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How To Get a Blue Check on Twitter: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlock Twitter's Blue Checkmark: Understand Eligibility, Learn How to Sign Up, Discover Key Features of Twitter Blue, and Explore Other Types of Twitter Verification.
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How To Get a Blue Check on Twitter
Table of Contents

The coveted blue checkmark on Twitter signifies more than a badge of honor; it’s a symbolic seal of authenticity and importance in the digital realm. This badge distinguishes authentic accounts and establishes credibility by being limited to accounts of public interest or notable individuals.

However, acquiring the blue check entails more than clicking a button. Constructing a comprehensive profile with a clear profile picture, providing a detailed bio, and attaching a link to a reputable website are the primary requirements for gaining verification. Beyond meeting the fundamental prerequisites, consistent engagement with your audience through relevant content and adherence to Twitter’s guidelines are equally crucial.

You can submit an effective verification request after fulfilling these requirements and crafting a compelling case, supported by documentation, on why your account deserves verification. Even though success isn’t guaranteed, a genuine and impactful online presence significantly heightens the chances of securing this digital hallmark.

What Does the Blue Checkmark Mean?

The blue checkmark on Twitter isn’t just a status symbol; it is a significant indicator of the authenticity and credibility of an account. Like a virtual red carpet, this digital badge shows that the account holding it is of public interest or belongs to a notable individual.

It assures users that they are interacting with genuine personalities or entities, distinguishing them from the plethora of accounts in the digital landscape.

Twitter Blue’s Eligibility Criteria

As of April 1st, 2023, Twitter bid farewell to its legacy verification program, ushering in a more refined system known as Twitter Blue. To ensure the integrity of the verification process, attaining the coveted blue check now involves meeting stringent eligibility criteria.

Here are some key points to consider when seeking that elusive blue badge:

  • Public Interest: The account must be of public interest and represent a notable individual, brand, or entity.
  • Completeness: Constructing a complete profile with a clear picture, providing a comprehensive bio, and attaching a link to a reputable website is essential.
  • Adherence to Guidelines: Staying within Twitter’s community guidelines is required from all Twitter accounts, including verified accounts.
  • Consistency: The account should maintain a consistent and impactful online presence, demonstrating genuine engagement with the platform by regularly sharing relevant content and interacting with the audience.

Meeting these criteria enhances the chances of securing the blue checkmark and contributes to a healthier and more authentic Twitter experience.

How To Sign Up for Twitter Blue Checkmark

To initiate the Twitter verification process, follow these steps carefully:

1. Click ‘Premium‘ Button

Upon logging into your Twitter account, locate and click the ‘Premium’ button in the account settings or verification section. This action will signal your intent to pursue the Twitter Blue verification process.

2. Select Individual Verification

After clicking ‘Premium,’ opt for the ‘Individual Verification’ option tailored for personal accounts, brands, or entities seeking the coveted blue checkmark. Twitter has streamlined this step to ensure a seamless experience for users.

3. Select Payment Plan

Once you’ve chosen individual verification, you’ll be prompted to select a payment plan. Twitter Blue may offer different plans with varying benefits. Choose the one that aligns with your needs the best. If done appropriately, this step paves the way for a secure and efficient verification process.

4. Verify and Pay

To finalize the verification process, Twitter will guide you through the necessary steps for verifying your identity and will facilitate payment for the selected plan. To verify authenticity, Twitter will require you to provide your personal documentation.

Twitter Blue Checkmark Features

Unlocking the blue checkmark on Twitter grants you the badge of authenticity and provides access to exclusive features tailored to enhance your Twitter experience.

1. Edit Tweet

With the ability to edit tweets, you can correct typos or update information without deleting and reposting.

2. Bookmark Folders🔖

Organize your saved tweets more efficiently by creating personalized bookmark folders. This facilitates revisiting and categorizing your favorite content.

3. Custom App Icons

Personalize your Twitter experience by selecting custom app icons, allowing you to tailor the look and feel of the Twitter app on your device.

4. Text Formatting

Add flair to your tweets with text formatting options, enabling you to emphasize, italicize, or bold your words for enhanced expression.

5. NFT Profile Pictures

Stand out with non-fungible token (NFT) profile pictures, showcasing your unique digital identity in blockchain-based art.

6. Themes

Choose from various themes to personalize your Twitter interface’s appearance, creating a visually appealing and customized timeline.

