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30 Christmas Video Ideas for YouTube, Instagram, & TikTok

Looking for festive Christmas video ideas for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok? Our list will keep your content fresh all season long.
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Christmas Video ideas
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Posting content on or near Christmas will keep your followers and/or subscribers engaged. But what should you post?

We’re going to share a few Christmas video ideas for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Before we get started, there are a few points that are important to remember:

  • Usage among platforms dips between December 17 and 25.
  • Uploads tend to increase a few days after Christmas and peak near the New Year.
  • Among all sites, the 26th of December has below-average usage.

If you post new videos on Christmas, you have a chance of your content reaching more people because other creators are uploading fewer videos.

What should you post?

30 Video Ideas For Christmas To Make Content

You can repurpose any of the video ideas for Christmas below to fit the platform of your choosing.

1. Funny Christmas Moments

Christmas is all about laughing with friends and familyand a bit about celebrating the birth of Jesus, of course. Your YouTube channel can dive into a bit of comedy with funny videos that will make even the Grinch laugh.

FailArmy’s video shows fail after fail, with each one making us laugh while watching it.

A few of the hilarious moments that are shown are:

  • Delivery drivers throwing gifts into their trucks
  • Cats pulling down Christmas trees
  • Random Christmas trees falling on people
  • Kids beating up decorations

Compilation videos of funny Christmas moments can rack up millions of views like it did for FailArmy.

2. Do a Family Vlog

Family vlogs are so much fun, and the content always turns out great because family always goes off script. Your brother or sister may do something hilarious, or your quirky uncle may be a social media hit.

You can ask family members about their:

  • Favorite gift
  • Most-hated gift
  • Best holiday memory
  • Worst holiday memory

3. Kids Playing and Dressed Up for Christmas

Children are a major hit on social media. People love seeing kids having fun and enjoying themselves – that’s a fact. You’ll see in the video above that the creator made a kid-focused video that includes:

  • Religious text from the Bible
  • Kids dressed up near the Christmas tree
  • Family life

If you have children and decorate your home, you can share these moments with your followers or subscribers.

4. Christmas Eve or Day Vlogging

Share your Christmas Eve or Day with a vlog. Take viewers with you as you go through your day. Whether you’re just hanging out at home or visiting family and friends, people will enjoy following your journey.

You can film yourself doing last-minute decorating, watching Christmas movies, cooking and laughing with loved ones.

YouTuber Carter Sullivan posted her Christmas Eve and Day vlog for 2021, and it got over 40K views.

Some of your viewers may be alone on Christmas, so sharing your vlog can help them feel like they are right there celebrating with you.

If you’re going to do a Vlogmas, try to create a plan if you can. Make sure your tech is ready and do a few practice runs to see which angles work well. Prepping is important because once the big day comes, you can redo it.

5. Students Celebrating in Schools and Colleges

Does your school “go big” for Christmas? Trust us, the world wants to see these magical moments. Cathedralinternationalschool posted a Reel where they show:

  • Students and teachers all dressed up
  • School decorations
  • Celebration events in the school

Students and parents alike will love this type of content being added to your social media accounts. You can share the celebration with others who may not be able to attend or people who just want to watch something that puts a smile on their faces.

6. Share a Holiday Gift Guide

Over 45% of people struggle to find the right gift for recipients. You can help ease this burden for your audience by sharing a holiday gift guide.

For Example:

  • I decided 3 gifts for my husband
  • For my 3-year-old niece, I had to choose between these 3 gifts
  • Best christmas gifts for friends, family, or kids
  • Cool wrapping ideas for christmas gifts

Creating a gift guide can help your audience find the perfect gift for the people in their lives, but be sure to hide the video from the recipient if they follow you on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.

7. Test Out Christmas Recipes

Recipe videos are huge. Your followers need to eat, and you can:

  • Share your own recipes
  • Follow someone else’s videos and share the results you achieved following the video’s instructions

You can test out recipes for cookies, desserts, main dishes – anything. Check out the #christmasrecipes tag on Instagram to get some inspiration for this idea.

If you can make the video a family experience, bringing in friends, family or children to help with the recipe, it will make the video even more powerful.

8. Make DIY Christmas Décor

Do-it-yourself (DIY) content is a big hit, especially on TikTok. People are always looking for unique ways to decorate or get the family involved in making decorations. Whether you’re single or have a family, consider creating content around DIY décor, such as creating:

  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Wreathes
  • Snowflakes
The Cozy Christmas Cottage recently posted a video on the top 25 DIY ornaments that you can make with items from the Dollar Tree – it’s a hit and it’s not even October yet. You can gain inspiration from this video and then break your longer YouTube video into fast, rapid videos for Instagram and TikTok.

9. Do a Top 10 Christmas Movies Review

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Share and review them. If your partner or family doesn’t mind getting involved, have them share their opinions on your picks, too. 

A top 10 list of your all-time favorite holiday movies is a perfect way to celebrate the season and give viewers a great list of films to check out.

