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10 Best YouTube Alternative Sites You Must Try

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best youtube alternative sites

Youtube is probably one of the only few sites that are popular all over the world even in many remote regions. The popularity of the platform is quite justified. The volume of content that is uploaded daily is huge. Everyone can find a ton of videos about things that they are interested in. The purpose of this list is not to suggest sites that will replace YouTube as your primary source of video entertainment. Rather, we want to provide you with some alternatives so that you can not only have a YouTube alternative but also have more sites to watch the type of content you like.

Moreover, YouTube’s algorithm might make your homepage boring. When this happens you can always check out other sites like YouTube from our suggestions. So, let’s get into it.

Here is the List of the Best Sites like YouTube:

1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion - YouTube Alternative

Dailymotion and YouTube are quite similar in a lot of aspects. It is a French website that does a lot of things that you have already seen on YouTube. The website launched around the same time as YouTube in 2005. The platform is currently owned by Vivendi which is a mass media holding company in France. Dailymotion is quite popular all over the world. It is available in over 183 countries.

There are over 43 localized versions of the site which customize the content based on the region. If you are looking for something similar yet different from YouTube then this can be a perfect fit. Here, too, you creators can upload videos and work towards garnering a fanbase. Once you have a fanbase you can make videos for them and get more views.

Similar to YouTube, creators can make money from Dailymotion by getting shares of the ad revenue generated by their content. You can upload an unlimited number of videos on this site for free. It supports 4K upload and playback. The embedded video player is decent enough for you to enjoy the content. So, you can check it out if you are looking for best Sites like YouTube.

2. Utreon

Utreon - YouTube Alternative

If you are looking for sites like YouTube then one of the options can be Utreon. If you enjoy watching YouTube but sometimes get annoyed by the algorithm this site can be fun. Utreon focuses on the content creators and ensures that they can create content freely and work towards engaging their core audience. Not only that, viewers can support their favorite creators as well via a subscription system.

The aim was to create a platform that takes the best of both worlds viz. YouTube and Patreon. This way you get to enjoy the content from your favorite creators while helping them out. The company started in 2009. The Utreon app is available on the Google PlayStore as well as the AppStore. So, you can get it on your smartphone and enjoy the content, you love, on the go.

Utreon does not just want to be the next YouTube or Dailymotion. It does not want to create algorithms to boost ad revenues. The idea is to ensure that the platform is friendly to the content creators while being very much focused on how to provide viewers with the best experience. They are more lenient than YouTube when it comes to censorship while still keeping everything under supervision.

3. Crackle


Crackle is for people who want to try out another video streaming platform. It is one of the choices for YouTube alternative sites that you can use to watch different types of videos. The company was founded in 2004. Back then it was named Grouper. Later it was purchased by Sony who named the site Crackle. The current owner of the company is Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment.

It is an American company based out of Connecticut that deals with consumer goods, self-help products and services and media. Crackle is currently available in 21 countries. This is one of the cons of this site. It is probably not going to be available in your country since most countries are off-limits. But if it does function for your country then great.

You will have a bunch of nice content to watch. You can watch movies and TV shows on Crackle as well. Since one of the owners used to be Sony, most of the programs are from Sony and its subsidiaries which still gives users a big enough library to sort through and find stuff that they like. The platform also has some exclusive shows and series. Currently, the site has over 40 million active monthly users. Yeah, it is popular.

4. 9GAG TV


9GAG is a popular name when it comes to social media. This is a Chinese website which allows people to share all types of content from social media platforms. Since its launch in 2008 9GAG has been quite popular on a bunch of social media platforms especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is mostly known for the memes it shares with its massive user base.

The website has social media handles on most social media platforms. Other than the ones mentioned above you can also find them on TikTok and Pinterest. It also shares a lot of funny and interesting videos which is what you are going to find on 9GAG tv. It is a fun site to visit and scroll through tons of content. Most of the content is user-generated. These might be some funny clips or just people being in funny scenarios.

If you are looking for other sites like YouTube that you can use in your leisure then this is definitely a good choice. It is available in many countries so you don’t have to worry about your country being restricted. If you enjoy looking at viral videos then this is probably more up your alley. Instead of long content, you can just scroll past thousands of smaller videos.

5. DTube


DTube has a lot of similarities with YouTube especially when it comes to the interface. You will see noticeable inspiration from the video-sharing giant when it comes to how the entire thing looks. Is it any good? Yeah, it is. If you are searching for video sites like YouTube then this is one of the better ones out there. It is based on Blockchain technology and focuses on peer-to-peer sharing of videos.

Now, they are not using Blockchain to generate hype or just as a sort of buzzword. There are some actual advantages of DTube being based on Blockchain. The biggest one of them is that it is kind of robust to server outages. So, such issues would not interrupt your videos. Instead of earning regulated currency, content creators can earn DTube’s cryptocurrency for their videos.

