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How To Get 1000 Followers on Instagram (2023)

Building up your first 1000 Instagram followers is a huge milestone that will open you up to even more organic growth in the future. Read our guide to how to get 1000 followers on Instagram using the tools and tricks of the trade.
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  5. How To Get 1000 Followers on Instagram (2023)
How to Get 1000 Instagram Followers
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If you’re just starting your Instagram account and are bemoaning the slow growth of your fanbase, know that you’re in good company! Every successful Instagram account (except those run by celebrities and famous public figures) starts by getting their first 1000 followers and then building up from there. 

But even achieving such a “low” number as that can be tricky – unless you’re already learned in the expert techniques that can get you there faster. 

And that’s why you’re here: to learn how to get 1000 followers on Instagram using some of the best tricks in the social media marketing trade. 

How To Get 1000 Followers on Instagram

Let’s get started!

1. Use an Organic Instagram Growth Service

By far one of the more popular growth strategies, using an organic Instagram growth service is something that anyone with any budget can get in on.

A growth service sells Instagram followers and engagements (i.e., likes, comments, and shares) to accounts that want to speed up their growth. With a well-placed purchase, you can quickly acquire those first 1000 followers – and at the same time, make an investment in growing beyond that milestone.

You see, investing in a growth service now can pay dividends in a far more valuable currency later on: organic followers. This happens because the boost in fans and engagement rate builds your reputation and increases algorithmic reach for your posts across the platform. Both of those outcomes naturally lead to more opportunities for converting new followers.

Before long, you’ll have blown past those initial 1K followers you bought, and more than reap your money’s worth in growth for your Instagram account.

2. Research Your Niche 

As you set up your Instagram account, remember that you are first and foremost a content creator. Focusing on producing content that is entertaining and valuable to your target audience will get you closer to 1000 followers than almost any other account growth technique. 

For that reason, take the time to research your content niche to the fullest extent. Unearth all the various sub-niches within it and search for market gaps where you can bring something new or novel to the table. Above all, find out what kind of posts your target audience is interested in. 

By researching your niche in this in-depth manner, you’re sure to discover where you can fit in and create content that will attract the highest number of followers.

3. Optimize Your Instagram Account

You can have amazing content, but still not gain any new followers for the simple reason that they’re not able to find you. In this situation, optimizing your Instagram account to be more discoverable via search results on the app is your best move.

To optimize your Instagram account, make sure you completely fill out your profile. That includes uploading a unique profile picture, filling out your bio, and regularly posting new content to your feed. 

In addition, while you’re writing in your bio, be sure to include the most relevant hashtags and/or keywords that describe your account.

For example, if you’re a food blogger and want to reach other foodies on the platform, including the keywords “food blogger” in your bio is a must.

4. Be Authentic

In a world of filters and plastic surgery and trends, it can be difficult to feel comfortable expressing your true self. But that’s exactly why you should be as authentic as you can. 

Instagram users – indeed, social media users everywhere – are beginning to value authenticity and honesty from their favorite influencers and brands above all other things. You can provide that value for them and attract more loyal followers by being straightforward and never fake in your content.

5. Keep a Content Calendar

It’s hard to build your follower count when you’re always scrambling to create fresh content and forgetting to post at the best times. If this sounds like you, then the answer is to keep a content calendar and plan your posts ahead of time. This will help you stay organized and on track without going crazy! 

You can make your own content calendar using a spreadsheet, or you can use a social media management software like SocialPilot or Meta Business Suite

6. Create Engaging Content

Content will always be the main draw to your account. With that in mind, you should create content that is as engaging as possible. 

To be engaging is to grab somebody’s attention and keep it. Your photos and videos should draw users in like moths to a flame. For that, you need interesting subject matter rendered in high quality. 

With those characteristics as your building blocks, your content can be engaging enough to keep people coming back for more.

7. Educate People with Your Content

One of the top reasons that people use social media, aside from entertainment, is to be educated. Humans like learning new things, and Instagram posts make educating simple and easy. 