YouTuber Natalie Bennett shared her Top 10 Christmas Movies, and it received over 16K views. She shared some lesser-known movies, so viewers will have something new to check out.

You could even create a video of the top 10 most obscure Christmas movies or pick a theme for your holiday movie list.

10. Celebrating Christmas in the Office

Work and business are such an integral part of life. People spend a third of their day at work. You can add doing something in the office to your YouTube Christmas video ideas. You’ll notice in the video someone dresses up as Santa and is going around the office.

The video ends in a party atmosphere, but it’s a very high-end production.

You can take this idea and make it your own with:

  • Pranks on your colleagues
  • Decorating your office space
  • Hosting holiday parties

If you have an office that is worthy of being on YouTube or Instagram, show the world.

11. Viral Christmas Decoration

Do you want Santa to help you go viral or famous this holiday season? Create amazing decorations that are newsworthy. You’ll see from the Short above how one person created a decoration of a person with his legs wobbling back and forth.

And he attached the decoration to the roof of his home, placed a fallen ladder next to it and Christmas lights around it.

His neighbors thought that the decoration was real, and they called 911 because they thought someone was in danger. But it was just a prop.

You don’t want to have emergency services called on you, but you can follow in his footsteps and:

  • Create fun decorations
  • Show people how to make their own DIY decorations
  • Review christmas decoration items

12. Christmas Dance

Dances are always popular on social media, and you can easily go viral with the right Christmas dance video.

In this Reel from justnvideosbieber (a Justin Bieber fan page), Justin Bieber and his friends show off a perfectly timed, choreographed dance in front of a Christmas tree.

It’s a quick clip, but it has all of the elements of a successful Reel:

  • Trending audio
  • High-quality video
  • Just long enough to keep your attention

This Reel went viral because Bieber is a mega celebrity with a huge following. But content like this can easily get a ton of views, likes and comments if you put time and effort into making the dance unique.

13. Do a Christmas Makeup Tutorial

If you’re known for your fashion sense, beauty or great makeup, you can make Christmas makeup videos. YouTube is great for long-form content, but you can speed up the tutorial for Instagram and TikTok.

A few great people to get inspiration from are:

14. Go to Christmas Markets

European Christmas markets are so festive and fun. If you’re planning to visit at least one Christmas market this year, why not film your experience?

You can turn this into a vlog where you share all of the great food you ate and the sights and sounds of the markets.

Or you could share some tips for visiting markets for people who may be traveling during the holidays. 

Happy to Wander shared a video with 20+ tips and must-knows for visiting Christmas markets. That video had really insightful advice for travelers and received over 16K views.

15. Share Some Christmas Life Hacks

Do you have some helpful hacks for Christmas? Share them in a video. People are always looking for ways to make their holidays easier and less stressful. 

In fact, YouTube channel TKOR’s video 10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas! got over 16 million views.

This video covers hacks on:

  • How to preserve wrapping paper
  • Make Christmas-shaped pancakes for breakfast
  • How to make your home smell like a Christmas tree and more

People absolutely love hacks, so share yours with others.

16. Decorate Your Home

Are you the type of person that decorates their home every year and people visit or drive by to see your decorations? Show the world how you do it. A few options are to show your followers or subs how you decorate your:

  • Front lawn
  • Home’s exterior
  • Kid’s room
  • Living room
  • Dining room

Everyone is looking for new, exciting ways to decorate their space during the holidays. Provide them with a video on how to achieve their goals.

17. Go Thrift Store Christmas Shopping

@sarawhitmanythoughts Last minute & thrifted Christmas presents from @Goodwill Industries Intl. #thriftwithme #goodwillfinds #goodwillchristmas #goodwillgifts #thriftedgifts #thriftedchristmas #thriftedchristmasfinds #lastminuteshopping #lastminutegifts ♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Christmas Piano Instrumental & Holiday Jazz Ensemble

 Vlogs are still a very popular choice for Christmas videos, and 83% of shoppers go to YouTube during the holidays to discover new products. Bring your audience along, on all platforms, and show them your:

  • Local thrift stores
  • Unbeatable deals that you’ve found

Comment on certain items, telling your audience what you liked and didn’t like about them. For example, “I love this jacket for my niece, but where are the pockets?” and then continue with your thoughts to give your audience insights into your thought process when at the thrift store.

18. Wrap Gifts and Go Shopping for Presents

Building off our last idea, you can go shopping for presents and show yourself wrapping them up when you’re done. When wrapping, be sure to share your thoughts on the gift and even some stories about Christmas that are close to your heart.

19. Do An Advent Calendar Series

Advent calendars are a lot of fun and something that you can use to make fun videos this holiday season. Daily, as you work your way through the calendar, you can capture the experience for your audience.

An advent calendar series offers a wealth of content.

20. Make a Listicle Video

Listicle videos are always a great option for virtually any time of year. You can create a listicle of the:

  • Top makeup channels for Christmas makeup
  • 5 best Christmas movie
  • 10 best gifts you’ve ever received

You can choose countless ideas to make listicle videos from.

