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How To Get More Instagram Followers Without Posting

Stop posting AND get more followers on Instagram? Here’s how!
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How To Increase Instagram Followers Without Posting
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Posting on Instagram takes a lot of time. If you’re an avid creator, you know how easy it is to fall into a rut. Some days, you just don’t feel creative and don’t want to spend time editing and posting.

And there’s good news: we’re going to show you how to grow followers on Instagram without posting.

You can be social – everyone does it –without needing to post. Of course, if you do want to grow your following over the long-term, your posts will be a major driving force in this growth. 

How To Get More Followers on Instagram Without Posting?

If you’re posting a lot and just don’t have the time or motivation to continue, you deserve a break. Instead, you can use this time to still gain followers and even optimize your profile and content for future gains.

The first tip is one that we’ve found great success with, and it works so well.

1. Buy Followers Once in a While

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  • An increase of organic followers
  • Higher engagement
  • Increase in overall reach

We have affordable packages and two tiers to choose from to better serve your needs. You can even buy 100k followers, if you’re serious about growing your account.

And if you have questions or want to target followers in certain countries, our support team will be more than happy to accommodate you.

2. Create an Engagement Blitz from People Who Like or Comment on Your Posts

We call this an “engagement blitz,” but it may have a different name. If you’ve found posts on the Explore page or when doing a search on Instagram, there’s a good chance that you’ve liked or commented on a post and didn’t follow the creator.

And this is an opportunity for you to get new followers.

What you’ll want to do is:

  • Go through your old posts and videos
  • Find people who commented
  • Open up a handful of the accounts you don’t recognize

Now, if the person isn’t following you, like a few of their posts and leave a comment or two. You can also do this with likes on your posts.


Users are already interested in the type of content that you post, which is evident by their interacting with it. If you return the favor, it’s another touchpoint and opportunity to turn a would-be follower into a follower.

You’ll spend a lot of time on this strategy, but it’s a great way to build a loyal following on Instagram.

3. Go Back and Optimize Your Past Posts

Your posts are a goldmine for gaining followers, but you need to optimize them properly. If you’re like most creators, you didn’t worry much about optimizing when you first posted because it didn’t seem worth the effort.

But while you take some downtime from posting, you can now:

  • Go back to posts
  • Add hashtags
  • Add descriptions
  • Add locations when possible

Ideally, posts will have 3 – 5 hashtags, but the most common is 5.44 hashtags on average. Optimizing these older posts will help the Instagram algorithm better categorize your posts and promote your content to the right audience.

4. Hop on Instagram Live

Instagram Live should be public and allow you to do something very important: avoid your followers going up and down. Followers will prune accounts that aren’t active any longer, so you want to keep them engaged somehow.

If you’re covering a very interesting topic on Live, you’ll even get some followers.

5. Reshare Other People’s Content

Sharing is caring. If you don’t have anything that you want to post, you can always repost someone else’s content (without infringing on their copyright). You can do this with creators that you’ve collaborated with and tag them in the post.

Often, the person will repost your post to their Story, and then you’ll gain a few followers in the process.

You’ll also benefit from keeping your account engaging and interesting, which will stop your followers from unfollowing you because you’ve been absent.

6. Promote Your Instagram on Other Socials

If you don’t have other social accounts, you can skip this tip. However, the average person has over 8 social accounts. You already have a following on these platforms, so use them to promote your Instagram.

The only exceptions are:

  • Avoid promoting accounts to different niches
  • Accounts that you don’t want to be linked shouldn’t be promoted
For example, if you’re a model on Instagram but would rather not tell your family, don’t cross-promote it on Facebook, where all of your family members will see it.

7. Optimize Your Story Highlights

Optimize Your Story Highlights

What is one of the first things that people see when they go to your profile? Story highlights. You can add posts to highlights so that your followers have something to look at when they land on your profile.

And in the future, when people do find your profile, they’ll see your highlights and look through them.

Highlights are enough to get a few more people following you. We recommend that you spend time making category highlights that you’re sure your audience will love and then add any relevant highlights you can to them.

8. Grab Your Free Followers from Us

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If you’ve done everything else, we have a special treat for you: free followers. Our state-of-the-art tool will send real followers to your account. We only ask for your:

  • Username on Instagram
  • Email address

We never ask for your login information or anything of the sort. We’ll begin sending you followers once you hit submit and will complete delivery ASAP.

You can always buy a larger follower package from us if you like, but this one is 100% free and is a great way to up your follower count.

5 Things to Do to Gain More Followers When You Start Posting Again

Your hiatus is over and it’s time to start posting on Instagram again. Where do you even begin? If you don’t have a plan in place already, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up abandoning your account again in the future.

We know that influencers are a different breed and will go the extra-mile to grow their accounts and build a brand from it.

How do they do it?

1. Create a Niche-specific Content Plan

What niche are you in? If you don’t know, it can confuse your followers and cause many of them to unfollow you. Sit down and think about:

  • Content that you want to post
  • Groups that you want to see the content

For example, if you post about excavating, you may want to appeal to:

  • Construction companies
  • Builders
  • Homeowners

You’ll want to create content around all of these demographics. Once you have a good idea of your niche and who you want to see your content, plan it out. Create a Spreadsheet and list 30 ideas for posts that you’ll make this month.

If you do create a plan, the next thing is to make a calendar and keep yourself accountable.

2. Post the Best, Ditch the Rest

You know your industry better than we do. If your niche has a lot of people posting videos on their old phones and it looks like an amateur made it, you can follow in their footsteps. Otherwise, you’ll want to:

  • Review all of your content
  • Be 100% honest: is it good or bad?

If you think that a certain photo or video isn’t good quality or could use some editing, don’t post it. You’ll find that followers would rather you post less frequently and focus on quality than post a ton of posts that look rushed and show you have little interest in the content you create.

3. Change to a Business or Creator Account for Analytics

Change to a Business or Creator Account for Analytics

If you’re on a personal account, you don’t have access to Insights. You might think that you don’t need Insights, and you would be wrong. Insights will provide you with information on the posts that work best for your audience.

And if you study this data, you’ll have a much easier time creating content that people want to see and engage with.

We have an entire article comparing business vs personal accounts, and here’s the key difference: your account can no longer be private, but you gain access to a ton of new tools. You can switch to a business account by:

  • Opening your app
  • Tapping the profile picture
  • Going to Settings > Account
  • Choosing Switch account type > business

And Instagram will guide you the rest of the way so that you’ll have a business or creator account.

4. Master the Art of Cross-posting

Cross-posting is something that we mentioned earlier, but you need to do it on a regular basis. You can cross-post:

  • Similar content to multiple accounts, but avoid posting all of the same content
  • Snippets of videos
  • Quotes or cool outtakes

You already have ideas for content to create, so try to find ways to stretch it to other platforms, too.

5. Interact with Others in Your Niche

The purpose of social media is to be more social, right? Once you start posting again, make it a point to interact with more people in your niche.

Focus on engaging with others and start building relationships. 

  • Look for content that is similar to yours, and start commenting or even replying to comments from others.
  • Start following people who follow other accounts in your niche.

When you interact with others, make sure that you’re contributing something valuable to the conversation. If you focus on building genuine relationships, more followers will come your way.

Getting more followers on Instagram without posting is possible if you follow the steps above. But we do encourage you to create a content plan and keep posting in the future to appease Instagram’s algorithm and have it promote your account.

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