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Buy Followers, Likes, Views & More! 🚀

Buy Followers, Likes, Views & More! 🚀

Buy 10000 YouTube Views & Your Gateway to YouTube Fame! genuine and verified services

Join the creators at the top with viral content & exponential growth. Don’t just dream of a thriving channel; make it a reality with our YouTube Views and watch your influence multiply!

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High Quality Views
Choosing high-quality 10k views is a wise choice for individuals looking to enhance their online presence with authentic viewers from around the globe, even if they're operating on a limited budget.
Secure guaranteed payment
Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
Premium Quality Views
Premium-grade 10k views, distinguished as the foremost choice available, are obtained from genuine and active users worldwide. This makes them outstanding for boosting your content's visibility and ranking!
Secure guaranteed payment
Satisfaction Guarantee
Secure guaranteed Delivery
1.5 Million+
YouTube Creators Benefitted
YouTube Views Delivered & Counting
Increase in Engagement

But Is It Wise Buying 10000 YouTube Views?

It is not just wise, it is also highly tactful!

YouTube loves views. The more, the better. But here’s the catch: the more views you’ve, the more it will appear on others’ feeds. This means content with high engagement will get even more engagement while you’re still struggling with a few hundred.

10000 YouTube views will help you break free from this vicious circle, put your content in front of a bigger audience, and gain the desired traction… which will directly translate into influential growth.

Will It Fetch Me the Same Benefits as Organic 10000 YouTube Views?

Well, there’s no difference between organic YouTube views and the views that Viralyft provides you with, except one: the former takes months (sometimes years) to show up, while the latter is delivered in 4-7 days.

If the views are the same, what tells you that the benefits will be anything different?

You’ll finally reach the sweet spot where your hobby starts paying off.

Your videos will go viral and also shared by a genuine audience.

You’ll sign dream brand deals, sponsors, and ads because your views are just that impressive.

You’ll become the talk of the town in your niche, turning heads with your outstanding growth.

This new army of viewers will do all the talking, showing the world you’re a force to be reckoned with.

But Is It Wise Buying
Who Should Really Buy

Who Should Really Buy 10000 YouTube Views Package?

Not everything is meant for everyone. So, buy this package only if you fall into one or more of these: 

If you’re a creator who just started their journey on YouTube looking for a good kickstart.

Or, If you’ve been here for years but just can’t swim out of the rut of sluggish growth

Business Channels receive little to no engagement.

Professional influencers or Vloggers wanting to monetize YouTube but do not have qualified metrics

Creators willing to garner additional traffic to their other socials but have had no luck yet.

So, What Makes Viralyft THE Best?

Short Answer: Everything!

Long Answer: There are a lot of reasons

You’ll be able to gather views from real people who would actively engage with your content.

These viewers are also highly convertible to subscribers, enabling 360-degree growth.

We’re the ONLY service provider that offers geo-targeted views, which further reinforces success.

No one can win the price game with us - that is, in return for real, genuine views.

You can also avail gender-specific YouTube views at Viralyft.

We’re here for you every step of the way, all the time, every time, i.e., 24/7!

At Viralyft, we have a zero-drop policy, which means none of your views disappear into thin air.

What Makes Viralyft THE Best
We are also Seen on
USWeekly USMagazine
New York Post

Here’s How We Compare to Others, Out & About!

Unlike others, we’ve done real work for 10 years straight to reach where we are today. Here’s a transparent comparison chart for you to make an informed choice. 


Viralyft’s 10000 YouTube Views

Competitor 10000 YouTube Views

Efficient After-Sales Support

100% Refund Guarantee

Delivery Time

4 – 6 Days


Refill rates



Foolproof AI-enabled Technology 

24/7 Phone Support

Guaranteed Privacy

Drip-fed delivery

Data Confidentiality

And Here’s How We Do All The Magic!

