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Instagram Bio: How to Create, Types & Tools (2024)

Instagram bios are crucial to gaining followers, but many creators don’t know how to create a bio that people will love. Don't make these same mistakes.
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Guide to Creating a Killer Instagram Bio
Table of Contents

Your Instagram bio is the first – or second – thing people see when visiting your profile. If someone finds your post on the Explore page and lands on your account, your bio is your only opportunity to tell them what your profile is all about.

A strong Instagram bio:

  • Makes a lasting first impression
  • Conveys your brand
  • Offers a linking opportunity to other content assets
  • Creates a strong personal connection

If you add a call-to-action (CTA), you can convert profile traffic into sales or newsletter subscribers, or send them on a journey through your sales funnel.

Your bio is how you can stand out from 2.3 billion users.

We’re going to cover the ins and outs of creating a bio, including hashtags, contact information, length, fonts, and plenty more.

101 Guide to Writing an Instagram Bio with Examples

Your bio is a combination of multiple elements, all pieced together to provide insightful information about your brand. Mixing and matching each component will empower you to create a compelling bio.

And we recommend starting with fonts.

1. Fonts🔲

You can emphasize portions of your bio using fonts – many fonts. We have a font generator you can use to make this easier, and the best fonts are:

  • Easy to read
  • Clear

A few of the most popular fonts for your name and bio are:

  • Pretty slab
  • Square fill
  • Circle outline
  • Bold serif
  • Handwritten
  • Bold sans
  • The classic
  • Capitalized
  • Script

If you want to make certain words stand out, you could use a font like capitalized.

2. Length

Your bio can only be 150 characters, which is 25 – 30 words, depending on their length. If you’re creative, you can add an additional 30 characters to your name for a total of 180 characters.

3. SEO Optimization with Keywords🔍

Want to improve your reach? SEO-optimize your bio. You can add strategic keywords that people interested in your niche would search. Brainstorm a few keyword ideas by:

  • Clicking on search
  • Typing your industry

For example, if you type fitness, you may be presented with keywords like:

  • Fitness girls
  • Fitness Motivation
  • Fitness tips
  • Etc.

Strategically add these words to your profile’s bio to optimize it further.

4. Hashtags

You can add hashtags to your Instagram bio, but the tag won’t make your page pop up in search. Instead, use keywords to replace hashtags.

One hashtag that you can use is your brand name.

5. Contact Information📱

If you have a business or professional account, consider adding contact information to your profile. You can do this by:

  • Tapping your profile picture
  • Tapping Professional account
  • Adding details
  • Tapping Display contact info

You can show:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • WhatsApp Number

If you want to direct people to your website or another landing page, you can use a CTA.

6. Call to Action

Adding a call to action (CTA) to your bio will encourage followers to take action. For example, GaryVee does this with the text “👇 Join my broadcast channel,” and a link below. You can have a CTA for:

  • Joining newsletters or channels
  • Sending followers to your website or landing page
  • Capturing leads
  • Following you
  • Scheduling calls

A CTA is comprised of telling someone to take an action:

  • Click the link below to download my eBook.
  • Join my newsletter.
  • Tap the follow button.

7. Emojis

Overuse of emojis is easy because they’re fun to use. But you don’t want to detract from your profile and what it’s all about. Instead, we recommend:

  • Adding one emoji per line
  • Using emojis for emphasis, or
  • Using emojis to force a user action

Again, if you review GaryVee’s bio, you’ll notice he uses emojis to highlight him being CEO, his links and other key areas of his bio.

Emojis are things to put in your Instagram bio that allow you to break up blocks of text to make it easier to read and understand.

8. Formatting🟥

Your formatting options on Instagram’s bio are limited, but you should make use of:

  • Line breaks
  • Emojis
  • Strategic fonts

You only have 150 characters that you can utilize, so be sure to format the text adequately to make it easy to read and concise.

9. Links🔗

If you want to send users to specific links, you can. Nike does this with a main bio link that also includes a link to:

  • Main store
  • Latest product collection

The Rock uses a page to link up all of his social accounts and other important links. You can use multiple services if you want to link people to your:

  • Website
  • Social accounts
  • Alternative Instagram accounts
  • Etc.

