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How to Add End Screen on YouTube

Learn how to add YouTube end screens using the YouTube Studio website and leverage interactive elements to convert more clicks, views, and subscriptions for your videos.
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How to Add End Screen on YouTube
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Engaging your viewers until the very end of your YouTube videos is essential for building a loyal audience and increasing watch time. One powerful tool at your disposal is the YouTube end screen. YouTube end screens provide an opportunity to promote additional videos, playlists, and even external websites during the final moments of your video.

By strategically placing clickable elements on the screen, you can guide viewers to watch more of your content or encourage them to subscribe to your channel. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of adding end screens to your videos, helping you maximize viewer engagement and drive traffic to your other content.

What is a YouTube End Screen?

An end screen is a screen that plays during the last 5-20 seconds of your video. It can contain up to four clickable boxes, called elements. You have the same options for elements within those clickable boxes as the YouTube cards, plus a couple of others: a subscribe box and a single piece of your merchandise.

End screens are your last chance to grab your audience’s attention and (hopefully) get them to watch more of your content.

Adding YouTube End Screen

Step #1: Open your web browser and log into your YouTube Studio account.

Click YouTube Studio

Step #2: Select Content from the left-hand menu.


Step #3: Select the video you want to add an end screen to.

Select Video

Step #4: Select Editor from the left-hand menu.

Select Editor

Step #5: Click End screens.

Click End Screens

Step #6: Choose the elements you want to add to your end screen (you can choose up to four; your options are Video, Playlist, Subscribe, Channel, Link, and Merchandise). Alternatively, click Add a Template to automatically group together specific elements.

Choose Elements

Step #7: Change the time that each element starts displaying by editing the start and end times in the boxes on the left of your video.

Change Time

Step #8 (optional): Change the position of each element by dragging it and dropping it within the video player.

Change Position

Step #9: Click Save.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Elements Are on a YouTube End Screen?

You can add up to four elements on a YouTube end screen.

How Long Does My YouTube Video Have to Be to Have an End Screen?

Your YouTube video must be a minimum of 25 seconds long to be able to have an end screen.

How Long Can the YouTube End Screen Play?

The end screen can play for the last 5-20 seconds of your video.


You’ve now learned how to enhance viewer engagement and drive traffic to your other content with YouTube end screens. By following the step-by-step process we’ve outlined, you can effectively leverage this powerful tool to keep your audience engaged, extend watch time, and encourage subscriptions. So go ahead, add those end screens, and watch your viewer engagement soar. Happy creating!

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