Viralyft’s Secret Recipe = Passionate Team + Foolproof Technology + Network of Genuine Users 

Social Media always fascinated us, especially YouTube. Its power to reach the masses in a matter of minutes amaze us, but what wasn’t pretty was its behavior towards budding creators. YouTube gave them a hard time, and it really broke our hearts. 

So, we took the onus in our hands and called a war – researched, read, and analyzed its algorithm for 10+ years and finally developed a technology that delivers engagement to the creators in a timeline of 4-6 days, which makes it appear natural and organic. 

Along with that, our expert team gathered a vast network of YouTube users who when genuinely engage with your content, are paid. This ensures your content is exposed to high-quality viewers at all times without posing any red flags to YouTube’s algorithm. 

How Much Does 10000 YouTube Views Cost with Viralyft?

For 10000 high-quality YouTube Views, it requires an investment of $44.99 but if you’re willing to buy premium views (which, by the way, is also our most-selling package), it will be $69.99. 

There are a lot of other players who may offer you better deals only to flood your account with bots & fake views. We don’t do that. We understand what your YouTube account means to you, and so ONLY offer real and genuine views

That is why we haven’t just whipped some numbers, we conducted rigorous surveys to finally identify the price points that best fit most creators. 

Still Not Convinced. Here’s a Deep Dive Into ALL the Pros & Cons!

We’re not error-free, no one is. But you know what makes us different – we don’t hide it!

No bots, no fake accounts - only real views from real people.

Affordable price packages in return for genuine engagement.
Delivery within 4-6 days to ensure natural-looking viewership.
Payment data is encrypted by an SSL System.
A 7-day delivery guarantee, or your money will be refunded.
Your 10,000 views will stay like all other views.
Not an alternative to hard work.
Requires a public listed video; no service delivery for unlisted ones.
It must be accompanied by high-quality content to avail real benefits.
May bring a lot of attention, which, if not dealt with properly, can get overwhelming.

How Can You Buy 10000 YouTube Views from Us?

Now that you’re all set to make the leap, here’s how you can do it in 3 easy steps. 

Choose your Instagram followers package
Select the Package: 10,000 YouTube Views

Depending on your goals & budget - you can select between high-quality views or premium views.

Enter Your Username
CtrlC+CtrlV Your YouTube Video’s URL

We don’t need any sensitive details to process the order, only the Post’s URL for which you want the views.

Complete Checkout
Make the Payment

There are multiple payment options available for your convenience: Apple Pay, All Debit & Credit Cards, and also Cryptocurrencies

…and you’re all set. It’s time for us to get to work while you relax and see your view soar up to 10k+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? You’re not alone! Check out these FAQs below, and if you’re curious about something else, drop us an email or give us a ring – we’re here for you 24/7!

Ideal for creators on a shoestring budget who need that extra nudge, High-Quality Views come from real & genuine accounts worldwide. 

Ideal for creators looking for viraly, Premium Views are from top-tier, influential accounts from high-value countries. 

Before making the decision, sit down, reflect on your goals, and define your budget – if it permits, go for premium views as they offer a higher return than high-quality views.

Not a chance. 

At Viralyft, we value your privacy more than anything else. Not only is your account kept safe, but also our delivery is so discreet that no one can ever make out our little secret over here!

In fact, even our team is trained to never share any details outside the Viralyft doors.

Nope. Not until all these views are 100% genuine. Most providers offer these services populated by fake accounts and bots, which can lead to a permanent ban on your profile. 

So, be very careful of who you select to walk on this journey with you. 

The answer is pretty simple: Every time a viewer plays your video for a minimum of 30 seconds, it is counted as a view. 

So, 10000 views will be totaled only when there will be 10000 >30 seconds views on your video. 


If you’re into the YouTube Partner Program or YPP, it will certainly pay you for all the views adhering to its guidelines.

Of course, yes. There’s no way they could reach where they are today with organic growth alone. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Its an industry secret that everyone practices but denies to accept it in the society in the fear of being judged. 

According to Hootsuite, YouTube revenue per 10k views ranges between $50 and $70. This is only the direct return on your investment; now, imagine the compounded return. 

