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How to Get 50k Subscribers on YouTube

Unlock the secret to getting 50K subscribers on YouTube. We share our top strategies used by top YouTubers.
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How to Get 50k Subscribers on YouTube
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YouTube is “the” platform for creators who want to turn their creations into business. While getting your first few subscribers is challenging, you can follow strategic steps to far surpass 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 subs. We’re going to share how to get 50k subscribers on YouTube using:

  • Timeless strategies
  • Pro tips
  • Expert insights

And if you want to make money on YouTube, the higher the number of subs, the better. Your faithful subs can turn into loyal viewers who literally send money to your account with each video they watch.

How to Get 50k Subscribers on YouTube

Ready? We recommend that you implement each of these strategies to start getting more subscribers to your channel.

But even with these strategies, you’ll want to stay on top of your content creation and posting. Few creators have such a following that they can abandon their accounts for months and come back without losing subscribers.

You want to:

  • Implement these strategies
  • Continue adding videos to your channel

If you can commit to consistent content creation, start with the simplest tip first.

1. Buy Subscribers from Viralyft

Asking viewers to subscribe is an easy way to get more subs, but if you want an even easier and faster strategy, buy real YouTube subscribers from Viralyft.

We offer a variety of high-quality and premium-quality subscriber packages to help you reach your goal.

Buying subscribers will give your account a boost and help you hit that 50K mark a little quicker than doing things the old-fashioned way.

2. Ask Viewers to Subscribe

Ask Viewers to Subscribe

Did you know that 8% – 14% of your subs will watch your content? Random people, who YouTube’s algorithm thinks will love your content, see your videos all the time. Unfortunately, a lot of people won’t subscribe even if they enjoy your posts.


For one simple reason: you never asked the viewer to subscribe. If you ask people to subscribe in the middle of the video or at the end, you’ll see many people do. A simple “if you don’t mind, smash the subscribe button below,” can help convert more viewers into subs.

But don’t be too overwhelming.

No one likes creators who beg for subscribers. A casual “ask” after you entertain the viewer for a while will suffice.

3. Create More YouTube Shorts

Your YouTube Shorts are mini clips that shouldn’t take you long at all to create. You can even transform your existing videos into short clips that are:

  • Insightful
  • Lead magnets to longer videos

If you’re struggling to get views on your YouTube Shorts, you can always follow our guide. Since YouTube promotes Shorts intensely, they’re a nice way to snag subscribers.

The trick?

Create a clip – or a few – that is so enticing that people want to see more and subscribe to your channel. Shorts must be impactful and engaging with an immediate hook.

4. Be Your Authentic Self

You can be fake on YouTube, and many creators are, but it’s not going to foster subscribers who are viewers or help you gain new subs.

And from a creator’s perspective, if you’re authentic, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time creating content.

You can be authentic and get more subs by:

  • Sharing personal stories
  • Remaining transparent
  • Showing bloopers or behind-the-scenes content

It’s also much easier to be yourself than to be something that you’re not.

5. Create Videos Your Audience Will Love

Cutting-edge videos receive more subscribers than boring ones. You want to create videos that your audience will love. And there are many ways to achieve this goal:

  • Focus on your editing because a lot of the video magic happens in the editing stage.
  • Review your channel’s analytics to find videos that perform exceptionally well and analyze why. Try to recreate the magic with your new videos.
  • Choose quality over quantity. If viewers see that your videos are all high-quality, they’ll be more likely to sub to the channel.

If you’re running out of ideas for videos, you can scour your videos’ comments and find discussion points people want to see.

6. Reply to Comments

Reply to Comments

This one is simple. Reply to comments. If someone comments on your video and they’re not subbed yet, replying to their comment is an easy way to gain a subscriber. You only need to go through videos – new and old – and begin replying to comments.


Commenting back will create a deep connection with the commentor and shows that you’re interested in what they have to say.

7. Add Strong CTAs to Your Videos

Optimize End Screens for More Clicks

Remember when we told you to ask people to subscribe? You can do this in the middle of your videos, but we also recommend creating a strong end screen. Reusing your call-to-action will make it easier to get subscribers.

