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Can You Buy YouTube Views, Likes, & Subscribers?

Ever wondered why some channels skyrocket overnight? We’re sharing the controversial truth behind buying YouTube views and subscribers!
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Can You Buy YouTube Views, Likes, Or Subscribers
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Starting a YouTube channel can feel like an uphill battle, especially when progress seems slow and your hard work isn’t translating into views, likes, or subscribers. 

Many creators find themselves wondering if there’s a shortcut to kickstart their channel’s growth. 

The idea of buying views, likes, and subscribers might cross your mind as a quick fix to boost your channel’s visibility and appeal. This strategy tempts with the promise of instant growth, but is it a viable option? 

Our article explores the feasibility and implications of purchasing these metrics to elevate your YouTube presence, offering insights for those looking to make an informed decision.

Can You Actually Buy YouTube Views, Likes, and Subscribers?

Yes, you can actually buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. And before you ask, no, it’s not illegal to buy YouTube metrics like these!

This practice has become a common shortcut for channels seeking a quick boost in their platform metrics. Various services offer these enhancements, promising to increase your channel’s visibility and appeal. 

While it’s a path some content creators choose to pursue, it’s important that you proceed with caution and awareness of YouTube’s guidelines while understanding that not all vendors can fulfill your order correctly. 

What we mean by this is that opting for reputable providers can minimize risks, but the real value lies in using such services judiciously as part of a broader strategy focused on genuine content creation and audience engagement if you want lasting channel growth.

The Risks and Realities of Buying YouTube Metrics

Exploring the option of buying YouTube views, likes, or subscribers can seem like a tempting shortcut to instant visibility and credibility for your channel. 

At first glance, boosting your numbers might appear as an easy strategy to make your content seem more appealing to potential viewers and the YouTube algorithm (and you wouldn’t be wrong). This is because this method can provide an immediate uplift in how your channel is perceived, potentially attracting more organic viewers due to the enhanced social proof. 

Although, you need to approach this route with a clear understanding of the potential risks involved, including the impact on your channel’s long-term health and reputation.

Benefits of Buying YouTube Views, Likes, Or Subscribers

Purchasing YouTube views, likes, or subscribers can offer several benefits for new or stagnant channels looking to improve their visibility and appeal. Here’s a closer look at the potential advantages.

1. Immediate Visibility Boost

A significant increase in views or likes can help your videos appear more popular and engaging to potential viewers, which can be especially beneficial for new content creators struggling to get their first few viewers or for videos that haven’t performed as expected.

2. Enhanced Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful motivator on social media platforms. Videos with higher view counts or more likes are perceived as more valuable or entertaining, encouraging others to watch and engage with your content. 

For example, a video with thousands of views is more likely to attract additional viewers than one with just a handful.

3. Improved YouTube Algorithm Ranking

YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with high engagement (views, likes, comments) when deciding what content to promote in search results and recommended videos. By inflating these metrics, your content may temporarily benefit from increased exposure to a wider audience (so long as it appears natural).

4. Kickstart Organic Growth

By far one of the most beneficial things buying metrics can do is serve as a catalyst for organic growth. 

When a video appears popular, it’s more likely to attract real viewers, leading to genuine engagement and subscribers. This can create a snowball effect, where purchased views lead to real views, further improving your channel’s metrics.

5. Attract Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Who doesn’t love getting paid for their hard work? Higher subscriber counts and engagement rates can make your channel more attractive to brands looking for influencers to promote their products or services. 

A channel with larger perceived popularity may have better opportunities for monetization through partnerships.

Risks of Buying YouTube Views, Likes, Or Subscribers

Purchasing YouTube views, likes, or subscribers, while seemingly beneficial, comes with some risks that can adversely affect your channel.

1. Violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service: Buying engagement metrics directly contravenes YouTube’s policies when likes/subs/views are purchased from low-tier services. 

  • This action can lead to penalties, including the removal of bought views, demonetization, or even channel suspension, undermining your efforts and investment.
  • To avoid this, make sure the provider you choose has high quality views, likes, or subs.

2. Low-Quality Engagement: Often, the views and likes purchased come from bots or non-engaged viewers, especially when you order from unreliable and low-quality vendors. 

  • This results in low engagement rates, as these viewers will not contribute to meaningful interactions such as comments or shares, which are vital for organic growth and algorithm favorability.
  • The solution is the same as before: order from trusted vendors.

3. Damage to Reputation: If audiences or brands discover that a channel has inflated its metrics artificially, the creator’s credibility can suffer — which is why it is so important to order high-quality views/subs/likes from reliable vendors like Viralyft who can fulfill the order gradually to make it look more like natural growth. 

4. Must Be Part of a Larger Plan for Long-Term Growth: Artificial metrics do not contribute to sustainable channel growth unless you’re also contributing high quality content, SEO, etc. in your videos. 

When Should You Order YouTube Views, Likes, Or Subscribers?

Ordering YouTube views, likes, or subscribers might be considered under specific circumstances.

1. When Launching a New Channel: Starting from scratch can be challenging, as standing out when there is just so much content available is nearly impossible.

Purchasing an initial set of views or likes can give your videos a superficial boost, potentially making them more attractive to organic viewers by suggesting that your content is worth watching.

2. Before a Major Campaign or Release: If you’re planning a significant launch or campaign, having a higher number of views or subscribers beforehand can create a perception of popularity and credibility.

This can be particularly useful in attracting attention from potential viewers and sponsors who are more likely to engage with channels that already show some level of success.

3. Part of a Broader Plan: While not the sole strategy for channel growth, purchasing YouTube views, likes, or subscribers can be a valuable component of a broader growth plan! When partnered with a reputable social media marketing firm, like Viralyft, creators can enhance their channel’s initial appeal.

It’s important to understand that this method is a supplement, not a replacement, for creating engaging and appealing content, optimizing SEO, and employing other organic growth strategies. 

Utilizing purchased metrics wisely can serve as a catalyst, making your quality content visible to a wider audience faster and helping to establish a foundation for a genuine, engaged community. 

This approach ensures that while you’re getting a helpful boost, the core of your growth strategy remains focused on developing a dedicated viewer base that loves your content, interacts with it, and supports your channel’s success over the long term.

Real Life Examples Of Ordering YouTube Views, Likes, and Subs

So, do you know when you should order these metrics? Read each scenario and see if you agree!

Scenario One: The Startup Channel

Jake has just launched a tech review channel. Despite high-quality content, his videos struggle to get noticed. His goal is to attract tech enthusiasts and build a community. 

Recommendation: Jake might consider buying a modest number of views and likes for his most polished videos to improve their visibility. This initial boost could help his content reach potential subscribers genuinely interested in tech reviews, allowing for more potential organic growth.

Scenario Two: The Stagnant Musician

Lily, an independent musician, has seen her channel’s growth plateau despite regularly posting her performances. She aims to reach a broader audience to increase her chances of being noticed by music labels. 

Recommendation: Purchasing subscribers and views could be beneficial for Lily. A sudden spike in her subscriber count and video views might generate buzz, encourage more organic views, and potentially catch the attention of music industry professionals.

Scenario Three: The Established Vlogger

Alex, a travel vlogger with a substantial and engaged following, contemplates boosting his latest series with purchased views. 

Recommendation: While the option to purchase views or subscribers exists, Alex’s strong foundation with his audience offers a natural path to growth. If Alex is on a budget, buying an extra thousand views on videos exceeding tens of thousands won’t make much of a difference for him. Instead, focusing on content quality and engaging with his community should remain his priorities for sustainable growth.

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