That is the subscribers that these views bring along, and they also actively engage with your content to attract even more subscribers.  

It’s highly likely. 

Since we provide views from real people, there are great chances that they will also engage with your content, provided they find it relatable. 

But we don’t guarantee that because it also depends on your performance & dedication to content creation on YouTube.

Why not!

Just like all the other top creators, you’ve finally been able to get to the 10k views after a lot of hard work (and a small investment!) – which will pave the way for dream deals with big brands, sponsors, and ad agencies. 

At Viralyft, that’s ALL what we do. 

We not only hate bots but are also allergic to fake accounts. That is why, we leverage the vast network of real people that we’ve built over the years to avail real views for you at affordable rates. 

Not at all. 

We have a 10-plus-year legacy of providing real YouTube Views with zero drops. This is because we’re not a bot-farming machine, we source these views from real people. After all, a track record of 2M+ creators is something!


As soon as you place the order, the views will start pouring in but the entire delivery will be spread into 4-7 days. This is to ensure your safety on the platform as higher engagement in short time can make you appear suspicious on YouTube.  

Don’t worry, we have designed this special drip-feed delivery after years of research. So your delivery will be quick and also natural-looking. 

You can certainly make different orders of 10k views each for your videos. But you can’t split the same package into two videos. 

Absolutely NOT.

There’s no legal breach of YouTube’s conditions when you buy any type of engagement, let alone views. In fact, if done right, i.e., purchased from legit service providers like Viralyft, YouTube rewards you with compounded growth.

Customer Reviews

The Clan of 2M+ Success Stories

Dive into the sea of reviews from creators like you and experience the change we’re bringing into the industry first-hand.

Rated 5 out of 5
(13 reviews)
Very good0%
Rated 5 out of 5
Annie Dang

As a budding musician, getting my music videos seen is the most important thing I can do to get noticed. I purchased views, and my latest video got so much more attention, effectively boosting my channel’s reach. I got results beyond my expectations.

Rated 5 out of 5

Starting out on YouTube with our new product was honestly terrifying until I decided to invest in views for our promotional video. It was like flipping a switch! Our engagement shot through the roof, sparking a wave of interest and boosting our sales like never before. It was an absolute game-changer for our brand. I can’t stress enough how much I recommend this for fellow startups!

Rated 5 out of 5

Views shot up real quick! Super impressed, gonna buy more!

Rated 5 out of 5

For small businesses like mine, visibility is everything. Buying views brought my DIY workshop videos to the forefront, increasing bookings significantly.

Rated 5 out of 5
Troyia Monay

Got views in minutes from Viarlyft. Video is blowing up now!

Rated 5 out of 5

Views skyrocketed overnight! My vlog’s finally getting noticed.

Rated 5 out of 5
Christal Marielle

Fast delivery, 10K views increased as promised. Great service!

Rated 5 out of 5

As a new YouTuber, it’s hard getting views. I Bought views, and suddenly, my makeup tutorial went viral 🚀! Gained subscribers and engagement too. This service not only gave me views but also the confidence to create more. Absolute lifesaver for newbies.

Rated 5 out of 5
Lenard Carter

Bought 10K views for my travel channel, and it was the best decision ever. Noticed an increase in average engagement rate and even got approached by brands for partnerships.

Rated 5 out of 5

I run a small business and use YouTube for promotions. After purchasing 10K views, our latest product video got significantly more attention, leading to increased website traffic and sales. The service was quick and effective.

Rated 5 out of 5

This views boost is incredible! I started seeing results within hours. 👌

Rated 5 out of 5

After struggling to get my music out there, I went to buy 10K views. The impact was immediate! More views led to more organic followers and interest from record labels. This service has been instrumental in kick-starting my music career.

Rated 5 out of 5

Used this service to increase the visibility of my short films on global issues. The results were beyond my expectations. The views I purchased helped my videos gain traction which then caught the attention of a non-profit organization interested in funding my next project.

customer reviews
reviews shared by our genuine customers

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