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How to Hide Likes on Twitter For Privacy (Best Way)

In the public world of social media, making your likes on Twitter invisible from other people is taking a step toward protecting your privacy. Learn how to make Twitter likes private, step by step.
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How To Hide Likes on Twitter
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As social media has begun impacting nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives, the ability to protect your privacy can’t be valued too highly. That’s one of the purposes of hiding your Twitter likes.

Normally, any stranger can view your likes on your profile if you have a public account. But by hiding them or going private, you render them invisible to everyone else on the app (or at least, to all the people who don’t follow you). 

In this article, we’ll discuss why someone would want to hide their Twitter likes, as well as how to make likes private on twitter, step by step.

Why Would You Want To Hide Your Likes on Twitter?

One great reason is if you’re running a professional Twitter account for your business or for another brand. That way, if you inadvertently like a Tweet that you weren’t supposed to or that might be considered controversial, no one will ever be able to find out.

In that context, making your Twitter like private is beneficial because it builds a privacy barrier between your professional persona and your activity. 

But what if you only have a personal account? In that case, hiding your likes can lend you a layer of anonymity, so you can protect your identity and your content preferences from advertisers and scammers. It also leaves you free to pursue your favorite topics and express your opinions by liking certain Tweets, all without sparking arguments with trolls.

2 Ways To Hide Your Twitter Likes

If making your Twitter likes invisible sounds like a good idea, follow one of the methods below.

1. Go Private By Protecting Your Posts

The easiest way to protect your likes is to make your account private. You can do this by activating the Protect your Posts feature, which is accessible in Audience, media and tagging under Settings.

Keep in mind, though, that this method only hides your likes from people who don’t follow you. It also hides all your posts from public view, meaning that only your followers can see them, too.

For someone with a personal account, that may not be a problem. But for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs, the fact that the public can’t see your Tweets can be a real drawback of going private.

Which is why we have a second method for you to try! 

2. Subscribe To X Premium (Formerly Twitter Blue)

At $8 per month or $85 per year, subscribing to X Premium definitely costs more money than protecting your posts and going private. 

However, it does offer the advantage of allowing you to protect your profile’s Likes tab from public view. Plus, you can keep the rest of your account public, which will allow you to continue promoting your brand to the masses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Private Your Likes on Twitter?

There are only two ways you can private your likes on Twitter. The first is to activate Protect your posts under Settings, and the second is to subscribe to X Premium. Outside of those methods, you can’t hide your likes from anyone.

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