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6 Best Tips to Get More Engagement On YouTube

Feeling invisible on YouTube? Grab these 6 powerful tips to boost your engagement and turn casual viewers into loyal fans!
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how to get more engagement on youtube
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Have you ever spent hours editing a YouTube video, perfecting every cut, and excitedly hitting the ‘upload’ button, only to find your masterpiece watched by… well, basically your cat and your grandma? 

If that sounds familiar, you’ve clicked on the right article. 

The struggle to boost engagement on YouTube can feel like trying to get a cat to walk on a leash – possible, but oh boy, does it require patience and a bit of know-how. And we’re here to tell you how. 

We’re talking about real, actionable tips that can transform your channel into the thriving community you envisioned when you first aspired to be a YouTuber.

What Is A YouTube Engagement Rate?

A YouTube engagement rate is a key indicator measuring how actively involved your audience is with your content. This metric is an analysis of how viewers interact with your videos through likes, comments, shares, and even the watch time. 

So why is this rate so important? 

Firstly, it gives you a clear insight into whether or not your audience genuinely enjoys and engages with your videos.

A high engagement rate usually means your content is loved by your viewers and encourages them to participate more actively. A low engagement rate…not so much.

Additionally, a robust engagement rate is often a green light for potential sponsors. Brands are more likely to collaborate with channels that boast an active, engaged audience since this indicates a higher likelihood of successful promotions and campaigns. 

So, keeping an eye on and understanding your YouTube engagement rate is a pivotal part of growing your channel and attracting lucrative sponsorship opportunities.

How To Increase Your Engagement Rate: 6 Tips💡

Creating engaging YouTube videos is like adding spices to a dish – it’s all about finding the right balance to bring out the best flavors. When trying to increase your engagement rate, there are specific strategies you can employ to make your videos more captivating and share-worthy. 

In the following section, we’ll explore six practical tips to elevate your content and captivate your audience. And stay tuned, because we’ve saved the most important thing for last – a tip that could be the key to unlocking your YouTube success.

  • Create Amazing Thumbnails
  • Have Dynamic Editing and Storytelling In Your Videos
  • Start Making YouTube Shorts
  • Use Info Cards And End Screens
  • Host A Giveaway
  • Interact With Your Audience

1. Create Amazing Thumbnails

Create Captivating Thumbnails

In the rapid scroll of a YouTube feed, your thumbnail is your first, and often only, chance to grab a viewer’s attention. 

People typically spend less than a second deciding whether a thumbnail piques their interest, so making yours eye-catching is vital to stopping them in their tracks. 

Once you’ve caught their eye, the next step is to make the thumbnail engaging enough that they feel compelled to click on your video.

What makes an effective thumbnail? Here are some key elements:

  • Short Text: Use concise text to communicate the topic of your video. This text should be easy to read and straight to the point.
  • Creative Images/Overlays: Utilize vibrant, high-contrast images or overlays that stand out. These should be relevant to your video content and visually appealing.
  • Expressive Faces: Including a face in your thumbnail can communicate the mood or emotion of the video, making it more relatable and engaging.
  • Unique but Consistent Style: Maintain a style that is both distinct to your brand and consistent across your videos. This helps in building brand recognition among your audience.

As for thumbnail ideas, consider these examples:

  • For a cooking channel, a thumbnail could show a close-up of the finished dish with a short, tantalizing description like “Ultimate Chocolate Cake.”
  • A tech review video might feature an expressive face reacting to the latest gadget, with a bold title overlay like “Game-Changer?”
  • For a travel vlog, a stunning landscape shot with a text overlay “Hidden Paradise Found!” can be very effective.

Your thumbnail is more than just an image; it’s a powerful tool to entice viewers and boost your video’s click-through rate.

2. Have Dynamic Editing and Storytelling In Your Videos

Let’s face it, our attention spans are incredibly short. Therefore, creating engaging content is more important than ever. 

If your videos are filled with dull editing and unnecessary fluff, viewers are likely to lose interest quickly. This not only affects user satisfaction but also impacts your video’s retention and watch time, which in turn influences how YouTube’s algorithm ranks and recommends your content.

