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How To Use Twitter Without an Account (2024)

Twitter’s influence has spread far beyond the platform, so that even non-users are aware of the app and the impact of the people who post there. For those who don’t want to join Twitter to see Tweets, here’s how to use Twitter without an account.
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How to Use Twitter Without an Account
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Since it was launched as a social media platform in 2006, Twitter has become a hub for everything Internet™, from news and social commentary to memes and rage-farming clickbait. 

With over 368 million active users strong (as of December 2022), Twitter’s influence now reaches beyond the bounds of the app or website itself. Click on an online article about any topic – celebrity gossip, a film review, political news – and you wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one Tweet embedded in it that expresses some expert, fan, or pundit’s opinion.

So, even if you don’t have a Twitter account or intend to join it, it’s a smart idea to keep tabs on this social media network. But the question is, can you do that without registering an account? 

The answer is you can – to a certain extent. We’ll explain what we mean by that below as we guide you through how to use Twitter without an account.

How to Use Twitter Without Creating an Account

First off, let’s make one thing clear right out of the gate.

Without signing up for an account, there’s no way for you to create, retweet, quote, reply to, or like a Tweet on Twitter. Those are privileges reserved for official Twitter users only. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t read Tweets (providing, of course, that they’re not protected, meaning that they’re set to public and not private status). 

You can also only do it from a web browser on your desktop or your mobile device. This method will not work with the Twitter app.

Finally, if you were hoping to be able to use the Twitter Explore page to view trending topics, Tweets, and hashtags, think again. In June 2023, Twitter rolled out new restrictions to prevent non-users from using the Explore page without registering or signing into an account.

These restrictions also extended to viewing any Tweets at all – but only temporarily. Within a few days, non-users were able to see individual Tweets and Twitter profiles again without logging in. And now, so can you.

Here’s How To Do It. 

First, you must know the name of the Twitter account you want to view Tweets from (a simple Google search should provide you with this information).

Then, you must type it into your web browser’s search engine and select the link to the account from the search results. This will allow you to view that person’s Twitter timeline, as well as both read and click on their individual Tweets.

If you want to save a Tweet, you can do so in one of four ways: 

  1. Click the Share button on the Tweet and then click Copy link to Tweet. This will save the URL to the Tweet to your device’s Clipboard.
  2. Click on it and copy the URL in the address bar.
  3. Screenshot it.
  4. Bookmark it in your browser.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to browse Tweets from random accounts by hashtag or by scrolling through a Twitter feed without having an account. You can only read Tweets by manually pulling up Twitter accounts with a web search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You View Twitter Without an Account?

You can view Tweets that are embedded in other websites or by pulling up the original creator’s Twitter account with a web search.

Why Can’t I View Twitter Explore Without an Account Anymore?

In June 2023, Twitter clamped down on non-users’ ability to view Tweets by preventing them from being able to browse the Twitter Explore page without signing into an account.


Twitter can be an excellent resource for anyone who wants to be entertained, educated, or backed up in a fact or opinion. It’s also free for people without an account to access, just as long as you know the workaround. Follow our suggestions in this article to use Twitter without logging in or signing up!

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