21. Film the Christmas Decorations in Your Town

Do you live in a town or neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas decorations? Take viewers on a tour of your area and show off all of the beautifully decorated homes.

Traveling with Andrew shared a video of Christmas Decorated Homes in Sacramento. That video received over 13K views.

22. Offer Christmas Dinner Ideas

Whether you’re having a quiet dinner at home with your family or hosting a big celebration, you know that planning Christmas dinner can be stressful. You can help make the planning a little less stressful by sharing some great Christmas dinner ideas with viewers. 

What are you planning for dinner? Have you tried some great recipes in the past that you want to share? Maybe you have a top 5 or 10 list of recipes that you always make during the holidays.

Create a video where you share your dinner ideas. If you have the time, you can even film yourself preparing some of these recipes. 

23. Share Christmas Cocktail Recipes

The holidays are all about parties and celebrating. Cocktails are a staple at Christmas parties, so why not share your favorite festive cocktail recipes?

If you have an adult audience, they’ll love discovering new drinks to try. Share your top 5 or 10 cocktail recipes with viewers. 

Anders Erickson did a video on 6 Holiday Cocktails for Grown-Ups that did really well. That video received over 564K views. Don’t forget to include your recipe and techniques in the description.

24. Share Baking Recipes

The holiday season is the perfect excuse for baking cookies, pies, cakes, pastries and everything in between. If you love baking and have your own special recipes, share them in a video.

Make a baking video. Share your favorite recipes in a top 10 list, or just talk about baking during the holidays and share tips and advice.

Donal Skehan’s Top 5 Christmas Baking Recipes video got over 63K views and tons of comments. He shows himself preparing these five recipes so that viewers can see the baking in action.

People are always looking for new recipes to try or new techniques to use when baking for the holidays. 

25. Gift Ideas for Different Types of People

@abeandmarys The #gifts are #gifting ✨🎁🛍️ #store #viral #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #fyp #trending #typesofpeople #cuffit ♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

Buying gifts can be challenging, especially when choosing things for certain family members or friends. If you have some great gift ideas for different people, share them. For example, maybe you found some awesome gifts for your dad, your mom or your children. 

People are always looking for gift ideas around the holidays. You can create a top 10 list or just share a few ideas. 

26. Prep for Christmas with Me

@genevievecrebbin 🎄Vlogmas day 24🎄 Merry Christmas to all that celebrate!! This year has been so special now that Eloise is 3 and understands it more. Plus now that she has a baby brother, it’s been so special to watch her enjoy the holiday with someone to share it with 🥰 #momlife #christmasprep #momof2 #toddlermom #canadianmom #thatmom #ditlasamom #momvlog #minivlog #comepackwithme #prepwithme #foodprep #charcuterieforkids #diaperbagessentials #diaperbag ♬ Elf – Main Theme – Geek Music

Are you hosting dinner on Christmas Eve or Day? Whether you’re having a party or a quiet dinner at home with your family, you can share your prep process with viewers.

Share how you’re getting ready for the big day and what you typically prepare in advance. What food do you buy? What décor are you getting? How are you setting up your Christmas table?

Your video may inspire viewers and give them ideas on how to prepare for their own Christmas celebrations.

27. Share What You Got for Christmas

On Christmas Day, you can film a short video showing off what you got for Christmas. Sharing your gift haul can be a fun video to make, and your viewers will love seeing all of the presents you opened on Christmas morning. 

These kinds of holiday videos are really popular on YouTube. Brooklyn and Bailey’s What We Got for Christmas 2022 got over 640K views and more than 600 comments.

28. Undecorate With Me (After the Holidays)


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A post shared by Highboy LA (@highboyla)

Even after the holidays are over, you can still create a Christmas-themed video that your viewers will love: undecorating. 

Take viewers along with you as you take down all of your holiday decorations and get ready for a fresh, new year. You can even share how you organize and store your decorations and give tips for keeping your décor organized.

You can talk about your plans for the upcoming year or reflect on the past year and all that you’ve experienced or achieved.

29. Charity on Christmas Day

The Christmas season is all about giving. Charity-focused videos can help you inspire others to also give back and make the season special for people of all walks of life.

Instagram user mdc.jhs shares a great video of students putting together backpacks full of school supplies for kindergarteners. 

You can create videos encouraging people to make a donation to a charity or show off the volunteer work that you’re doing this holiday season.

30. Event Invitation Video

Christmas-themed event invitations are perfect for Instagram. How inviting does this little tree house look? 

Instagram user Liebovell art does a great job of making the event enticing by walking through an open wooden gate that’s beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Doesn’t it make you want to know what’s inside and take part in the fun?

If you’re going to create this kind of content:

  • Be intriguing. Show just enough of the event or venue to make users want to go.
  • Create that feeling of FOMO. Make it feel like people will miss out on an amazing event if they don’t go.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Remember that this kind of content is meant to tease the event.

When writing your captions, make sure that you include all of the details of the event – what’s going to happen, why it’s awesome, etc. – and how to participate.


Use these Christmas video ideas as inspiration for your video content this holiday season. Put your own spin on them to make them truly your own.

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