To ensure your editing is engaging, here are some strategies:

  • Scripting Your Videos: Plan and script your content ahead of time. This allows you to organize your thoughts and ensures your video stays on track, covering all necessary points without wandering off-topic.
  • Cutting Out Fluff: Be ruthless in editing. Remove any parts of the video that don’t add value or interest. This keeps your content crisp and maintains viewer engagement.
  • Fast Cuts: Utilize fast cuts to keep the energy of the video high. This editing technique can add dynamism to your content — but be careful not to overdo it as it can become disorienting.
  • Purposeful Sentences: Ensure each sentence in your video adds value. Whether it’s informative, entertaining, or thought-provoking, every line should serve a purpose for your viewer.
  • Using YouTube’s Chapter Feature: Break your video into chapters. This not only helps viewers navigate your content easily but also allows them to revisit specific sections they found interesting.
  • Professional Editing: If you’re not confident in your editing skills, consider hiring a professional editor! There’s no shame in it because professionals can bring a level of polish and expertise that significantly enhances the overall quality and engagement of your videos (which is what’s ultimately important).

Dynamic editing and storytelling are not just about making your video look good; they’re about keeping your audience hooked from start to finish. A well-edited video, rich in content and style, is more likely to be watched, shared, and favored by YouTube’s algorithm.

3. Start Making YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are a new and rapidly growing feature on the platform, offering a fresh way to create and consume content. 

These are short, vertical videos, similar to TikTok, often lasting up to 60 seconds, and are designed to be easily digestible and highly engaging (aka addicting). 

As of October 2023, YouTube Shorts has amassed over 70 billion daily users, a number that continues to soar, which is why you need to start creating YT Shorts TODAY!

Incorporating Shorts into your YouTube strategy can significantly benefit your channel. 

Here’s how: by creating a condensed summary of your longer videos and transforming them into a Short, you can quickly reach thousands of potential viewers through the YouTube Shorts Algorithm. 

These Shorts act as engaging teasers, introducing new audiences to your longer content in a format that’s easy to consume and share.

Beyond just summaries, Shorts can be used creatively in several other ways to boost your content’s visibility. Consider these possibilities:

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Offer a glimpse into the making of your main content, showcasing outtakes, bloopers, or the production process.
  • Quick Tips and Tricks: Share bite-sized, valuable insights or tutorials related to your long-form content’s topic.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage with your audience by answering their questions in a series of Shorts.
  • Personal Vlogs: Share snippets of your day or thoughts, building a personal connection with your audience.
For example, if your long-form content is a detailed tutorial on photography, you could create a Short showcasing a quick tip from the tutorial, like a 60-second guide to achieving the perfect lighting.

For a travel vlog, a Short could feature a rapid montage of top moments from a recent trip, enticing viewers to watch the full journey in your longer video.

Basically, YouTube Shorts offer an exciting avenue to not only diversify your content but also to attract more eyeballs, serving as a powerful tool to funnel viewers towards your more comprehensive videos.

4. Use Info Cards And End Screens

Add Cards and End Screens to Encourage Binge-Watching

Info cards and end screens are essential tools in a YouTuber’s arsenal, designed to enhance viewer engagement and guide them to more content on your channel. 

An info card is a small, interactive notification that pops up during a video, usually suggesting related videos, playlists, or links to external sites. 

End screens appear in the last 5-20 seconds of your video, offering a space to promote other videos, encourage channel subscriptions, or direct viewers to external links.

These features are used for several key reasons. 

  • Info cards can keep viewers engaged by suggesting additional relevant content at just the right moment.
  • End screens are effective in guiding viewers to more of your content once they’ve finished watching a video, helping to increase watch time across your channel.

Examples of how to use these features effectively include:

  • Info Cards: If you mention a topic in your video that you’ve covered in more depth in another video, add an info card at that moment linking to the more detailed video.
  • End Screens: Use end screens to suggest the next video in a series, making it easy for viewers to continue watching your content. You can also include a subscribe button or link to your most popular video.

By strategically using info cards and end screens, you can create a seamless viewing experience that encourages your audience to explore more of your content and stay engaged with your channel.

5. Host A Giveaway

A giveaway on YouTube is a promotional strategy where creators offer their viewers a chance to win something valuable, often as a means to increase engagement and reward their audience. It’s a fun and interactive way to attract attention, gain subscribers, and give back to your community! 

By hosting a giveaway, you create an event that not only excites your current viewers but also has the potential to attract new ones.