10. Show Your Achievements🏆

What are your achievements? If you want to build a brand, you should show people the benefit of following you. An achievement can be:

  • CEO at XYZ company
  • Heavyweight champion
  • #1 ranked business in NYC

Achievements are a hit or miss, but if you do have some that will showcase your talent and experience, add them to your bio.

11. Tone😎

Your tone should match your personality. You can be short and sweet when writing your bio, or you can be:

  • Funny and witty
  • Sarcastic
  • Educational
  • Storytelling
  • Creative
  • Authoritative
  • Conversational

If you don’t know which tone to choose, select one that you want to emulate from others in your niche or industry.

Types Of Instagram Bios with Examples

The type of Instagram bio you choose will depend on the voice and tone of your brand. We’re going to share some of the most popular and common tones used in Instagram bios, along with some examples.

Let’s say that we’re a fitness influencer with a supplements brand. We’ll use this persona to generate our bio examples.

1. Simple and Straightforward

A simple and straightforward bio is more professional. You get straight to the point and tell potential followers what your purpose is or what you offer.

Example: Empower your journey to wellness with nature’s best-kept secrets. Transforming lives one workout at a time. 🌿💪 #FitnessGuru #WellnessJourney

2. Storytelling

A storytelling bio tells a story and explains more about what you do. Some people add real, brief stories of clients or brands they’ve helped. This kind of bio shares a narrative, which can make it more engaging.

Example: Passionate about fitness | Let’s sculpt our dream bodies and inspire others along the way! 🌱🏋️‍♀️ #FitnessJourney #SupplementAddict #BodyGoals.

3. Minimalistic

A minimalist bio tells people what they need to know – nothing more, nothing less. If you’re a direct person who likes to get straight to the point, then this type of bio may be ideal for you.

Example: Fitness aficionado, sharing the magic of supplements for a healthier you. 🏋️‍♂️💪 #fitlife #health

4. Hashtag-Focused

A hashtag-focused bio is heavy on hashtags without overdoing it. Hashtags will help expand your reach, although they may not be as engaging as other types.

Example: #Fitnessenthusiast turning passion into profession. Selling quality #supplements online. #FitnessGuru

5. Branded 

A branded bio is more serious in tone and will also include your brand’s name or even branded hashtags if you have them.

Example: Helping you reach your fitness goals one Happy Supplement at a time. Join the #HappyHealthyRevolution and elevate your fitness journey with our premium supplements. 🏋️‍♂️✨ #FitnessGoals #HappySupplements

6. Motivational

A motivational bio will help motivate anyone who views your profile. If you’re in the motivational, wellness, fitness or business niche, this kind of Instagram bio is ideal for you.

Example: Discover the power of supplements and the transformation they can bring. Let’s make every workout count! 🏋️‍♂️✨ #FitnessMotivation #StrongerTogether”

7. Funny

A funny bio injects some humor into your Instagram profile. If your brand has a more casual and humorous tone, then this type of bio is the right choice for you.

Example: Chasing gains and slinging supps like a protein-powered superhero. Join the fitness revolution! 💪 #BeastMode #FitLife

The Top Instagram Bio Common Mistakes – Avoid These!

If you want your bio to boost engagement, build your brand and increase your following, don’t make these mistakes.

1. Adding Irrelevant Info

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is adding irrelevant information to your bio. You can only add 150 characters to your bio, so make them count. Only add information that’s relevant to your followers and what you’re all about on Instagram.

2. Making Grammatical Mistakes

Your bio is your chance to make a good first impression. If it contains grammatical mistakes, your followers won’t take you seriously. 

Some creators suggest using mistakes on purpose to boost engagement, but don’t follow this practice in your bio. You won’t make a good impression on brands that may have otherwise been interested in a sponsorship deal.

3. Keyword or Hashtag Stuffing

It’s important to add keywords and hashtags to your bio, but don’t overdo it. Adding too many keywords or hashtags will make your account look like spam and may turn off potential followers.

4. Using Unreadable Fonts

Using unique fonts is a great way to make your bio stand out, but make sure that the fonts you choose are legible. All of the information in your bio will be useless if no one can read it. Stick to sans serif fonts for the best readability.

5. Adding an Unoptimized Link

Adding a link to your bio will help followers get in touch with you off of the Instagram platform. But make sure that you’re optimizing that link.

