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How Much Money Does YouTube Pay for 100 Million Views?

How much money can you make from 100 million views on YouTube? These 9 YouTubers share their earnings.
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How Much YouTube Pays for 100 Million Views
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One hundred million views – it’s a lot. You have to be a very serious creator to get this many views, but people are out there getting 100+ million of views. How much do they earn? We do the math and let you see what some of the world’s top creators are earning with their channels.

If you think these figures are a lot, be sure to read our article on how much people make with one billion views.

But we’re going to be honest:

  • We had to do a lot of the calculations ourselves
  • Few creators are sharing how much they earn at 100M views

Thankfully, we were able to find some huge creators who share their stats with the world and should convince you to start your own channel.

As you’ll see, there’s so much potential to make money on YouTube.

How Much Money Is 100 Million Views on YouTube Worth?

1. Ellbat

Ellbat was in uni when she made this video, letting the world know why she was gone on YouTube for a while. You’ll love her personality and how she admits – and I’m sure you agree – we’re all a bit nosey and want to know how much creators earn.

She doesn’t want to brag, but she is sharing her stats because people are asking how much she makes.

Ellbat shared how much 10m views earned her, and let’s break it down for you:

  • 4.2 million views earned her $10,209 or $243,071 for 100 million views
  • 7.2 million views earned her $31,877 or $442,736 for 100 million views
  • 4.7 million views earned her $7,561 or $160,872 for 100 million views

Her two figures are from the same video, but she explains that somewhere after the 4.2M view mark, her RPM rose a lot. Since the video is older, it goes to show you how fluctuating markets can help you make a lot of additional money.

And her last video? This one was diet-related. See how much less it earned? Topic can make all the difference.

2. Jensen Tung

Jensen hit it big in the past few years, even being featured in YouTube Premium’s own ad for the platform. He shares four videos of him cutting his own hair that generated 12 million views in total.

And the earnings are impressive:

  • 12 million views earned him $11,615.19 or $96,791 for 100 million views

Not bad! But he made far less than Ali or Ellbat. Niche is the main factor here, along with audience. 

3. Graham Stephan

Graham is always honest and transparent with his videos, and he has grown his following so much since this video was posted. He shares how one upload led to a 10 million view video in just 28 days.

He made:

  • 10 million views earned him $103,000 or $1.03 million dollars for 100M views

If you haven’t watched the video, it’s interesting to see how this single viral video was earning him $5,000 in a single day.

4. Gears and Gadgets

Gears and Gadgets has a neat video from 2022. He wanted to share how much 10 million views earned him from his channel. He does earn additional money from:

  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsorships
  • Gear
  • Etc.

He earned $13,000 from 10M views or $130,000 from 100M views alone. If you consider all of his affiliate sales, he earned over $44,000 on the channel.

Gears and Gadgets is all about automotive, tech and motorcycle content. You’ll find that the creator is a very likable guy with a ton of passion for his channel.

5. Shelby Church

Shelby has such an interesting video that shows her reaching out to her friends and family to see how much they thought she would make from 1 million views.

  • Her dad said $10,000
  • A friend said $3,000
  • Instagrammers said $200, $1,000 and so on

But all creators know that these figures can be accurate or completely wrong based on the niche.

She thinks for videos under 10 minutes that you’ll make $2,000 per 1 million views. And she backs this with showing us quite a few videos:

  • 1.3 million views earned her $2,035 or $140,000 for 100 million views (gymnastics)
  • 2.2 million views earned her $743 or $33,772 for 100 million views (photo posing)
  • 370,000 views earned her $3,015 or $814,864 for 100 million views (about a CEO)

What Shelby explains with the second video is that India’s CPM is so low. She had a ton of views from India and the Philippines, and since ad costs are lower in these countries, she earned less.

6. Train With Quan

Train with Quan is one of the most appreciative YouTubers that you’ll find. He does a ton of fitness and lifestyle content, and you’ve likely seen him on Instagram. A lot of his views come from Shorts, but one video with 100,000 views is responsible for around $1,200 he made.

How much did he earn from 50 million views?


But keep in mind that the majority of this is from YouTube Shorts. If he had 100m views, he would only earn $8,626. He wants the world to know that just because you have millions of views, it doesn’t mean you’re rich.

Quan does sell training programs, so he is earning additional money through other avenues, too.

7. ThinkMediaTV

In this Short, ThinkMediaTV shares how much their channel earned with 51 million views: $389,481

So, for 100 million views, that’s about $778,962.

They also cover some important things about earning money on YouTube, like how you won’t get paid when someone watches your video with AdBlocker on.

8. Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang’s YouTube channel has been amazingly successful, and in 2022, it hit the 98.4-million-view milestone. 

How much did he earn with that many views? $107,368.13.

According to Humphrey, the typical RPM is $3-$5, so at that rate, 100 million views would earn you $300K-$500K.

Looking at his earnings, it seems his RPM must be lower than $3. So, even if your RPM is lower than average, you can expect to make some great money from a video with 100M views.

9. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal makes our top lists all the time. Why? Because he’s a huge creator in the productivity and business niche that shares his actual earnings. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also very dedicated to helping his audience and genuine.

He makes a lot of money off of YouTube, too.

But, as you’ll see with a lot of creators, 100 million views is a ton, and very few creators have this many views.

Finally, let’s figure out how much Ali would make with 100m views:

  • 9.8m views earned him $191,258.16 or $1.91 million for 100m views
  • 5.2m views earned him $87,200.08 or $1.67 million for 100m views
  • 866k views earned him $42,132.72 or $4.865 million for 100m views

Why am I showing you all of these different stats? It’s a nice way to see how certain videos will earn you more money than others. The final video, and this is something Ali talks about in the video, had an insane $48.68 RPM.

He admits that this video is by far the highest RPM on his channel, and it was one that he almost didn’t create.

How Much Money Will I Make from 100M Views on Shorts?

YouTube Shorts rolled out in 2021 globally, and they’ve been insanely popular ever since. It’s easy to rack up a crazy number of views with Shorts because so many people are mindlessly scrolling through them.

You can even make money with YouTube Shorts. How much can you make from 100 million views? The answer may disappoint you. Let’s see what real YouTubers say.

1. Morgz

YouTuber Morgz shared how much money he made from 99.1 million views (just shy of 100 million). And the earnings were so pitiful that he turned the entire Short into a practical joke.

How much did 100M views earn him? A whopping £3,788.92.

His 100M views were spread across three Shorts, so technically, he made about £1,262.97 per minute of content – not too bad.

2. Digital Income Project

Digital Income Project launched a YouTube Shorts channel and, in six months, gained 35.7 million views and 62.2K subscribers. Those 35.7 million views generated $2,431.62 for the channel.

At this rate, Digital Income Project would earn $6,810.96 for 100 million views.

That’s pretty impressive for a Shorts channel.

3. MadebyEdgar

YouTuber MadebyEdgar shares how much YouTube paid him for 100 million views. According to him, his RPM is $0.04

The estimated revenue for that Short (which had 100 million views) was $6,606.37.

He also shares that it took about three weeks for YouTube’s algorithm to start showing the video to the masses. And while it took a while to start getting traction, the video ultimately gained him 180K subscribers.


How much money is 100 million views on YouTube? The answer depends on so many factors, including your niche, your audience’s location, audience demographics and more. But there’s no question that even at a lower RPM, you’re going to make a lot of money with 100 million views.

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