You can also use an end screen for this purpose.

A call-to-action to either subscribe or watch one of your other videos will supercharge your channel’s subs.

8. Add Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Create Captivating Thumbnails

Thumbnails can make or break your videos. The right thumbnails catch the viewer’s eye and convince them to click on your video.

What elements do eye-catching thumbnails have?

  • Human faces. Showing your face in your thumbnails can help you get more clicks.
  • Emotion. People are more likely to watch videos with thumbnails that depict sadness, anger or other emotions.
  • Titles or explanatory text that let viewers know what your video is all about.
  • Logos or branding.

9. Create User-Centric Playlists

Create Playlists to Keep People Watching

Playlists are a great way to keep viewers hooked on your content. But don’t just group random videos together when you create them. Instead, build user-centric playlists that revolve around a theme.

Let’s say that you have a cooking-related channel. You could create a playlist for Baking Videos, Dinner Ideas, Appetizers and or other relevant content.

Think of your playlists as categories.

Some YouTubers take a different approach to their user-centric playlists and instead, focus on the outcomes.

For example, you can have an entire playlist dedicated to the topic of “how to get more subscribers to your email list.” And then, within that playlist, you can include videos focused on strategies that viewers can use to boost their subscribers.

10. Hook Viewers in at the Start of the Video

Want to grab the viewer’s attention and get them really interested in your content? Add a hook at the start of your video – within the first 10 seconds. If you can catch and hold their attention, they’ll be more likely to subscribe to your channel.

How you capture the viewer’s attention will depend on your niche. It could be:

  • A before and after that shows viewers what they’ll be seeing in the video
  • A fascinating fact
  • An intriguing question
  • You sharing a problem and how you’ll solve it

Hooks are essential for every YouTube video, but it may take some time to master the art of creating them. See what works and doesn’t work, and then create more hooks that are similar in future videos.

11. Focus on YouTube SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your videos rank higher in YouTube and Google searches. Higher rankings will drive more viewers to your videos, and they’ll be likely to subscribe to your channel.

What does YouTube SEO entail?

  • Keyword research. Start by doing some research to see which keywords your audience is using to find content like yours. You’ll want to find keywords that are relevant to your main channel and each video that you create.
  • Optimizing videos. Once you have a list of keywords, you can start optimizing. For each video you create and publish, make sure that you include the main keyword in your title and video description.
  • Adding subtitles and closed captioning to make your content more accessible and help YouTube learn more about your videos.

If you don’t have time to optimize your channel and videos yourself, you can hire an expert to handle your YouTube SEO.

12. Create a Posting Schedule

What’s the key to succeeding with a YouTube channel? Consistency. Posting regularly will keep your subscribers engaged and help you get discovered by more users in search and through video recommendations.

To keep yourself on track, create a posting schedule and stick to it. Better yet, create a content plan that includes a schedule.

This way, you’ll have all of your videos planned out and there’s no excuse not to post regularly.

13. Add a Channel Trailer – or Spruce Up Your Existing One

Want a simple way to get more subscribers? Add a channel trailer or update your existing one. Trailers are teaser videos that are displayed at the top of channel pages. They play automatically whenever someone visits your channel and give visitors an idea of what your channel is all about.

Your trailer is a great place to tell your story and set the stage for what people can expect from your content.

How do you create a compelling trailer?

  • Focus on your niche or expertise
  • Keep it brief, so you don’t lose your viewers’ attention
  • Use high-quality gear and up your video editing game
  • Add a hook to boost engagement

14. Promote Your Channel

Whenever you create content that’s relevant to your YouTube content, promote your channel. This could be a new blog post, podcast episode, Instagram Story or TikTok video. If the content is something that’s related to your channel, you can promote it.

Saying something as simple as “subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tips, tricks and hacks” can help funnel more people to your YouTube and convince them to subscribe.

Just make sure that when you promote your channel, you’re not doing it in a spammy way.


Getting 50K subscribers on YouTube is no easy feat, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to growing your audience. Use our guide and adjust your strategies along the way to keep your subscriber number ticking up and up.

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