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13 Best Chrome Extensions for Instagram in 2024

Want to maximize Instagram’s features? These Chrome extensions will help you do more with your account.
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Best Chrome Extension For Instagram
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Do you use Instagram on your desktop or laptop? If so, you can use Chrome extensions for Instagram to level up your experience. You have the benefit of using third-party extensions to change the way that you use Instagram.

But which ones should you use? Why would you use them?

You don’t need extensions to use Instagram – but they extend your functionality. You can do neat things, such as add hashtags, download videos and do much more than is possible without extensions.

13 Best Chrome Extensions for Instagram in 2024

Want to maximize Instagram’s features from your browser? These 13 Chrome extensions allow you to do more with Insta, from downloading videos to exporting comments and even viewing Stories anonymously.

1. Desktop for Instagram

Desktop for Instagram Chrome Extension

The Desktop for Instagram extension creates a “mobile-like” experience on your desktop. You’ll gain access to a slew of features on your desktop that are only available on the app – and more – such as:

  • Create posts
  • Upload photos
  • Go into full-screen mode
  • Play videos from your Story or feed
  • Download images and photos from a feed or Story

And the creator of this app has decided to make and keep it ad-free. If you do a lot of editing on your PC, it makes it effortless to upload the content right to your Instagram. You’ll find that after some algorithm updates, features break, but the developer is often quick to fix the problem.

2. Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram extension

Downloader is what it sounds like – a downloader. If you want to download anything off of Instagram, the extension makes it much easier. You’ll have the opportunity to download:

  • Photos
  • Stories
  • Videos

While the app is one of the more basic ones in terms of features, it adds the download function people want to Instagram.


INSSIST Instagram Managing Extension

INSSIST is one of the Chrome extensions for Instagram that adds extensive power to your experience on the site. You can do a few things:

  • Post to your account
  • Change to dark mode
  • Send DMs
  • Get hashtags
  • Save posts
  • Schedule posts
  • Create DM templates

If you want to access some of the more robust features, you’ll need to subscribe. A note of caution is that many users complain that they can’t figure out how to cancel their subscriptions.

4. Quantify

Quantify Perfect Instagram Chrome Extension

Quantify adds powerful analytics to your account, allowing influencers to leverage the true power of marketing on desktop. You can gain insights into any profile that you connect and even:

  • Review influencer posts and performance
  • Compare performances
  • Analyze demographics
  • Download stories
  • Audit accounts for fake followers
  • Find influencers to help on your next marketing campaign

If you’re a social media marketer or brand who wants to leverage the power of influencer marketing, you’ll enjoy the power that Quantify offers.

5. Grin

Grin Extension for Instagram

Grin is meant for creators and is one of the newer extensions on the market. You’ll use this extension for times when you want to:

  • Analyze creator data
  • View creator email addresses (when publicly available)
  • View engagement rates
  • Analyze like-to-comment ratios

Grin is another tool that’s perfect for marketers or for businesses trying to run marketing campaigns. You can also view follower information right in the extension.

One nice addition to the Grin extension is that the developer is very active and responds to all comments on the Chrome web store.

6. Kolsquare

Kolsquare Chrome Extension Instagram

Kolsquare is another analytics tool, and it’s available for Instagram and TikTok. And, for Instagram, you’ll be able to access:

  • Engagement rate
  • Demographics
  • Locations
  • Credibility assessments
  • Estimated reach

You’ll be able to create influencer lists right inside of Kolsquare, so you can begin reaching out to people on your list and manage your campaign performance.

7. RiteTag

RiteTag Popular Chrome Extension

RiteTag is a helpful Chrome extension that can generate hashtags for images and text on Instagram or any other social media platform. 

Once you have this extension installed, all you have to do is right-click an image on a website and click “Get hashtag suggestions for image.” You can also upload an image to get hashtag ideas.

RiteTag makes it a little easier to add popular hashtags to your Instagram posts and will save you some time.

