.

Twitter received 20% user growth during the COVID pandemic

Twitter’s developers focus on regular improvements and feature updations for a better user experience. The high internet usage during the pandemic had its mark on the platform. The 2020 Q4 and 2021 Q1 noticed that users were taking to Twitter to get involved in topics and express opinions. The high user activity in these quarters helped the platform achieve the goal of 199 million monetizable daily active users (on average).

More than 390 million Twitter accounts have zero followers

391 million accounts (as of 2021 Q4) have no following or activity on the platform. These accounts seem to be dummy ones, which unnecessarily consume Twitter’s space on the servers. Hence, the Twitter algorithm started removing such accounts for an optimized network.

Twitter suspended 450,000 unique accounts during the first half of 2021

  • Twitter updated its transparency and security policy against child sexual exploitation in 2021. 
  • The various Twitter Stats available reveal that 453, 754 unique Twitter accounts were suspended owing to the same. 
  • Around 93% of these accounts were identified to promote terrorism, violent organizations, and criminal behavior. 
  • Moreover, the platform removed 3465 accounts linked to foreign state-linked information operations in December 2021. 

Thus, Twitter is a safe platform and strictly ensures a lawful user experience.

The platform received over 43,000 tweet removal requests (based on legal demands)

Since the platform’s introduction, the request for tweet removals has been at an all-time high since 2020. The platform received over 42,000 requests between January to July 2020 and over 38,000 requests between July to December 2020. Thus, monitoring social media to ensure that one does not fall into legal trouble is essential. Most brands have a legal team to back them up and analyze their social media situations.

Usage Behavior Statistics

To utilize social media to your brand’s advantage, you need to understand why people use the platforms. We have analyzed various Twitter Stats available to form a comprehensive report to help you learn and curate the best content marketing approach for your brand.

40% of accounts use Twitter to stay updated on local news

Most people participating in the survey said they used the platform to follow and find out more about incidents. Brands use Twitter to post about their products, launches, and events. Recently, most industry stakeholders are using techniques like meme marketing, to bring in a larger audience and connect with others. These tweet chains (for example, one between competitors Zomato and Swiggy) are popular and help boost brand visibility.

32% of users express their opinions on Twitter

Twitter is the go-to platform for celebrities and influencers to express their opinions. If you refer to the ‘User Statistics’ section, you will notice that the app has a highly qualified user base. Hence, most people use Twitter to express opinions and start conversations.

On average, 36% of users use Twitter for leisure time

Social media has a host of content on a wide variety of topics and provides enough to keep people engaged throughout their daily activities. OTT accounts like Netflix post teasers and exclusive pre-release content on the platform. Hence, a large number of people use the app for regular entertainment.

Nearly 18% of accounts network on Twitter

Social media platforms are used to stay in touch with people and find others with relevant interests. The application helps people follow industry updates using Spaces and trending hashtags to help them make their mark in their respective fields

Around 16% of Internet Users use Twitter to read micro-blogs

Blogs are a great way to gain information, but the ever-decreasing attention span of an average human makes it difficult. Most brands use social media to post informative carousels, making Twitter a distinguished research platform. Thus, you can post industry insights to keep your Twitter community engaged.

Twitter Ad Statistics

Creators/brands earn via monetization and ads on social media platforms to reach more people. Let us talk about the various business statistics to help you figure out whether the platform will benefit you financially.

Twitter’s monetizable daily active users increased by 2.5% over each quarter (on average)

  • Twitter’s engagement grew in 2018 with a boom and exceeded all limits around 2020. 
  • The pandemic saw an increase in internet activity and the use of the platform. 
  • According to the recorded 2021 Q3 data, Twitter recognized a 2.4% growth in monetizable daily active users. 

Thus, utilizing branded content and ads can help you grow substantially.

Twitter Ads have the potential to reach 436.4 million accounts

  • According to Twitter Analytics about its advertising resources, social media experts optimize Twitter’s ads using SEO guidelines to reach most users. 
  • Moreover, quality content can help you bring in an engaged audience and increase the possibility of creating a larger community. 
  • The overall predicted ad reach is 5.5% of the population, making it a probable medium to reach a larger audience.

Ad reach decreased by around 0.01% decrease over the 2020 Q1 quarter

Optimizing Twitter ads to follow the different Twitter Stats can help gain the brand reach one needs. However, most brands do not take it seriously and run the risk of losing the engagement capacity the advertisement holds. The data revealed that there was no notable year-on-year change in Twitter’s ad reach.

The Male Twitter Ad Reach is higher than the female

Twitter’s audience demographics prove that the platform has higher male users. Hence, the male ad reach (56.4%) is comparatively higher than the female (43.6%). Brands catering to women’s products need to focus and develop products to achieve gender equality, to benefit from both categories of the Twitter population.

The US and Japan are the countries with the highest ad reach

One needs to consider demographics to plan content and market to their target audience. Knowing the demographic-specific reach can help you understand whether Twitter ads will help you get more people from your target audience. 

  • According to the reach vs. population (above 13 years old) data, Andorra (64.1%), Luxembourg (57.5%), and Singapore (53.9%) have the highest engagement chances. 
  • However, according to the absolute reach data, the USA (76,900,000), Japan (58,950,000), and India (23,600,000) are the top countries.

