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Types of YouTube CTA’s & How To Use Them (With Examples)

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Types of YouTube CTA's
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Are you tired of spending hours filming and editing videos only to get minimal views and a low subscriber count? If you’re ready to start seeing insane growth on YouTube, learn how to use CTAs to grow your channel faster and see the results you deserve!

Did you know there is a powerful marketing tool used by the most successful corporations around the globe that is proven to increase customer engagement and grow their brand? A Call To Action, or CTA, is a simple but effective way to encourage a specified action to achieve a desired result.

If you look closely, you can see CTAs in virtually every advertising campaign imaginable, from print and sales scripts to digital advertisements on social media and web pages. CTAs work particularly well on YouTube, which is why every successful YouTuber uses them in their videos without fail! In fact, you’ve most likely responded to a call to action without even realizing it. So, how can you use this proven marketing tool to increase your views and subscriber count? Keep reading to find out.

Why Use CTAs

Before we can talk about why you need to use CTAs in every single video, you first need to understand what they are and how they work. A call to action is a specific word combination used to encourage your audience to take specific steps or actions that are beneficial for each party involved.

They are messages delivered throughout your video, encouraging your viewers to like and subscribe, watch a specific playlist or video, or comment and share. A call to action can be spoken (like asking the audience to smash that notification button) or added as a clickable link (think video cards.) While the concept is simple, CTAs have an undeniable ability to boost audience engagement when implemented correctly.

There are many different types of calls to action you can use in your videos, but the most popular include:

  • Visit my social media pages
  • Subscribe
  • Visit my website
  • Watch this video
  • Check the description
  • Like
  • Share
  • Rate
  • Comment

Using a CTA within your videos is a solid marketing strategy that provides many positive results, especially when it comes to increasing your subscriber count. Think about the last YouTube video you watched; chances are you were asked multiple times throughout the runtime to subscribe to the channel. You were probably told it’s free, and you’re already watching, so why not take a second to click the subscribe button so you don’t miss any of the creator’s amazing content? 

They probably also asked you to like their content, which helps boost engagement and increase the video’s visibility. The more you can get your viewers to interact with your content, the faster your channel will grow; it’s that simple!

Let’s take a closer look at how a call to action can work for you.

1. Increased Video Engagement

Let’s face it, one of YouTuber’s biggest challenges is figuring out how to keep their viewers engaged and interacting with their content. Using CTAs throughout your content is an excellent way to connect with the viewers and prompt them to become active participants in your video.

Not only will you increase audience engagement, but you can also develop a personal connection with your viewers, ensuring they keep coming back to your channel time after time. Asking for video suggestions or stories in the comments is also a great way to keep your creativity flowing and protect your channel from feeling stale or outdated.

2. Increase Views And Subscriber Count

Growing your subscriber count and increasing views is a vital part of a successful YouTube channel, which is why you should use a call to action in every. single. video. Use it to suggest playlists for your audience or invite them to watch a corresponding video, boosting your stats on the current content and throughout your entire channel.

A CTA is highly effective in hooking the audience, providing them with additional content they may not have watched otherwise, and increasing the chances they will subscribe to your channel and become an enthusiastic follower! Don’t be afraid to use multiple methods to accomplish this goal, including verbal CTAs and mid, and end-screen cards.

3. Improve Viewer Focus

You want to actively direct your viewers to continue watching your content instead of solely relying on YouTube’s autoplay suggestion feature. Using a call to action to encourage similar video choices and playlists is an excellent way to continue providing your viewers with enjoyable content and increase their watch time.

4. Increase Watch Time

As a YouTuber, you understand the importance of increasing your video’s watch time, which is vital for monetization and channel growth. Using a CTA to prompt viewers to continue watching additional content, whether a suggested video or playlist, will significantly increase your watch time.

It’s important to realize that the more time a viewer spends watching your videos, the higher the chance they will become a fan of your content. Once they make an emotional connection, they are significantly more likely to continue watching, following, and engaging in the future. After all, you don’t want just viewers; you want engaged and devoted fans!

