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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 10K Views?

Do you have 10K views on YouTube? You could be making this much.
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How Much YouTube Pays For 10k Views
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A lot of our readers liked our 5k view article, and we have had a lot of readers asking us: how much money does YouTube pay for 10k views? We know that you’re excited to get paid for your hard work.

You might be shocked to learn that you can earn just $5 from 10k views.

If all of your views are from Shorts, you might not even make $0.50. We’re going to focus on what you can expect to make from long-form videos because this is where the real money is made on YouTube. We’ll start with a basic definition of RPM for anyone who doesn’t know what this acronym means just yet.

What is an RPM?

You’ll see a lot of creators using the acronym RPM. If you’re new to YouTube and have no idea what an RPM stands for, it is Revenue Per Mille. In short, this is a fancy way of saying this is how much you would make with 1,000 views.

Views need to be 30 seconds long to count – unless they’re Shorts.

Earnings Per 10k Views Per Niche

Every niche has different earnings. Advertisers will pay much more to place ads on a finance channel than on a gaming one because there’s a lot more money to be made. But even if you’re in one of the niches below, it doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely make these exact RPMs.

Niche RPM Rate 10k Views
Business $8.07 $80.70
Finance $21.20 $212
Fitness $2.4 – $3 $24 – $30
Gaming $0.5 – $5 $5 – $50
Lifestyle $9.72 $97.2
Tech  $9.72 $97.2

You can learn more about how much YouTube pays in our guide. We also share a lot of tips on how you can begin to increase your earnings using proven tips that work every time.

How Much Creators Would Make Based on 10K Views?

We can view averages and figures all day, but what are real creators earning from 10k views? Our team conducted extensive research and couldn’t find many people who were listing their earnings per 10k views that were legitimate.

Instead, we are going to use the figures from larger creators and do the math to learn their averages for 10k views.

1. AutoVlog

AutoVlog is a big channel that focuses on – you guessed it – autos. You’ll see a lot of amazing car videos on the channel, including exotics. Interestingly, the channel has two main extremes that they mention:

  • 10k views on one video is $38.25
  • 10k views on another video is $1.82

Why was the one video so low? Without having the data in front of us, we’re not sure. I will mention that the video wasn’t a Short, so it is shockingly low compared to most videos.

2. Tech Informant

Tech Informant has a lot of videos on Google Ads and how to use it properly, but he does have a few tech vlogs, too. He shares two main videos and earnings that are also shockingly different, even though the niches are the same:

  • $23.65 for 10k views
  • $72.7 for 10k views

Why is one video earning triple? We can only assume it’s either the audience location or the length of the video.

3. Collin Michael

Collin wants to help others make money with online video. He has a ton of great content on his channel, but how much is he really earning? He has an RPM of just $3.15, so he’s earning $31.50 for 10k views.

He has remained consistent with his channel since this video was posted three years ago.

Yearly earnings?

Collin claims to make $130,000 a year from his channel and tries to show everyone how they can do the same on their channel.

4. Chanel Meyer

Chanel is a travel vlogger, and if you dream of traveling around and being paid for it, join the crowd. She posted a video of how much she made for 100k views, and while it’s not enough for a lifetime of travel, it is enough to pay for a very modest room for the night.

She earned $120.25 for her 100k views.

And if you do the math, she would earn just $12 from 10k views. If she monetized her channel in other ways, such as selling travel itineraries or tips, she could make much more.

5. Humphrey Young

Humphrey Young’s channel has received more than 200 million lifetime views and gained over 1.2 million subscribers.

Because his channel focuses mostly on personal finance, his earnings are higher than average.

In his earnings video, he shares that he earned $107,368 for 98.4 million views. That’s an RPM of about $11. 

So, for 10K views at an RPM of $11, you’re looking at earnings of:

  • $110

6. Shelby Church

Shelby Church is a tech and lifestyle YouTuber from Los Angeles. Not too long ago, she shared how much she made from 1 million views.

What she found is that her content can earn anywhere from $500-$10,000 for 1 million views. If we were to scale that down to 10K views, you’d be looking at earnings of:

  • $5-$100

Remember that her niche is lifestyle and tech, so her RPM won’t be as high as creators who focus on finance, business and other high-paying niches.

7. Gears and Gadgets

In this video, Dan from Gears and Gadgets shared how much his channel earned from 10 million views:

  • $91,357

Now, 10 million views are pretty far off from 10K, so let’s do some math to see how much he would have earned from 10,000 views:

  • $91.35

At this rate, he’s making about $9.1 per 1,000 views. 

If you’re just getting started on the platform, read through 50 video ideas that are sure to boost your channel’s views.

Once you reach your first 10k views, you’ll need to remain consistent to hit this milestone again. We do want to mention to new creators that you need to earn $100 before YouTube will send you your first check.

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