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How To Get 10k Views on YouTube in 2024? (11 Ways)

Want to get 10K views on YouTube fast? Get our top strategies and tips for hitting the 10,000-view milestone.
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How To Get 10k Views on YouTube
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If you’re tired of viewing your total views on your channel and it being stuck below 10,000, we’re going to show you how to get 10k views on YouTube. While you’ll want to do more than just hit this milestone, it’s one to celebrate.


If you can get 10k views, you can get 100k or even 1m. It takes a lot of effort to get the ball rolling, but let’s get started.

How To Get 10k Views on YouTube?

Getting 10k views on YouTube is possible, and you should start with content no one else is creating.

1. Buy YouTube Views

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2. Create Content No One Else is Creating

One of the main issues people struggling to get views find themselves with is that they don’t have unique content. Even if their content is unique, many creators are “copying others.”

I won’t call out creators by name, but I follow one who goes to different areas of the U.S. to talk to locals and find the truth about different topics.

His content is fantastic.

But others are trying to recreate his videos, and it’s killing their channels because they are not unique. You want to create content no one else is creating. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Analyze what your competitors are doing and identify critical areas that they miss
  • Brainstorm 100% original ideas
  • Focus heavily on editing and quality

A lot of topics have been covered by other creators, but if you put your own spin on them and dig deeper into them, it may be enough to create content no one else is creating.

3. Boost Your CTR

Do you know how many people see your video and never click on it because of the title? A LOT. YouTube even states that if a title is well-written, it can help you increase your click-through rate.

You should:

  • Add parenthesis at the end with crucial data
  • Use brackets if a parenthesis doesn’t work

You can add something simple, such as “(New Update).” It’s a simple way to increase your CTR by as much as 30%. A few other ways to make your title stand out are:

  • Add the year
  • Use some sort of state
  • Add a number

A/B test your titles to see how small changes like these can boost your views.

4. Optimize Your Video Descriptions

Your description can also lead to more views. We recommend adding rich keywords into the description naturally and following:

  • Start with a powerful intro, but keep it 2 – 3 sentences.
  • Add a 100 – 150-word outline.
  • Drop your links next.

But truth be told, it’s the intro that really has all of the conversion power. You’ll want to use this prime real estate to create a powerful hook that explains to readers exactly what they’ll get if they watch the entire video.

I recommend looking at other creators in your niche who are getting 10k views and see how they write their video descriptions.

5. Feature Your Videos on Your Blog

Do you have a blog that gets traffic? If so, you should add your videos to your blog, too. Embedding videos into your blog will:

  • Engage your readers more
  • Promote your channel

6. Use the MVC Formula for Your Tags

SEO for YouTube videos is hard. If you read guides on optimization, you’ll find that they’re long and confusing.

And unless you have a lot of experience, you’ll find that the MVC formula is much easier. The formula stands for:

  • Main keyword
  • Variations
  • Category

You want YouTube to use the tag field to better understand what your video is all about. When adding to the tag field, you’ll want to choose tags that include your main video keyword, variations and your category.

If you follow this basic strategy, you’ll give additional hints to YouTube about your video and help it rank higher in the search.

7. Share Clips of Your Video on Social Media

Do you have other social media channels? You should cut your long-form videos into smaller clips that you can share on your profile. And when you post these clips, be sure that you also mention that people can watch the full video on your YouTube.

Add a link to the video, too.

Sharing clips can help you direct your followers from one social media platform back to your YouTube channel.

8. Enable Embedding

Let other people spread the word about your channel and help rack up views by enabling embedding on your videos. 

The option to embed video is enabled by default, but if you restricted this feature in the past, you may want to change that.

Here’s how:

Step #1: Head over to Studio Content Manager.

Step #2: Select Content from the menu.


Step #3: Tap the pencil icon.

Pencil Icon

Step #4: Scroll down and tap Show More.

Show More

Step #5: Look for the checkbox that says Allow Embedding. Enable it.

Allow Embedding

Whenever people click on an embedded video to watch it, it will count as a view (as long as they watch it for at least 30 seconds).

9. Post Your Videos at the Right Time

Best Time to Post on YouTube

Want a quick view boost for your channel? Make sure that you’re posting at the right time – when your audience is online. If you can catch them when they’re online, they’ll be notified of your new post.

How do you know when your audience is online? Check your Analytics.

  • Log into YouTube Studio.
  • Navigate to Analytics.
  • Click the Audience tab.
  • Scroll down to see when your viewers are online.

With this information in hand, you can start scheduling your videos to be published exactly at the right time. YouTube has a helpful scheduling function that you can find in the Visibility tab. You’ll have the option to choose the date, time, and time zone you want your video to be published.

10. Create Playlists to Keep Viewers Engaged

Create Playlists to Keep People Watching

YouTube playlists are an effective way to multiply your views. They’re also great for keeping people on your channel and content instead of moving on to a new channel.

But the key is to create playlists that will interest them.

Focus on grouping your videos into categories based on their topic. This will make it easier for viewers to find what they’re looking for and continue watching your videos.

11. Make Series Instead of Just Individual Videos

Want to keep people interested in your content? Focus on creating series content instead of just individual videos. 

If you create a video series, people will continue to tune into your videos to see the next installment or chapter. They’ll binge-watch your content because they want to see more of your relevant content or learn more about whatever topic you’re covering.

Just about any topic or niche can benefit from a video series.

  • If you have a travel channel, you can create a series for different destinations or types of travel.
  • If you run a tech channel, you can create a series of tutorials for software explaining different features in-depth.
  • If you have a cooking channel, you can create a series focused on certain types of cuisine.
  • If you have a gaming channel, you can create a series on different titles or genres.

Plan out your series videos carefully so that they work chronologically and keep your audience wanting to see more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 10K Views on YouTube Good?

Yes! Getting 10K views on YouTube is a big milestone for any YouTuber. If you’re monetizing your channel, 10K views will help you start building a reliable income.

How Much Money Do You Get for 10,000 Views on YouTube?

The amount you earn for 10K views on YouTube will depend on several factors, including your niche and where your audience is located.

However, the average RPM (how much you get paid per 1,000 views) for YouTube is about $5-$7. For 10K views, that’s $50-$70.

How Long Does It Take to Get 10,000 Views on YouTube?

The length of time it takes to get 10,000 views organically will depend on your niche and a hundred other factors. Some YouTubers reach this milestone in just five months. For others, getting 10K views can take years.


Getting 10K views is an achievement for any YouTuber, especially if you have a new channel. Use our guide to start funneling more views to your content and achieve your goal. Remember to be consistent with your posting and focus on creating high-quality videos that people look forward to watching.

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