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10 Best Instagram Growth Services to Boost Your Followers

These 10 best Instagram growth services will help you expand your reach, increase your influence, build your engagement rate, and rocket you to success!
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If you’re struggling to make your Instagram account grow across the board – in followers, engagement rate, influence, etc. – or if you want to expedite this process, hiring social media growth services can help! 

In this article, we’re sharing the best Instagram growth services that can help you succeed as a creator or business account. We’re also explaining how a growth service can help you more than buying followers alone would.

So, buckle up, and let’s get growing!

How Do Instagram Growth Services Help Your Account Succeed? 

You may be wondering, what is a growth service? 

Basically, it’s a paid plan to help you grow your Instagram account with followers and engagement. The service uses a variety of tried-and-true strategies – such as sending messages or using your account to follow other Instagram accounts in your content niche – to stimulate follow-backs. The follow-backs result in increased likes, comments, and shares on your posts, which is key to improving your content’s visibility on the platform. 

Best of all, all the growth you experience is 100% real and 100% organic. For these reasons, you’re also more likely to enjoy long-term success from using a growth service. As your follower count and engagement rate increase, so will your influence. That, in turn, will pave the way for more opportunities for marketing your brand, earning money, and becoming a full-fledged, full-time Instagram creator!

10 Best Organic Instagram Growth Services

We put in some heavy research time to bring you these 10 best Instagram growth services. Get to know each one and their pros and cons, so that you can choose the best service for your needs.

1. Kicksta


Kicksta is ready to kickstart (get it?) your Instagram account growth with their AI-powered growth tool!

Using strategies loved by thousands of different influencers, marketers, and business – plus that handy AI technology – Kicksta targets influencers, competitors, hashtags, genders, and locations relevant to your content niche to mine for potential followers. It works hard to connect you with individuals who will appreciate your posts and be a source of long-term engagement for you, which is a surefire way to grow your account. 

At the same time, though, Kicksta also allows you to blacklist accounts that you don’t want to follow you, usually because their interests diverge significantly from your niche. This service wants only the best, highest-value followers for you, and the blacklist feature – as well as all the others – is critical for achieving that goal!

But Kicksta also goes a step beyond gathering the most valuable, engaging followers. By sealing new relationships with automated welcome DMs, it creates a personal, human connection between you and all your incoming fans. This will help you establish loyalty and trust, so that you can keep your new followers for the foreseeable future.

Kicksta also makes targeting suggestions and comes with an analytics dashboard, so that you can track your growth in real time. Plus, this website promises that all the followers it generates are real and genuine, which means they will never send you bots or fake accounts.

What more could you ask for from a growth service? 


Provides organic growth from real followers
Offers Instagram growth service free trial
Can cancel anytime


Highest number of guaranteed followers offered is 2,000, but only with the most expensive Ultimate plan. 


  • Starter Plan: $69/month, 400 Guaranteed Followers per month
  • Advanced Plan: $129/month, 1,000 Guaranteed Followers Per Month
  • Ultimate Plan: $219/month, 2,500 Guaranteed Followers Per Month

2. Upleap


Upleap will give you a leg up on the competitors in your industry – be it business, athletics, photography, influencing, or whatever you’re an expert in – with their Instagram growth service.

Much like Kicksta, Upleap will target accounts, hashtags, and industries, as well as filter potential followers by gender and location to find the best ones that fit your content niche. They will also provide you with blacklists and whitelists, so you can control whom Upleap homes in on and ensure you only get real and engaged fans.

Each plan in Upleap’s pricing arrangement comes with a certain number of guaranteed followers.

For example, the standard guarantees at least 400 followers; the Pro plan, 1000 followers; and the Premium plan, 2500 followers.

These thresholds should be easy enough for Upleap to meet with the strategies they advertise, such as the follow/unfollow method. They also use other common growth tactics, such as like after follow, automated welcome DMs, and an Instagram Story liker and viewer. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager. The result for most customers is new followers within about three days of purchasing a plan.

For all those reasons, Upleap should definitely be a top contender as your Instagram growth service!


