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How To Get 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube? (9 Tips)

Very few YouTubers have a million subscribers. Even fewer have 10m subscribers. Discover how you can be one of them.
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How To Get 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube
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YouTube has billions of people who watch creators who produce real, raw content. And if you just started your channel, you have years and years before you can even think of getting to the ten million subscriber mark.

Anyone, whether you have 1 or 1m subs, can follow this guide on how to get 10 million subscribers on YouTube and will find success.

But, and this is a big but, you need to:

  • Be realistic – there’s no easy way to hit 10m subs
  • Remember that time is your friend – it’s not going to happen overnight
  • Be committed

If you understand the points above, you can begin implementing the tips below and commit to being consistent.

9 Tips on How to Get 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube

We have a lot of guides that you can follow to get more subscribers on YouTube. Our experts recommend reading some of them because the tips in this guide are going to be different. Why? Hitting 10 million subs is a whole different beast.

Consider reading our guides for 5k subscribers, 50k subscribers and 1 million subscribers before proceeding to the tips below.

1. Buy Subscribers to Get the Ball Rolling

You need a ton of subscribers and will need to get them in any way that you can. We recommend buying as many subscribers as you can, especially if your subs are stagnant and haven’t been growing.

Buying subscribers is one of the secrets that large channels use for:

  • New channels that are struggling to get initial subscribers
  • Larger channels that have stopped growing

We’re a little biased, but we offer the best subscribers in the industry. Real subs can help your channel break through algorithm setbacks that can keep your subs growing for months.

Click here to see our low prices on YouTube subscribers.

2. Be Prepared to Work for Years – Maybe a Decade

How Ridiculous is a channel I never heard of before prior to researching for this post. But what I do know is that just one year ago, they hit the 10 million subscriber mark. You can even watch the video above to learn more about their journey.

It took the team 12+ years of passion and hard work to hit this mythical milestone.

That’s a long time, right?

Guess what? It took 12+ years to hit 10m, and a year later, they’re at 21.2m subs. If you remain consistent like this channel, it may take a decade, but you’ll eventually have millions of subs willing to tune into your channel.

3. Start Outsourcing When You Can

You’re working hard, and once you start making money, consider outsourcing some of the mundane tasks. Creators are running a business and need to begin offloading some of the work they do to others to free up time to:

  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Create better content

Editing is the one area that most of the world’s larger channels outsource. You can hire for the position if you’re making enough money, or you can use platforms like:

If you have a channel that’s making good money already, we recommend finding a consistent editor who will master your channel’s voice and vibe to help you push videos out faster.

And you can also outsource:

  • Title creations
  • Thumbnails
  • Creatives
  • Music and sounds
  • Ideation

4. Study Your Industry Very Well to Learn Viewer Likes and Dislikes

You may be in the most profitable niche and have a lot of viral videos, but today’s success is not guaranteed tomorrow. Niches and audiences evolve over time, and you need to be willing to adapt.


YouTube’s analytics are your friend. You want to be glued to the analytics to spot trends to learn how your audience’s likes and dislikes are changing.

Big channels:

  • Review data weekly
  • Learn from their successes and failures
  • Keep adapting and always try to do better

If you can admit when a video is a flop and dive deep into “why,” it will help you grow as a creator and continue adding to your subscriber count.

5. Remain Consistent to Keep Growing Your Audience

What’s the difference between a channel with 0 subscribers and one with 10 million? Consistency.

YouTube likes creators who consistently upload new content. Your audience likes it, too.

Posting regularly is crucial if you want to grow your channel.

  • Create a content plan
  • Stick to your plan
  • Upload at least once a week

Your niche and audience will dictate how often you should be posting. For example, a vlogger may post multiple times a week, whereas a travel YouTuber may only post once a week at most.

Choose a schedule that works for your niche and audience, and make sure that you stick to it.

6. Hold Contests or Retreats with Subscribers

Want to skyrocket your subscribers? Find ways to connect with them in real life. Host contests and retreats or meetups to help build strong relationships with your viewers.

Spread the word about your events to attract people who may not have even heard of your channel before. People who show up to your events will be more likely to subscribe if they haven’t already.

You can also host a traditional YouTube contest and make it a rule that users have to like, comment and subscribe to your channel in order to enter.

You can’t go wrong with any of these strategies, as they all generate hype around your channel.

7. Invest Heavily in Equipment and Tools That Will Boost Your Production Quality

Channels with 10M+ subscribers are some of the top channels in the world. If you want to play in the big leagues, your production quality needs to match the other pros that are dominating YouTube.

Start investing heavily in:

  • A high-end camera, like the Canon EOS R5.
  • A great microphone, like the Shure SM7B, which is a professional-grade option.
  • A tripod – because shaky footage is amateur.
  • A lighting kit because lighting will make or break your quality.
  • Professional editing software to enhance the quality of your production even further.

You don’t necessarily need to invest in all new gear at once. Focus on the most impactful items first, like a camera and audio gear.

It’s not uncommon for the top YouTube channels to have multiple team members, each outfitted with high-end gear for filming in just about any scenario. Depending on your niche, you may not need to go this far. Knowing your audience and competitors can help you determine what level of gear you need to reach your goal.

8. Review Your Analytics Over Time and Make Critical Adjustments

Analyze Your Performance

Growing a channel to 10 million subscribers will take time and dedication. You’ll need to maintain a delicate balance of continually appealing to new viewers and staying in the algorithm’s favor.

Data can help you make more informed and strategic decisions. Make sure that you’re reviewing your analytics over time and making adjustments as needed.

If your watch hours, views and subs start declining, revisit your content plan and check your individual video data to see:

  • Where you can improve
  • Which topics or formats are off-putting to your audience
  • Whether your videos are too long or short

Analytics can provide you with a wealth of information you can use to improve your content strategy and continually attract new subscribers.

Here are some other tips for using analytics to skyrocket your channel.

9. Always Learn, Adapt and Find Ways to Get Better

If you’re serious about hitting the 10-million-subscriber mark, then you need to be willing to adapt, learn and find ways to improve.

  • Put your own spin on popular YouTube video ideas and get inspired by your competitors.
  • Stay up to date on algorithm changes, so you can quickly adapt and keep growing your channel.
  • Improve your video editing skills to elevate your production quality.
  • Invest in new gear to improve your picture and sound quality.

To hit the level of 10 million subscribers, your channel will need to be exceptional. We recommend taking courses to learn more about the business side of things and how to up your creator game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Have 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube?

Only 1,802 YouTube channels have 10 million subscribers. About 500 of these channels are in the United States and 379 are in India. Entertainment is the category that has the most channels with 10 million subscribers.

What are the Channels with the Top Subscribers?

The YouTube channel with the most subscribers is T-Series, which is an Indian record label. Entertainer and YouTube star MrBeast comes in second place, with over 252 million subscribers.

Is There a Shortcut to Get 10 Million Subscribers?

Buying YouTube subscribers is the only legitimate shortcut to reaching your goal of getting 10 million subscribers. Make sure you use a service like Viralyft that only offers real subscribers from real accounts.

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