Whatever your niche is, take the time now and then to educate people with your content. Teach them a new skill or a new hack, explain the history behind something, or guide them through a specific process. As you become more known for your knowledge and expertise, more followers will flock to your account.

8. Post Regularly

Posting regularly is one of the keys to staying top of mind – and top of the algorithm – on Instagram. After all, new users won’t discover who you are if they can’t find you for lack of posts! Or even if they do find you, they may not give you a follow if they notice that you haven’t posted any new content in many weeks or months.

This is easy to avoid by establishing a consistent posting schedule. You can do so by using an Instagram post scheduler along with a content calendar.

9. Utilize Instagram Reels

Reels appear in their own category on the Instagram app, as well as on the Explore page. That’s why it makes sense to diversify your regular posts with Reels. This way, you have two places where your content can be discovered in and followed instead of just one!

10. Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are another way to make your content more visible in search results. But you should use them strategically! The hashtags in your captions should be relevant to your content, not just selected at random. They should also be chosen with your audience’s potential searches in mind. 

You can use a keyword research tool like the Google Keyword Planner (which is free) to find good ideas and learn the search terms that are popular in your niche.

11. Engage with Your Audience

We’ve already touched on the importance of creating engaging content. But there’s another layer to it, too. You should also engage your audience by interacting with them – having conversations, asking for their input, and holding giveaways and contests. 

Be interesting and interactive with your audience, so that drawing in new followers will be a breeze.

12. Collaborate and Network

You’re not alone in the Instagram-verse! There are other brands, influencers, and creators with just as much experience as you or more. Rather than treat them as competitors and keep them at arm’s length, collaborate and network with them. As your reach expands and you become known to more people on the platform, new followers will come flooding in.

13. Stay Informed on Content and Platform Trends

Many Instagram accounts lose out on new followers because they don’t stay up to date with the latest trends on the platform and in their content niche. 

While it can be tough keeping up with all the changes in the ever shifting and fickle world of social media, it would behoove you to stay ahead of the game as much as possible. If you don’t, you may quickly fall behind your colleagues and be perceived as archaic, a relic of the past.

To that end, familiarize yourself with all the new features, tools, and regulations that arrive on Instagram. Furthermore, monitor the new trends that are circulating for your particular content niche. This will help you stay current, modern, and attractive to audiences both new and old.

14. Utilize Instagram Ads and Promotions

Instagram gives creators the opportunity to boost their best posts on the platform with ads and promotions. This can help you get your content out there in front of more eyeballs, so that more users will see it and want to follow you.

15. Analyze, Adapt, and Grow

Lastly, it’s important to be fluid on Instagram if you want to build a following. Be willing to analyze, adapt, and grow your strategies. Don’t get so set in your ways or obsessed with a specific tool that you let it hold you back from your potential. 

For example, if a technique for generating more followers isn’t working, find out why. You may need to alter your strategy, or you may simply need to discard it and replace it with something else. Regardless, you must do what’s best for the growth of your account. 

This is how you gain your first 1000 followers – and many thousands more after that!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Significant About Reaching 1000 Followers on Instagram?

Reaching 1000 followers on Instagram is a significant milestone because it makes you a nano influencer. This is the lowest tier of influencer, but it means you have a loyal fanbase and can grow even bigger.

How Long Does It Take to Get 1000 Instagram Followers?

You can get 1000 influencers within 24-72 hours if you buy them. If you grow them organically, it may take anywhere from a few months to a year.

How Can I Get 1K Followers on Instagram in a Single Day?

You can get 1K Instagram followers in a day by buying them from a growth services provider.

How Can I Engage with Influencers to Increase My Instagram Followers?

To engage with influencers to increase your own following, reach out to them via DM or their business email. Present a collaboration idea that you believe would be logistically realistic as well as mutually beneficial.

The Bottom Line

Getting 1000 Instagram followers, for the first time or the twentieth, isn’t always easy. But there is no shortage of techniques you can try that have been used to great success by other accounts in the past. 

If you’re determined enough and can stick to a solid plan, 1K followers will soon be in your rearview mirror. And the road to 5K, 10K, and 100K will be ahead!

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