Twitter Statistics for B2B Content Marketing

Most brands can be widely categorized as B2B and B2C. Social media helps brands get in touch with their target audience and approach them directly. However, most brands are taking to social media platforms to utilize B2B marketing techniques to land collaboration deals. Let us look at the B2B Content Marketing section in Twitter Analytics Reports.

Around 71% of businesses use Twitter organically to distribute their marketing content

Most brands prefer to use organic growth marketing strategies, and Twitter is the third platform choice. Applications like Linkedin (93%) and Facebook (80%) are the top choices for content distribution. As for paid social media platforms, Twitter Spaces are used by fewer brands (2%).

Twitter is the 5th platform producing the best results

Most social media experts use several parameters to determine the success of their B2B marketing strategies. Moreover, the brand engagement offered in return to the investment helps determine whether the platform is suitable for the brand or not. The top three platforms are – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Twitter (17%) is the fifth platform to invest in for the best results.

79% of Twitter users follow brands to stay updated on events and promotions

A high amount of people follow the brands they love on Twitter and engage with their content. If you start marketing branded content on Twitter, you run the chance of reaching the majority of its audience. Hence, it would be a wise decision to leverage Twitter Analytics and the platform to reach more users.

More than 80% of Twitter’s traffic comes from mobile devices

Smartphones have helped increase accessibility to the internet. The portability makes it easier for people to use social media for various reasons. Most of Twitter’s traffic comes from mobile devices, which makes it important to make the content compatible with smartphones.

Compared to other social media platforms, Twitter users are 53% more likely to make new product purchases

A good reason for brands releasing their product teasers and trailers on Twitter is that most Twitter users are fascinated by new releases. Compared to other social media channels and Internet users, Twitter users are more receptive to product advertisements and purchases.

Twitter offers 40% higher ROI

Most brands do not have a large budget for their social media marketing efforts, making it necessary to analyze the ROI. Twitter’s audience loves to interact with brands (#1 social media platform) and is more likely to follow through the CTAs. Twitter Analytics also suggests that more than 50% of tweets are from people under 25 years of age. Thus, brands pertaining to their interests and daily lives can benefit from Twitter’s audience.

Twitter’s website traffic is three times higher than its cumulative audience base

Other than the active daily monetizable users, brands use Twitter for website traffic. Some brands pin their popular Tweets and use them on their websites. The cross-channel marketing technique helps bring traffic, which can highly contribute to better engagement and brand identity.

Twitter Publishing Statistics

To form success guaranteed content creation and marketing strategy, one needs to know the trending topics on the platform. These Twitter Stats allow marketers to understand the audience’s priorities and use them in their content.

#COVID19 and #tbt are the top hashtags on Twitter in 2022

Twitter’s Explore tab helps people keep an eye on the trending industry hashtags and topics. However, the tool does not allow one to check detailed statistics. Most brands come up with personalized hashtags to keep a track of relevant conversations. According to HubSpot, some all-time popular hashtags are – #competition, #influencer, #fridayfeeling, and #MondayMotivation.

74% of Twitter’s Live Stream Events helped the platform become a crucial event streaming platform

In 2017, more than 830 events were live-streamed on the platform. These events revealed another use of the platform and brought in a wide audience. Thus, Twitter Analytics suggests that 2017 helped establish itself as a live streaming platform.

@BarackObama and @Justinbieber are the most popular Twitter accounts

Twitter statistics on followers reveal that the two most-followed accounts have over 100 million followers each (over 220 million combined).

More than 7000 tweets per minute are about TV shows and cinema

Entertainment was a popular topic in the pandemic, and Twitter witnessed the wave. OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu made movies and web series accessible. Some of the most-discussed TV shows were – Big Brother Brazil, Grey’s Anatomy, Money Heist, Tiger King, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things!

Twitter received over 700 million Tweets based on the 2020 US Elections

Politics is another frequent topic on Twitter and is often used by political leaders. Moreover, Twitter users follow the contesting leaders to stay updated on their priorities. Other than the large inflow of Tweets during the election, Twitter Statistics revealed that Donald Trump and Joe Biden were the most tweeted about people (worldwide).

Chadwick Boseman’s last tweet became the most liked and retweeted post ever

Marvel fans and memes have taken over every social media platform. Twitter is no different, which is quite clear from the Twitter Statistics. Chadwick Boseman, a talented actor who played the Black Panther in the Marvel movies, passed away. The actor’s last tweet got over 7 million likes and 160K retweets, which made it the most liked and retweeted post ever.

😂 and 😭are the most popular emojis used in 2022

Most people use emoticons to add a personal touch to their tweets. Comparing the Twitter Statistics for 7 billion tweets over ten years suggests that the use of emojis is at its highest now. On average, one in five tweets contains at least one emoji, and brands have started using it to add a touch of personalization.


Every brand and social media marketing expert knows that Twitter is the leading platform for trending topics and industry updates. A well-planned strategy backed with Twitter Statistics can help you leverage the platform and its audience. Social media experts use third-party research tools and Twitter Analytics summary to harness the power and turn the engagement into revenue. Some brands and influencers do not have the time/budget to spare and use blog suggestions for the same. We hope the report helped you gather information and kickstart your social media journey.

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