Use a link-in-bio tool to display multiple links, and make sure that you’re using a tracker so that you can gauge the link’s performance.

6. Making Your Bio Too Long

Instagram bios have a 150-character limit, but you don’t necessarily need to use all of them. Keep your bio short and sweet. Tell people what you’re all about in a snappy way. 

The Best Tools to Write Your Instagram Bio

Not sure where to start when writing your Instagram bio? Fortunately, there are several tools you can use to generate your bio in just a few clicks.

1. Hootsuite


Hootsuite’s AI Instagram bio generator asks you just a few questions and generates your bio based on your answers.

You’ll need to enter your:

  • Account type (personal or business)
  • Category (niche or industry)
  • Tone (casual, cheeky, flowery, etc.)
  • Keywords
  • Call to action (sign up, schedule a call, get in touch, etc.)

The results are pretty impressive, but we recommend editing their suggestions to add your own personal touch or any hashtags you want to include.

2. Mention


Mention’s free bio generator tool will create a bio for you in seconds after you:

  • Describe yourself in a few words
  • Choose your tone of voice (conversational, emotional, storytelling, etc.)
  • Share your email address

3. Hopper


Hopper also offers a free bio generator tool that’s super easy to use and doesn’t require you to enter your email address.

Just enter some information about yourself in the text box and choose your tone from the dropdown menu. Tap “Generate Bio,” and wait for the magic to happen. 

The results are awesome, and the tool will even incorporate hashtags and emojis into the mix.

4. Pallyy


Pally’s bio generator tool is AI-based and easy to use. It works similarly to Hopper’s tool. Just enter a brief description about yourself and choose your vibe.

The Pally tool also generates engaging bio content that includes hashtags and emojis. You’ll have a few options to choose from, too.

5. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is known for being a keyword research tool, but they also offer a free bio generator tool for all social media platforms (not just Instagram).

Enter some details about yourself or your brand and choose your tone. Tap “Generate Bio,” and wait for the results.

The tool will generate a few different bios along with hashtags and emojis. You can also modify the generated content with the tap of a button.

When Should You Update Your Instagram Bio?

Think of your Instagram bio as one of your top promotional tools. You should update it regularly, especially when you:

  • Have a new upcoming event
  • Launch a new product, video or website post
  • Launch a new campaign

Anytime you have something new going on, promote it in your bio.

Changing your bio is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Tap your profile picture
  • Tap “Edit Profile
  • Look for the “Bio” section
  • Update your info

Don’t forget to tap the checkmark before exiting your profile editor. Otherwise, your new information won’t be saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Suitable Fonts for an Instagram Bio?

The best fonts for Instagram bios are those that are easy to read, like Capitalized, Math Sans, Dark Text Squares, Italic Bold or Notebook. You can find all of these fonts and more in our free Instagram font tool

Should I Add My Contact Details to My Instagram Bio?

Yes, if you want people to get in touch with you off of the Instagram platform. You can add your email address or a website link to your bio. You can also use link-in-bio tools like Linktree, Beacons or Feedlink, which allows you to promote multiple links to your followers.

Where Can I Find the Best Hashtags for My Instagram Bio?

You can find the best hashtags for your Instagram bio from our free hashtag generator tool. Just type in your keyword or topic, and our tool will find the best hashtags to add to your bio.

Should I Mention Personal Hobbies or Interests in My Bio?

Yes, it’s a good idea to mention personal hobbies or interests in your bio because it helps your followers get to know you. But don’t go overboard with listing your hobbies and interests. You have limited space for links and text, so use them wisely.

Can I Use Special Characters or Unique Formatting in My Bio?

Yes, you can use special characters and fonts in your bio. Changing the way your bio looks with formatting and fonts is a great way to make your profile stand out and encourage more people to follow you.

Can I Use My Instagram Bio to Promote a Specific Campaign or Event?

Yes, you can use your Instagram bio to promote events or campaigns. In fact, you should be using your bio for this purpose. You can add a link to the event or campaign, or you can mention it in your bio to drum up awareness.


Crafting the ultimate Instagram bio is both an art and a science. Use our guide above to create an engaging bio that will help expand your reach and get people interested in your content.

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