8. IG Follower Export Tool

IG Follower Export Tool chrome extension

With the IG Follower Export Tool extension, you can easily export follower lists with the click of a button. The extension claims that you can scrape more than 50K followers quickly and easily.

Once you download and install the tool, you can start exporting follower lists by:

  • Clicking the “Export IG Data” button.
  • Inputting a valid IG profile URL or ID.
  • Clicking the “Start parsing” button.

The extension will export the follower list to either a CSV or an Excel file for easy use.

9. UpDog

UpDog Chrome extension for Instagram

The UpDog Chrome extension gives you access to engagement analytics for free, including:

  • Engagement rate
  • Comments
  • Average views
  • Shares
  • Likes

The extension sits on top of Instagram, so it won’t interrupt your browsing. It gives you an overview of the profile’s metrics, so you can spy on your competitors and start improving your content based on that data.

10. Growbot

Growbot Extension

Growbot is an extension that allows you to automatically follow, unfollow and like posts with ease. The extension has advanced filters, randomized times and other features so that you can grow your account slowly.

You can set up your preferences to automatically follow someone’s followers, commentors and more. 

GrowBot’s filters ensure that you’re only interacting with accounts that match your criteria. You can also use this extension to remove followers, block people, like posts with certain hashtags, and more.

To make sure you stay within Instagram’s limits and guidelines, you can set delays and limits on your activities.

11. FastSave & Repost for Instagram

FastSave & Repost for Instagram extension

Have you ever watched an awesome Reel on Instagram and wished you could download it to watch later? Maybe someone posted a Story that you want to save. With this extension, you can save videos, photos and Stories posted on Instagram.

You can also use the repost feature to share your favorite posts while still crediting the original creators.

It’s easy to use this extension. Just install it, navigate to a post or Story you want to save, tap the extension’s “Download” button and enjoy.

Just make sure that you’re mindful of the platform’s reposting limitations (if you want to repost content) to avoid errors and other issues.

12. IGCommentExport

IGCommentExport Chrome extension

Want to download comments from an Instagram post? With this extension, you can export comments straight into an Excel/CSV file. It’s super easy to use, too.

  • Install the extension.
  • Click the IGCommentExport button on your browser.
  • Input a valid Instagram post URL.
  • Tap the “Start parsing button,” and the tool will start extracting the comments.

The extension supports columns for:

  • Comment ID
  • Comment text
  • Username
  • Date
  • Profile URL
  • Profile pic URL

13. Ghost Viewer

Ghost Viewer best chrome extension

The Ghost Viewer extension allows you to view Instagram Stories privately and anonymously. Yes, you can view the Stories of anyone you follow using this extension – as long as it’s a public account. You can also switch between users, preview Stories and switch back to normal mode with the tap of a button.

Ghost Viewer is an extension for anyone who wants to see what people are posting to their Stories without them knowing you saw it.

How to Add Chrome Extensions to Your Browser?

New Chrome users who don’t know how to add extensions can read through our step-by-step guide. Otherwise, if you know how to add your extensions, you can skip this section.

  • Open Chrome
  • Search for the extension OR click on the links below
  • Click Add to Chrome

And if you follow the instructions on the browser, it will take one or two more taps for you to add an extension to Chrome.

4 Benefits of Instagram Chrome Extensions for Desktop Users

If you spend a lot of time on your desktop or laptop, Chrome extensions for Instagram will help you increase engagement and give you much more power without using your phone. Some of the benefits of using these extensions are:

  • Download videos or pictures in seconds, allowing you to make collages or posts faster and easier on a desktop than on a smartphone app.
  • Export your comments to a list to make it easier to analyze your data.
  • View people’s stories without them knowing that you viewed them.
  • Improve your ability to look through analytics and use big data to improve your posts.

Chrome extensions enhance your functionality on Instagram, allowing you to do more on the platform than is possible without an extension.

Final Thoughts

These Chrome extensions will help you make the most of Instagram right from your browser. Whether you’re trying to grow your account, spy on people’s Stories or download awesome videos from creators, these extensions will open up a new world of Instagram features.

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