The platform does not believe in AI-based censorship. It promotes free speech. Instead of having to upload videos to the IPFS, you can also share videos that have been hosted elsewhere. This gives creators a lot of flexibility and saves a bunch of time as well. It still has a long way to go and has a smaller user base but it is one of the good alternatives to YouTube.

6. Bitchute


BitChute is a more edgy version of YouTube. Of course, this also means that there’s a lot of garbage that ends up there. The reason why we chose to include BitChute is that it has got a massive library of videos. Many influencers often post content on BitChute rather than YouTube because the latter is very strict on censorship. Censorship in itself is not necessarily a bad thing.

But if you are one of those people who believe that it has been taken to extremes when it comes to the mainstream platforms then you should give BitChute a try. This platform was created by Ray Vahey. He had concerns about how the mainstream platforms are manipulating the crowd. They are overly aggressive while censoring content and have kept algorithms in place to ensure that certain content never reaches people.

This is why a lot of people often post more tame content on YouTube and choose to create more edgy or aggressive content for BitChute. You will find all kinds of content here. This is definitely one of the sites you should give a try if you are searching for a YouTube alternative. But if you just want to watch funny stuff you can choose one of the other platforms on the list.

7. Twitch


Twitch can be considered a YouTube alternative but it is mostly for people who enjoy live content. Streaming is one of the biggest and most popular genres of content creation. Twitch allows creators to directly connect with their audiences via chat while they play games, react to videos, talk about something etc. It is probably one of the most famous platforms when it comes to streaming views.

A lot of people often use YouTube and Twitch. If you have never used Twitch before then we recommend you try it out. There are some amazing content creators on Twitch whose live streams are fun to watch. It is a free platform. If you want to show your support for the creator then you can subscribe to them for a small fee.

Twitch streamers can also partner with Twitch and generate some ad revenue as well. Currently, Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon. There are so many niches on the platform. You might have gotten the impression that it is only for gamers. Even though that may have been the case initially today there are lots of different types of creators. You can go to different categories and check out different streamers.

8. Vimeo

Vimeo - YouTube Alternative

Vimeo is another popular site that a lot of people might already be aware of. This is an American website headquartered in New York City. The platform is used to deliver HD videos to multiple devices. Companies and creators can use this platform on a subscription basis to share videos.

It is basically a video-sharing and hosting site. The platform was created by a group of filmmakers. Their aim was to create a platform that serves artists and creators by giving them a platform to share their content. The company started in 2004. It currently has over 80 million users and nearly 1 million of them are paying ones. There is a free version of this platform.

Users get 500 MB of storage per week. If you upgrade to just $7 per month you get 5 GB of storage per week. The videos you upload on Vimeo are more secure as they can be password protected. This is something that makes it different from YouTube amongst other features as well. As a viewer, you can use the site to view countless videos by all types of creators. If you are looking for a YouTube alternative this is worth a try.

9. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

Let’s end the list with Facebook Watch. It is a video-on-demand service by Facebook. It is free to use. You need to have a Facebook account to use this service. Creators can create video content and it will be visible on this platform. No constraints are saying that the videos have to be short. Creators can create long-form content as well.

For example, you can often find original drama, comedy and news programming as well. So, if you are looking for some fun or interesting videos on Platforms other than YouTube you can try Facebook Watch.

10. VideosHub

VideosHub - YouTube Alternative

VideosHub was one of the OG platforms that people used for sharing videos. It was one of the first ones that got quite popular. The company was initially called Metacafe. It was founded in 2003 even before YouTube. This was an Israeli company that allowed people from across the world to share videos. As we know now this type of concept resonated quite well with the internet.

At one point during its peak, Metacafe used to be the third-largest video site in the world. Millions of users visited the site monthly. In the US alone, there were over 13 million unique visitors to the site. Over 53 million videos were streamed each month in the US. The platform later started focusing on more short-format videos. Now, does it replace YouTube?

No. The reason it lost popularity was because of YouTube and other video-sharing platforms like Dailymotion. But is it a YouTube alternative? Sure. If you are bored with what the YouTube algorithm regularly throws at you, switch it up a bit. You will find some funny and interesting videos to watch. The URL to Metacafe is now owned by VideosHub. So, that’s where you will find all the videos.


So, this was our list of some of the best sites like YouTube. If you are looking for YouTube alternative sites then we hope you found some good choices on the list. We have ensured that each of the options is different so that you have a good variety of video sites like YouTube to enjoy.

Most of the sites are free. You don’t need a subscription to watch the videos there. This is great because YouTube will not stay dominant right now if it removes its free version and moves towards a pay-to-watch model. We hope our list was helpful for you. Happy watching.

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