Generates real followers and organic engagement
Offers free trial of 10 days
Setup takes minutes
Guarantees a certain number of followers for each plan
Can cancel anytime




  • Standard Plan: $69/month, 400+ Instagram Followers
  • Pro Plan: $119/month, 1,000+ Instagram Followers
  • Premium Plan: $239/month, 2,500+ Instagram Followers

3. Social Sensei

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is a social media growth service designed specifically to help Instagram accounts increase their influence through a variety of sophisticated marketing strategies. 

All you have to do to get started with this service is choose a plan that focuses on whatever objective is most important to you. Choose from popular options like increasing organic traffic, gaining more followers (untargeted), and boosting your engagement rate. 

Social Sensei really pulls out all the stops when it comes to helping you meet your goals for your Instagram account. Some of the strategies that they use to grow your followers include: working with celebrities and influencers to promote your products and drive traffic to your account via loop giveaways; targeting users who are most likely to be interested in your content; and direct messaging the followers of popular accounts in your niche to drum up new fans. 

It’s important to note, however, that Social Sensei’s approach to Instagram growth comes from the point of view of influencer marketing. That’s the idea behind their loop giveaway strategy, as well as their Influencer Marketing plan where you can partner up with other influencers to promote your brand/business. Social Sensei is also very pricey, so keep both of those things in mind before you commit.


Focuses on generating real followers, no bots
Uses innovative loop giveaway strategy to expand your influence
Dedicated account manager
Offers free consultation to help you pick the right plan
Can cancel anytime




  • Silver Plan: $379/month, 750 – 1,000 Followers
  • Gold Plan: $699/month, 1,750 – 2,000 Followers
  • Platinum Plan: $999/month, 2,500 – 3,000 Followers

4. Ampfluence


Ampfluence uses a targeted approach and organic traffic-driving strategies to help achieve real, sustained growth for your Instagram account. 

Here’s how it works in just a few steps. 

First, Ampfluence consults with you to gain an understanding of your target audience and your account goals. 

Next, they perform research into your target market to identify popular content and accounts; basically, they want to find out what growth and content strategies will work best for your industry. 

Next comes the engagement campaign involving comments and likes on other posts. Using this strategy, Ampfluence will hype up your brand and your content to users who are part of your target audience. Their objective is to attract interested users to your account, so that they will begin engaging with you in return. 

Once they do, you’ll find your account will finally start to take off!

For an additional charge, Ampfluence will also post photos to your account that they believe will be effective at generating engagement. They’ll upload the posts at peak times to take advantage of high traffic on the app. They’ll also create custom images and designs that you can post yourself or use for your branding.

Pair this smart approach to Instagram growth with Ampfluence’s promise to never use bots or automated tools, and you’re looking at an amazing growth service that does what it says on the tin.


Doesn’t use bots or automated tools
Uses a targeted engagement campaign to generate organic growth
Affordable pricing
Global team


Guarantees only low average numbers of new followers per plan


  • Growth Plan: $249/month, 250+ Organic Followers, No Hashtag Research
  • Popular Plan: $349/month, 500+ Organic Followers, Hashtag Research
  • Growth & Content Plan: $1499/month, Hashtag Research

5. Kenji


Having an automated growth service is not necessarily a bad thing, though. Kenji is a great example of an Instagram growth service that is automated, powered by AI, and delivers genuine follower increases. 

The way that Kenji works is simple yet effective. The service’s machine learning bot targets users based on the parameters you set (i.e., the industry you work in, your content niche, your competition, your target audience, etc.). Then, it uses the follow/unfollow method to increase your fanbase organically with real, human followers who are interested in your niche.

Kenji is also incredibly time-saving. Many influencers and marketers commonly use the follow/unfollow method, but in order for it to work, you must trawl through hundreds, if not thousands of accounts. Kenji does all that for you, so that you can focus on content creation and marketing yourself in other, more hands-on ways. 

And finally, Kenji is incredibly affordable. So, if you’re looking to spur your Instagram growth with as little effort on your part as possible, while staying under budget, this tool could be the perfect solution.


