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How to Tag Someone on Twitter From PC or Phone

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How To Tag Someone On Twitter

In today’s world, one of the most widely used social media sites is Twitter, in particular when it comes to open debates about hot topics like social, cultural, and political issues. Twitter lets users tag other users in their tweets to make their message more visible and alert those people who he wants to include in the conversation.

On Twitter, you can tag people in pictures that you upload as well as in a text conversation. If you post a photo with your pals and want to tag them, for instance, or if you tweet anything and want to mention or address them specifically.

In recent years, as part of the global digital culture plus the overall growth of the social network, the act of tagging someone in posts on social media has become the trend. So, you need to know all of these tagging features to make the most of Twitter or any other application.

If you are worried that it includes a lot of technical details then let me tell you it’s no rocket science. In this article, you’ll be guided throughout to learn all about “How To Tag Someone On Twitter?” By the way, the philosophy and technique of tagging someone are essentially the same whether it is utilized for straightforward business development or routine social media interactions, albeit with slightly varied content generation.

So, ready to learn a new tech detail and start some Twitter mentions in your account?

Tag Someone on Twitter iOS or Android App

Despite being mentioned in dozens of tweets, you may not know how to use the tagging feature on Twitter. There might be frequent mentions of your name in tweets, but until now, there hasn’t been a compelling reason for you to mention others in return.

Well, now that you want to mention someone in your Tweets, you have multiple options, tagging someone in a text or a photo or a video, etc. So, we have sorted all of it for you! Let’s start with a text!

Tagging on a Written Text Tweet

Tagging on a Written Text Tweet - How to tag someone on Twitter

Tagging functions largely in a similar fashion on Android and iOS mobile devices. Here’s how you tag users in a written post on Twitter, i.e., a post with text.

  • Click the tweet composition icon. There is a feature with a “+” image icon above your message right at the bottom right corner on the right side.
  • Type your tweet’s subject line, a space, and then the @ symbol. Then you need to open the search bar of the app and type down a few initial characters of the user name of the person you want to tag to find him. Once you successfully find the account on the dropdown box from the search bar, select it.
  • After that, the profile link will show up in blue to show that it’s been tagged.
  • Share your tweet by clicking the tweet icon and that’s it, The person you just tagged will be notified that he has been mentioned.

Tagging on A Picture 

Tagging On A Picture 

  • Click the “tweet compose” button. Once more, this is a feather graphic icon with a symbol that is located at the bottom of the screen, above your DMs.
  • Select and include the image you intend to tweet. Following the submission of the image, you can choose who is in this picture at the left bottom corner of your screen. If you have a tweet to go along with the picture, start typing it now. Click on the image.
  • The contact field will display the accounts of the users (or Twitter handles) you’ve recently communicated with. If the link to the profile you want to tag is available, you can select it or utilize the search bar to hunt for their accounts by entering their user ids in the box.
  • Then tap on “done” and then “Tweet” to upload the picture and the tagged people will get notified.

Tagging on A Video 

  • Launch Twitter and choose “compose tweet” from the drop-down menu.
  • Decide which video to tweet. If you’d like, include your location and any further remarks you have regarding the video you’re about to tweet. To clarify the purpose of the tag, you might wish to include a statement like “this reminds me of you.”
  • To find out the person appearing in this video, select the profile out of the list that appears. You can also search by typing the initial few letters of the user id and selecting if the profile is not on the list.
  • After selecting all the accounts of the people you want to tag, select the option to tweet and all those who’ve been tagged will get a notification.

How to Tag on Twitter Using a Web Browser 

Now you know how to tag someone on Twitter using your phone application. But you might wonder what will be the steps if you want to do the same using your computer web browser. Well, continue reading to find out.

Tagging on A Text

Tagging On A Text - How to tag someone on Twitter

  • Log into your account at twitter.com on your computer.
  • There are two ways to tweet: from the “what’s happening” section which is there on the homepage or by clicking the “tweet” button in the menu list’s lower left corner.
  • Type the Twitter message, followed by a space and the @ sign. Then, enter the person’s username to tag them and choose them from the list of suggested tags.
  • Now, your text will show all those profiles on it, tap on “tweet” to post that writing and it’s all done.

Tagging on A Photo or A Video

Tagging On A Photo Or A Video 

  • To upload a photo or video to a tweet, click the link right at the lower part of the Twitter post section. Then, select “tag people” from the picture’s bottom menu.
  • Recent interactions’ profiles will be visible. Choose the person you would like to tag if it appears in the list. You may also use the search box to look for accounts or multiple usernames by entering the first few characters of the users’ names.
  • The bottom of the image will display each tagged profile.
  • After tagging everyone you want, select the Tweet option.


Twitter is a really helpful tool for businesses, so if you aren’t using it to its best potential, you should. In this era of modern technology, successful marketing campaigns are increasingly becoming a part of most firms’ strategy, and for good reason.

Well, tagging is essential not just to notify your friends about your post but also to draw the attention of your colleagues in the business. So, tagging in social media is a great tool for business, and now that you know all of it, make full use of it!

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