7. Custom Navigation🧭

Tailor your navigation experience by customizing the layout to suit your preferences, ensuring a user-friendly and personalized browsing experience.

8. Spaces Tab

Easily discover and engage with Twitter Spaces, the platform’s audio chat rooms, with a dedicated Spaces tab for streamlined access.

9. Top Articles

Stay informed with a curated list of top articles, directly providing a quick overview of trending and relevant news from your Twitter feed.

10. Reader🙇‍♂️

Enhance your reading experience with the Reader feature, providing a clutter-free view of articles for more focused consumption.

11. Undo Tweet

Avoid posting tweets you will regret by utilizing the Undo Tweet feature, allowing you a brief window to retract and revise your tweet before it goes live.

12. Prioritized Rankings in Conversations

Enjoy an optimized conversation experience with prioritized rankings, ensuring you get all relevant and engaging interactions.

13. Longer Video Upload

Share more immersive content with an extended video upload limit, enabling you to express yourself through longer video clips.

14. Half Ads

Experience a reduced ad presence with the Half Ads feature, providing a more streamlined and less intrusive advertising experience.

15. Longer Tweets

Express yourself more comprehensively with the ability to compose longer tweets, allowing for in-depth thoughts and reflections.

16. SMS Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

Enhance your account security with SMS two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of protection for safeguarding your Twitter account.

What Makes You Lose the Blue Checkmark

Securing the blue checkmark on Twitter is a mark of distinction. Still, it’s essential to understand the criteria for maintaining this badge. Specific changes or actions on your account can result in the loss of the coveted blue checkmark, such as:

  • Significant Account Changes: If your account undergoes major changes, such as a shift in name, profile, or purpose, that no longer aligns with the criteria for verification, you risk losing the blue checkmark.
  • Violating Twitter’s Policies: Engaging in behavior that violates Twitter’s policies or terms of service, such as abusive behavior, harassment, or spamming, can lead to the removal of your verification badge.
  • Inactivity or Non-Compliance: Inactivity or failure to comply with Twitter’s rules and guidelines may result in losing the blue checkmark. Maintaining an engaging and compliant presence is crucial to upholding your verification status.
  • Loss of Authenticity: Any loss of the authenticity or credibility that warranted the initial verification, such as impersonation or misleading information, could lead to the removal of the blue checkmark.
  • Requested Removal: If an account holder requests the removal of their verification, Twitter will honor this request and consequently remove the blue checkmark.

Staying vigilant about adhering to Twitter’s guidelines, maintaining authenticity, and remaining actively engaged with your audience is critical to maintaining the blue checkmark and its credibility.

What are The Other Types of Verification on Twitter?

Besides the well-known blue checkmark, Twitter has introduced additional verification badges to further categorize and authenticate accounts on the platform. The gold and gray checks are two notable types, each serving distinct purposes in Twitter verification.

1. Gold Check on Twitter

The gold check on Twitter is a verification badge specifically designed for recognized authorities in various fields, such as government officials, major brands, and high-profile personalities. It distinguishes accounts that hold significant influence and credibility within their respective domains.

While the blue check is generally associated with individuals of public interest, the gold check is reserved for those with an even more prominent and impactful presence, signifying a higher echelon of authority.

2. Gray Check on Twitter

The gray check, on the other hand, is an additional verification badge aimed at companies and brands. It denotes an account as the official representation of a business, ensuring users can trust that they are engaging with the authentic and endorsed profile of a particular entity.

The gray check thus reinforces the legitimacy of corporate accounts, offering users confidence in their interactions with verified brands on the platform. These distinct verification badges collectively foster a more secure and reliable Twitter environment for users across diverse spheres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ordinary people get blue checks on Twitter?

Ordinary individuals can get the blue checkmark on Twitter if they meet the platform's criteria for accounts of public interest or notable figures in various fields.

Can I Get Twitter Blue for Free?

No, Twitter Blue is a subscription service with a monthly fee. It offers enhanced features and benefits for users willing to invest in a premium Twitter experience.

Is there a Free Trial for Twitter Blue?

Yes, Twitter Blue often offers a free trial period for users who are interested in exploring the premium features before committing to the subscription.

Bottom Line

In summary, the journey to obtain the coveted blue checkmark on Twitter involves:

  • Adhering to stringent eligibility criteria.
  • Maintaining an engaging online presence.
  • Navigating the diverse features that come with verified status.

The introduction of Twitter Blue has streamlined the verification process, offering exclusive perks for those who hold this digital badge of authenticity.

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