Automated, AI-powered growth tool
Uses standard follow/unfollow strategy preferred by digital marketers
Low-budget growth service
Optimizes your targeting parameters for success


Doesn’t provide messaging, comments, or any other growth features besides targeting and following/unfollowing accounts


  • Digital Influencer Plan: $69/month, No Daily Instagram Audits
  • CyberSocial Pro Plan: $119/month, Daily Instagram Audits
  • AI Master Plan: $239/month, Daily Instagram Audits

6. FlockSocial


FlockSocial will bring followers flocking to your Instagram account by systematically finding users who are interested in your content niche and engaging with them. All their strategies – including liking a post after following an account, liking and viewing Stories, and sending welcome DMs to new followers – result in a conversion rate that’s above 90%.

With a rate like that, it seems like success is almost guaranteed!

But that’s not all that FlockSocial offers. When you sign up for their Instagram Adventurer or Instagram Conqueror plans, you’ll also get access to 1:1 growth strategist calls, as well as 1000+ and 2500+ guaranteed followers, respectively. 

For all that, FlockSocial is still more affordable than some of the other growth services on this list. All in all, it’s a fantastic growth service that could definitely help you up your Insta game!


No bots or fake followers
Over 90% conversion rate
Affordable pricing
Guaranteed followers




  • Instagram Explorer Plan: $69/month
  • Instagram Adventurer Plan: $119/month
  • Instagram Conqueror Plan: $239/month

7. Nitreo


Nitreo wants to handle your Instagram growth for you, so that you can focus on more important things, like making the best content in your niche!

The benefits that Nitreo offers start at sign-up. The process takes just minutes and is super easy to go through. In just a short time, you’ll have specified your niche, added hashtags you want to target, and listed out accounts that are similar to you whose followers you want to reach out to (as well as the accounts you don’t want to reach out to). 

From there, Nitreo will immediately begin engaging with users who are interested in your niche. These are the users who will make valuable followers and light up your dashboard with likes and likes. 

Rest assured that all of the followers that Nitreo generates will be real, human, and genuinely invested in your content. They’re not in the business of saddling you with paid accounts or bots that will hurt your account instead of helping it grow.

With their focus on speed and efficiency, you’ll soon have a hopping and active Instagram account at a faster rate than you could have achieved on your own!


Fast, targeted growth resulting in real followers
Easy setup


No guaranteed followers
Must subscribe to expensive tier to receive the fastest results priority support, growth optimization, and other benefits


  • Essential Plan: $69/month
  • Speed Plan: $119/month
  • Nitro Plan: $239/month

8. Trusy


Depending on your needs, Trusy may take one or several different approaches to growing your Instagram account. Their results are impressive enough to have attracted the attention of high-profile brands such as Disney, Starbucks, and Fiji Water. 

Here’s how it works. Trusy has built a massive network of Instagram users over the years, capable of delivering engagements to your posts at specific times throughout the day. This helps your posts rank higher on the app and become visible to more people. 

That’s the first prong of their multi-pronged growth service. 

The second prong is loop giveaways. This, of course, is where a celebrity or mega-influencer holds a giveaway and allows users to enter it by following certain accounts. Your account will be among them, thus setting you up for massive overnight growth.

If you have a brand, product, or business, then you may be interested in a third prong, which is a press coverage campaign. Watch high-profile celebrity influencers spread your name around and get thousands of new people interested in your work. 

A fourth prong you can access is Trusy Organic. This is a strategy whereby Trusy targets users in your niche/location, engages with them, and converts them into loyal followers with welcome DMs. It’s a classic Instagram growth strategy that we’re excited to see in use here at Trusy.

Of course, you may not need all these approaches. The best way to find out what will help you accomplish your goals for your Instagram account is to book a free consultation.


Offers multiple strategies for growing your Instagram account to fit your needs
Uses loop giveaways as well as targeted and timed engagement and welcome DMs
No bots or fake accounts
Dedicated account manager


Prices not listed on the website


  • Micro Influencer Plan: $97/month, No Brand Collaboration Database
  • Influencer Plan: $197/month, Brand Collaboration Database
  • Business Plan: $347/month, Brand Collaboration Database

9. SimplyGram


Reading the name SimplyGram, you know that it’s going to be an easy, straightforward service for growing your Instagram account. And indeed, the first thing you’re greeted with when you go to their website is the promise that you will get 5000 followers every month, powered by set-it-and-forget-it technology.

