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How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook: Check the Easiest Way

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A slideshow is a series of images that have been presented in order, with a transition between each one. Slideshows can have background music to create an additional effect, but they also function well without it. It is essentially a video, but with only one-eighth the work and the same impact. So check this article, we will answer about how to create a slideshow on Facebook.

In order to increase brand engagement, your first idea was to share these as photographs on social media. But now that you’ve realized there are too many incredible photographs to select from, you feel like you still lack a little something.

Slideshows are the ideal solution to this problem because they are simple to create but successfully complete the task. Learn how to create a slideshow on Facebook without any hassles by reading this article ahead.

Why Slideshows?

When compared to photos, video material has performed better. This is because videos compel viewers to pause their scrolling and focus on the content, which increases the amount of time they spend on your post as opposed to simply swiping through a photo.

According to Facebook statistics, video commercials for identical products perform better than image ads. However, producing videos requires more work and, in many situations, is more expensive than simply sharing photographs. Slideshows effectively fill this vacuum and, on occasion, can take the place of videos.

Steps to Create Slideshows on Facebook

Step 1: Build your vision

Build your vision

Create a precise vision for your slideshow’s layout. You may have to browse through a large number of photographs to find the ones you want to use in your slideshow. Choose how many photographs you want, and always keep a few as backups.

Planning ahead here can help you organize your work and cut down on the amount of time you spend editing.

Step 2: Visit your Facebook page

your Facebook page

The first step is to log into Facebook on your desktop. Now go directly to your Facebook page. Slideshows cannot be made with the app.

Go to the section for status updates, select “Photo/Video,” and then choose “Create a Slideshow.”

Step 3: Choose your video settings

Choose your video settings

A new settings tab will open after clicking the “Create a Slideshow” button. In this section, you can decide on the technical aspects of your slide show.

With these settings, you don’t have to be perfect at first. Before publishing your slideshow, you can always make changes to it. Settings may include aspect ratio, image duration, and transition effects like music or fading.

Aspect Ratio

Facebook provides you with the option to choose the video’s aspect ratio. The ideal ratio is 1:1 if you want it to be square. However, if you choose a 16:9 aspect ratio for the rectangle, You can alternatively keep the photographs’ original aspect ratio or choose the vertical 2:3 option.

Image Duration

Similar to Microsoft Office PowerPoint, where you can select the transition time, the duration of each image in the Facebook slideshow video must also be selected. On your Facebook slideshow, you may select 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 seconds for each slide.

You must know that a Facebook slideshow can only last for 15 seconds, so make one with that limit in mind.

Transition Effect

The Facebook sideshow offers only a few animation features. You have the option of selecting fade or none (no effects). It will control how the slideshow transitions between each image.

Step 4: Adding Images and Editing the Show

Once you’ve decided on the parts, click Upload photos. In order to fit the slideshow’s time limit, you can add 3–10 pictures. A photo editing tool can be used to alter the images before uploading.

However, Facebook Slideshow does offer tools for modifying the images. The slideshow’s text can have a caption added, have a different font applied, or be resized and positioned. After finishing your edits, click “Save.”

A Facebook slideshow of movies also allows you to, at your discretion, add music, which is an amazing feature. For the Facebook slideshow’s music upload page, click on the Music Tab. If you have the music’s copyright, you can add your own music track to the Facebook slideshow.

Step 5: Preview Your Slideshow

You can edit your Facebook slide show after you’ve uploaded your photographs. To view a preview of your video, press the play button. Keep in mind that after you post your slideshow, you cannot alter it. Spend as much time as is necessary to make it great.

Step 6: Publish Your Slideshow

Once you are satisfied with all of your artistic decisions, select “Create Slideshow” from the menu. A new window will open, asking you to enter the title and description of your video. Once finished, click “Publish,” and your first Facebook Slideshow will be live.

Clicking on the three dots at the top of the post will allow you to share your video on Instagram or your website. A drop-down menu with the options to download or embed the slideshow will appear.

Similar to sharing images, you can check in at your place of business, write about how you are feeling, and do other things on a slideshow post on Facebook. After uploading your post, you also have the option of promoting it.

You may discover your slideshow on Facebook and select “Boost Post” to share it with more people. The free Facebook slideshow function has enhanced the quality of information produced on the site. Make a slideshow if you want to promote your business.


Videos and slideshows are the most memorable, popular, and engaging types of material on Facebook. It’s easy to understand why: People would rather see the faces of the people they care about than read about them. Therefore, if you have images on your phone or computer that are collecting digital dust, spend a few minutes making a nice presentation that you can share on Facebook.

Therefore, we have made it easy for you! The steps to create a slideshow on Facebook are right here in the easiest way possible. Give it a read and create beautiful slideshows for your loved ones and memories, then share them on Facebook with your friends and family.

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