When planning a giveaway, it’s important to consider what would be appealing to your audience. Here are some examples of good YouTube giveaway ideas:

  • Product or Merchandise: If you have a product or branded merchandise, offering it as a giveaway prize can be a great way to promote it. For instance, if you run a beauty channel, you could give away a makeup kit.
  • Exclusive Experiences: Offering a unique experience, like a one-on-one video call, a custom video message, or a behind-the-scenes tour of your workspace, can be incredibly enticing for viewers.
  • Collaborations with Brands: Partner with a brand to give away their products. This not only provides value to your viewers but also helps in building relationships with brands.
  • Gift Cards or Vouchers: These are versatile and appealing to a broad audience, making them an excellent choice for a giveaway.

To ensure a successful giveaway, clearly communicate the rules, how to enter, the selection process for winners, and how the winners will be announced.

It’s also important to comply with YouTube’s community guidelines and any relevant legal requirements regarding giveaways. 

Hosting a well-planned giveaway can significantly boost engagement on your channel, creating excitement and a sense of community among your viewers, so go ahead and give it a try!

6. Interact With Your Audience

Yes, the most important thing you can do on YouTube is interact with your audience. 

Surprising, isn’t it? 

While coming up with engaging videos and employing tactics like hosting giveaways undoubtedly boosts engagement, the real magic lies in the community you build. 

Engagement, at its core, is interaction.

By actively interacting with your audience, you give them a compelling reason to engage. Whether they’re drawn in by the recognition or the desire to be part of a community, you’re not just gaining views; you’re earning subscribers for life. 

Not to mention, engaging in conversations with your viewers transforms their perception of you from just another influencer to a relatable, approachable person. 

This will not only make your audience feel valued and heard, but it also increases their comfort level in liking, subscribing, and commenting on your videos. In the long run, this genuine interaction can actually make you more influential.

Granted, staying on top of your comment section is no small feat, especially as your channel grows. 

However, whether you’re just starting out or already have a sizable following, engaging with your audience is essential for building up a quality, positive community. 

Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and maybe even mention viewers by name in your videos. 

Show that you value their input and presence. 

This creates a welcoming and inclusive environment on your channel, encouraging viewers to keep coming back for more

Because when your audience feels connected to you, they become your most loyal supporters and advocates.

What Is A Good Engagement Rate To Have On YouTube?

Now that you’re armed with strategies to boost your YouTube engagement, you might be wondering what constitutes a “good” engagement rate. Understanding this benchmark will help in measuring the success of your engagement strategies.

It’s interesting to note that smaller channels often have higher engagement rates compared to larger ones. This phenomenon is partly because smaller channels typically have a more dedicated, niche audience who are more likely to interact with the content. 

In contrast, larger channels, while having a vast audience, might not see the same proportion of active engagement.

The type of content you produce also plays a role. Different niches can have varying levels of engagement. 

For example, a channel focused on tutorials or educational content might have a different engagement rate compared to one centered around entertainment or vlogging.

Generally, a healthy engagement rate on YouTube videos falls between 1-6%. 

This range is considered good and indicates that your content is being engaged with frequently and is interesting to your viewers. 

Here👇is an example of typical engagement rates based on information from Modash.

YouTube Engagement Rate  1k-5k Subs 5k-10k








500k-1 million


Over 1 million


High > 6.42% > 2.62% > 1.66% > 1.08% > 0.86% > 0.71% > 0.59%
Above average 2.02 – 6.42% 0.82 – 2.62% 0.51 – 1.66% 0.33 – 1.08% 0.27 – 0.86% 0.24 – 0.71% 0.18 – 0.59%
Average 1.47 – 2.02% 0.59 – 0.82% 0.36 – 0.51% 0.23 – 0.33% 0.19 – 0.27% 0.16 – 0.24% 0.13 – 0.18%
Below Average 0.41 – 1.47% 0.16 – 0.59% 0.09 – 0.36% 0.05 – 0.23% 0.04 – 0.19% 0.03 – 0.16% 0.02 – 0.13%
Low < 0.41% < 0.16% < 0.09% < 0.05% < 0.04% < 0.03% < 0.02%

To calculate your own engagement rate, use this formula:

Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments + Shares) / Total Views x 100

This calculation gives you a percentage that represents the proportion of your audience that interacts with your videos. 

Tracking this rate over time can provide valuable insights into how your content strategy is performing and where there might be room for improvement. 

And while these numbers are important, the quality of engagement and the loyalty of your audience can be just as significant in the long-term success of your channel.

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