How does SimplyGram guarantee such high follower numbers? Their primary tool of the trade is the mother/child strategy. This is where they create 25-100 Instagram accounts (the number depends on which plan you subscribe to) on your behalf. Then, they use those accounts to DM people whom they believe will be interested in your content. In the DM, they encourage the recipient to visit their other Instagram profile – AKA, yours. 

With this method, SimplyGram claims, you’ll see thousands of new followers directed to your account. But the best part is that over time, the process is only going to get better and more efficient, thanks to SimplyGram’s AI optimization. 

Run on over to SimplyGram now, so you can set up 5K organic followers per month – and then forget about it!


Guaranteed 5000 Instagram followers per month
Uses mother/child method of growing your followers
AI-powered optimization technology
1:1 consulting session with an account manager
Affordable pricing
No Instagram password required
Offers free trial


Doesn’t specify that they don’t send bots or fake followers to your account


  • Free Plan: 3 Day Free Trial
  • Individual Plan: $69/month, 40 Instagram Accounts Sending You Traffic
  • Influencer Plan: $99/month, 80 Instagram Accounts Sending You Traffic
  • Pro Plan: $199/month, 200 Instagram Accounts Sending You Traffic

10. Path Social

Path Social

Path Social will use an AI profile review to analyze your audience and determine which of your followers provides the highest level of engagement. Then, they’ll promote your account by way of influencer shoutouts, email newsletters, and engaging with users who are interested in hashtags that are relevant to your content niche. 

And that’s just with their basic plan! If you upgrade to Path Social’s second, more expensive tier (called the Elite plan), you’ll also get access to a manual targeting review, a dedicated account manager, growth expert insights, 24/7 support, and – most important of all – increased growth due to 5-10 times more influencer, email, and targeted audience promotions.

The outcome of all this promotional material is, of course, real, organic engagement and followers. It’s the perfect recipe to help you make real strides in growing your Instagram account.


Increases your followers with a combination of influencer, email, and targeted audience marketing
Guaranteed followers per month
No bot followers or automation
No Instagram password required



What’s the Difference Between an Instagram Growth Service and Paid Followers?

If the point of hiring an Instagram growth service is to increase followers, why not just speed up the process by getting paid followers? 

There’s one huge reason why paid followers may not give you the results you’re looking for, and that is that growth services generate followers organically. This means that these users are choosing to follow you because they like your content. When they like your content, they’re more likely to follow you permanently, as well as like and comment on your posts.

Compare these organic, engaged followers to paid followers. The truth is there’s no guarantee that paid followers will interact with your posts beyond giving you a follow. This means that you’re paying to inflate your fanbase with users that won’t increase your engagement rate or promote your content in any way. In other words, they have no real value.

So, when you’re comparing an Instagram growth service to paid followers, just remember one thing: paid followers will increase your follower count in the short-term, whereas a growth service will help you increase your influence and achieve sustained, long-term success.

Is It Safe To Use an Instagram Growth Service?

As long as you choose a reputable website, like the ones we listed above, it’s perfectly safe to use an Instagram growth service. If you’re particularly concerned about security, though, look for a website that doesn’t ask for the password to your Instagram account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get a Guaranteed Number of Instagram Followers?

In many cases, yes. Check the pricing plans for the growth service you’re interested in to see how many new Instagram followers they guarantee per month.

Will Instagram Growth Service Help Me Earn Money?

An Instagram growth service can definitely help you earn money. By growing your follower count and increasing your influence, you’ll have more opportunities to monetize your content, partner with brand sponsors, and more!

Is It Faster To Use a Growth Service or Buy Followers To Grow My Follower Count?

Buying followers will increase your follower count faster, but a growth service will often result in more growth for your account overtime.

Do I have to Share My Instagram Account Password?

Some growth services may ask you for your Instagram account password. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing that, look for a service that doesn’t require your password to help grow your account.


With a growth service at your side, your rocket ship to Instagram success is ready to launch! Choose one of the best Instagram growth services on our list according to your budget and needs, and experience unprecedented (and fully organic) boosts in followers and engagement.

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