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4 Reasons: Instagram Not Showing My Posts to My Followers

If your recent Instagram posts aren’t getting any engagement, you’re probably wondering what has gone wrong. Read on as we provide 4 potential reasons to answer the question, “Why isn’t Instagram showing my posts to my followers?”
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Why is Instagram Not Showing My Posts to My Followers
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If your Instagram posts aren’t getting any traffic, despite the fact that you have a few hundred of thousand followers, then there’s only one plausible explanation: Instagram isn’t showing your posts to your followers. 

You may well wonder how this could be possible. After all, isn’t the point of posting on Instagram that your posts will be visible to your followers? 

Yes, but there are also several reasons that this may not happen. We’re going to go through those reasons one by one, and also provide you with solutions that can help you counteract them. 

By the end of this article, you will be equipped to answer the question, “Why isn’t Instagram showing my posts to my followers?” Moreover, you’ll be able to take action to fix the problem.

4 Reasons Your Followers Aren’t Seeing Your Instagram Posts (+ Solutions)

There are four main reasons that your followers aren’t seeing your Instagram posts. Each one of them has a solution, though, so don’t worry about this being the end of your Instagram career! 

Let’s go!

1. Your Posts Aren’t Getting Enough Engagement

The first potential problem area you may want to look at is the level of engagement on your posts in the past few weeks or months. If it’s low, then it’s possible that your followers aren’t seeing your most recent posts because the Instagram algorithm isn’t showing them.

On the main content feed that you see when you first open the app, Instagram ranks posts high or low based on several different factors – one of them being the level of engagement the user has had with that account. So, if your followers haven’t engaged with your posts often (or at all) in the past, the chances are high that Instagram is ranking your posts low in their main feed. 

This is why even though you have a lot of followers, you may not be getting a lot of interactions from them. They simply can’t see your post because Instagram isn’t showing it to them.

Solution: Create More Engaging Posts

This may sound rather vague, but it’s the only way you can overcome getting ranked low by Instagram’s algorithm. 

Some ways you can generate more interest therefore more engagement in your posts include using relevant hashtags, holding giveaways, collaborating with other creators in your content niche, improving the quality of your posts, and diversifying your content (i.e., publishing Stories and Reels as well as regular posts).

2. You Don’t Post Often Enough

Another reason that the Instagram algorithm may not be showing your posts to your followers is the infrequency of your posting. By only posting once in a while, you’re making it harder for your followers to remember who you are and giving them fewer opportunities to engage with you. And as we already established, the lower your engagement level is, the less visible your posts will be to your followers. 

Solution: Post Regularly and Often

To keep your posts top of mind with your followers, start posting more regularly and more often. Most social media experts recommend posting at least once a day or a few times a week, so make that your goal from now on.

3. You’re Not Posting at the Best Times

Optimal Timing for Instagram Posting

There is, of course, a way that users can see posts from the accounts they follow in chronological order. When they open the app, they can select the Instagram logo at the top left corner of the screen and select “Following” from the dropdown menu.

However, even if your followers regularly select this filter, they may still not see your posts. In that case, it’s probably because you’re not posting at the best times. 

With every social media app, there are certain times of the day and week that are considered “peak” for posting. This is when the highest number of users decide to log in and view content. 

If you’re not posting at these times, then your followers may miss your post because it’s fallen too far behind in the chronological order.

Solution: Post at the Best Times

To give your posts the greatest chance of being seen by your followers, post at these times of the day (which, according to Sprout Social, are the best for Instagram):

  • Mondays from 10 AM to 12 PM
  • Tuesdays from 9 AM to 1 PM
  • Wednesdays from 10 AM to 1 PM
  • Fridays from 9 AM to 11 AM

4. Your Followers Are Bots

If your engagement level, posting times, and posting frequency isn’t the culprit, then you may need to consider whether or not the majority of your followers are even real. 

If a large percentage of your followers are bots, then that’s probably the reason you’re not getting any engagement from them. Bots don’t interact with accounts beyond the purpose for which they were intended.

How did this happen? Well, let’s say you decided to do what most popular Instagram accounts do and buy some of your Instagram followers. But, either knowingly or unknowingly, you purchased accounts that are run by bots instead of real people. 

When you buy a bot follower, the only benefit they will provide is a follow. They won’t interact with any of your posts. 

This is why you should always buy real followers, as they are more likely to engage with your posts in different ways, such as a view, like, comment, or share.

Solution: Remove Bot Followers and Buy Real Followers

In this situation, your best bet is to remove all the bot followers that are taking up space in your follower count without providing you with any engagement. You can do this by removing them one by one, or you can use a tool that “cleans up” your follower count.

Once all or most of the bots are gone, replace them by buying real Instagram followers this time. Again, real followers are ones that can actually interact with your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My Instagram Reach Suddenly Much Lower Than Before?

If your Instagram posts suddenly aren’t reaching people who aren’t your followers, it may be because you’ve been shadowbanned. Alternatively, you may not be using the right hashtags in your captions.


The fact that your Instagram posts aren’t reaching your followers is a real problem. But if you can find the source of your problem from the list of potential issues above, you may be able to fix it, so that your posts are visible again.

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