5. Rank Higher With Searches

As with all search engines, YouTube deploys an algorithm that impacts each video’s rankings within the search results. Unsurprisingly, two main factors are watch time and subscriber count. Along with prioritizing video optimization and implementing a solid SEO strategy, these two factors are crucial for ensuring your videos appear when viewers search for similar content.

Types Of YouTube CTAs

Now that you know why CTAs are vital to your channel’s growth, it’s time to find out what types there are and how to use them. Don’t be afraid to use multiple methods throughout your video to increase their effectiveness and improve your chance of success.

It is necessary to note the importance of using a call to action correctly. While there are many different types if your misuse them throughout your videos, all your hard work of creating high-quality content can be wasted.

Here are the most effective CTAs you can use to create an impactful and successful YouTube campaign.

1. Like And Share Call To Action

The number of likes your videos have is used within YouTube’s ranking system, with higher-liked videos appearing in search engines over their lower-liked competitors. Inviting viewers to like and share your content is an excellent way to ensure your videos are seen.

2. Subscribe Call To Action

By far, the most common CTA is the “subscribe to my channel” callout. The higher your subscriber count, the more exposure your channel will receive. The subscriber count creates a trickle-down, circular effect, increasing watch time, which helps your videos rank higher, improves exposure and grows your subscriber count.

3. Social Media Follow Call To Action

Inviting viewers to follow you on social media is an integral part of growing your brand, as it widens your reach and improves name recognition. On top of verbally inviting viewers to follow your socials, be sure to add a link to each in your About Me and video descriptions.

4. Video Suggestion Call To Action

Suggesting additional content to your viewers helps increase watch time and engagement, which are essential for video and channel ranking. You can do this by using end-screen cards, playlist links, and verbal suggestions.

5. Visit My Website Call To Action

If you are promoting products or running a sales campaign, using your videos to promote your website is critical to boosting sales. You can do this through verbal callouts, screen cards, links, and even on-screen text boxes that will prompt viewers to visit your site.

6. Check Out The Description Call To Action

A video description allows you to share additional information with your viewers, add links, and use keywords to boost SEO. Don’t be afraid to tell viewers to check out the description below or use text boxes as a reminder so they don’t miss any information or promotions.

7. Comment Call To Action

Viewer interactions directly affect your video ranking, so don’t forget to encourage viewers to comment. You can do this verbally or visually throughout the video and even add a pinned comment to prompt the conversation.

A few examples of a comment CTA include:

  • Asking viewers if they have questions
  • Asking viewers opinions
  • Asking viewers to share a story

Tips For A Better Video CTA

There are multiple types of CTAs you can use throughout your videos, including:

  • Watermarks
  • Verbal
  • Mid and End-Screens
  • Visual
  • Pinned Comments

Here are a Few Tips to Help Ensure Your CTAs are Successful.

1. Don’t Overdo Your CTAs

Interrupting a video with a CTA can ruin the viewer’s experience and make you sound too sales-y. Keep it natural, and don’t overdo it.

2. Avoid The First 15 Seconds

Using a CTA within the first 15 seconds of your video can annoy viewers and make them click off. You don’t want to seem shallow and disconnected, only caring about views and growth instead of connecting with your followers, so wait until you’ve opened your video before using a call to action.

3. Use Multiple Methods

Don’t be afraid to use multiple types of CTAs throughout your video to boost engagement and connect with viewers.

4. Use Your Voice

Verbal cues are highly effective, so be sure to include them within your content. Statements like “let me know your opinion down below,” “like if you agree,” “smash the subscribe button,” etc., act as prompts for the viewers, building a connection and making them feel a part of your content.


CTAs are highly effective and vital to channel growth. Implementing them effectively throughout your videos will help grow your subscriber count and increase views, helping you achieve your goals and see the success you deserve!

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