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15 Best Instagram Growth Services You Must try in 2023

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Instagram Growth Services

Instagram is highly significant in gaining social media popularity and recognition. The platform’s interactive features and personalized touch attracts people towards it. Most of the population uses social media and through the correct means, brands can easily reach them. However, a detailed social media strategy is important to get the best out of it. Some companies have an in-house social media marketing team and some outsource it. Others make use of growth services. When a business starts, it does not have an allotted budget for its social media growth.

The most feasible option here is to use third-party service apps. The web lists numerous websites and apps providing Instagram growth services. However, most of them turn out to be scams or offer bad-quality services. It takes a lot of time and research to ensure that you do not buy from any of these websites.

As a business, you need to focus on your business workings. To take the burden off your shoulders, we have brought to you this list. Feel free to use this list to shortlist the perfect site for your social media growth. Now, let us dive right in and get started with boosting your social media.

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Best Instagram Growth Services:

1. Kicksta


Kicksta uses Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technology to provide its users with the boost they need. The innovative use of technology makes Kicksta one of the best IG Growth services available in the market. The algorithm used by their growth tool keeps spam or fake followers or bots away from your account. You need to list your competitors, and the tool will target their followers.

This is because these followers might be interested in your niche and might like your profile. The tool will also engage with their followers on your behalf, to provide you with the needed exposure. The engagement ensures that people will take a look at your profile. Some of them will end up following you because of your content.

One aspect you need to take care of is that you need to post high-quality content regularly to keep them engaged. They offer two types of plans – Standard and Premium. The Standard package is priced at $49.00 per month, and has a moderate growth rate, video onboarding, and targets 10 users.

Alternatively, the Premium package is priced at $99.00 per month and offers maximum growth, video onboarding, targets 40 users, VIP email support, live chat support, advanced support, and blacklist. Irrespective of the plan you opt for, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

2. Ampfluence

Ampfluence-Instagram Growth Services

Do you not trust technology-powered services? Are you afraid of receiving bots or spam accounts? Well, we have a solution to it. The site focuses on Instagram but offers growth services for Pinterest and Twitter, too. Ampfluence will be perfect for you because it is completely human-driven and focuses on growing your Instagram account.

Forbes, Entrepreneur, Influencive, and other reputed agencies have featured Ampfluence in their lists. The best part of Ampfluence is that it does not believe in the concept of one size fits all.

The agency takes the time to understand your requirements and current social media position and develops customized social media strategies. Thus, you get services geared toward your growth.

Moreover, Ampfluence’s team works with you to get the best results. If you are still unsure of trying out Ampfleunce’s services, let us tell you something. Ampfluence has a 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked. The site offers three packages – Growth, Growth x 2, and Growth & Content Management. These are priced monthly at $249, $349, and $999, respectively.

3. Tree Frog

Tree Frog brings Instagram growth and management services by employing social media experts for the same. The company helps drive engagement to hundreds of clients and puts in a lot of effort for success in the same.

By using their service, the clients have received thousands of organic growth each month. The social media experts focus on maintaining and growing your account’s analytics. It is priced at $29.99 per month.

4. Combin

Combin is a unique growth service offering marketing and content planning solutions. The service has an Instagram audience management and attraction tool for your growth. As for content planning, Combin offers a Scheduler tool that lets you plan your Instagram posts and stories. The tool helps you analyze, engage, and grow your audience by taking your competitors’ profiles into account.

You can create posts and stories in your free time and schedule them for future posts. Unlike other Instagram growth services, Combin lets you connect and grow up to 15 accounts. The tool details your engagement and offers automation for increasing the same and staying in touch with your audience. Combin has been featured in Forbes and is acclaimed for its smooth services. Combin has a free package option for its Growth tool.

The free option provides a limited scope of improvement but works just as well. It also offers Personal and Business packages. The Personal package works for a single Instagram account and is priced at $15.00 per month. Simultaneously, the Business package can be used to manage up to 5 Instagram accounts and is available at $30.00 per month.

As for the Scheduler tool, Combin has an unlimited free package. You can cancel your subscription anytime until the day of the next scheduled payment. With Combin, growing on Instagram is a cakewalk!

5. Socialsensei


Social Sensei is another leading Instagram marketing agency on our list. Several influencers and companies have turned to the agency for their Instagram growth. Social Sensei has never disappointed and offers exceptional services.

The official site claims that the agency delivers thousands of followers per month. The prime reason for the popularity of Social Sensei is its strategy. The company employs social media experts to come up with the safest and most effective organic growth strategies.

Social Sensei focuses on delivering safe services and vows that its services have never landed a client in a problem. The official site lists all the celebrities and influencers the company has worked with. Go through their clientele list to grasp how they became one of the best Growth Services.

The site offers a free consultation so that you can fully grasp what your account needs. With Social Sensei, you can have global, USA, Euro, or other targeted followers. Each of the Global, USA, and Euro has three plans – Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The Silver plans are priced monthly at $299 for Global, $349 for the USA, and Euro. The Platinum monthly plans are priced at $999 for all. In the case of custom-targeted followers, you need to define your requirements, after which Social Sensei will quote an affordable and reasonable price.

6. Trendhero

Analytics plays an important role in social media growth, and are difficult to navigate. TrendHERO has a huge database of accounts and more than 90 metrics for helping you with account analytics. Influencer marketing is an excellent way to help grow your account.

However, your influencer might be using fake follower or engagement services. This will ultimately harm your account engagement. Trendhero offers a unique solution. The site provides you with the details and analyzes the influencer’s account before you approach them for a collab.

7. Nitreo

Nitreo offers another IG service to automate your following, engaging, and unfollowing process. To do so, Nitreo has built its bot. You need to provide the particular hashtags to target your audience or provide the location to target potential customers from that area.

The bot follows, likes, and engages with your customers before unfollowing them. It mimics human behavior so that Instagram does not flag your account. With Nitreo, you can start your service without targeting your followers.

8. Firingtable

Firingtable-Instagram Growth Services

If you believe in organic growth, Firing Table is the best choice for you. The agency focuses on your account management and engages with your users based on your input.

This helps you focus on your content rather than engagement. You can rest while Firing Table works tirelessly round the clock to provide you with the growth you need. The agency has three weekly packages – Personal for $29.95, Professional for $49.95, and Business for $79.95.

9. Aftersocial

Aftersocial services are focused on providing real Instagram views and followers to boost their Instagram analytics. The services offered work best for online businesses, influencers, and e-commerce stores. With Aftersocial, you do not need to wait for the delivery of your services after payment.

You can mention the type of Instagram service you want – followers and views. You need to enter the required amount, complete the payment, and voila! Your account will witness growth in no time.

10. HypePlanner

HypePlanner-Instagram Growth Services

HypePlanner is an Instagram growth service that needs you to input the kind of audience you have. The social media experts from the company conduct ample research on your niche and deliver social media strategy that works and gives results. You can get anywhere between 500 to 150,000 followers with HypePlanner’s services.

The company has been featured in top agencies like Forbes, Bazaar, Entrepreneur, and Spotify. HypePlanner’s experts will engage with your audience so that you can focus on the creation of content. You can get Standard growth packages for $149 per month and Premium growth packages for $199 per month. In case you need further growth than these packages can provide, you can request a custom package.

11. Toolzu

Do you need social media promotion services? In this list, Toolzu will be the most appropriate for your Instagram account.

The company provides useful tools to leverage engagement quickly and effectively. Toolzu has a hashtag generator, Instagram story viewer, and analysis Instagram account.

12. Upleap

Buying Instagram followers is a scam in certain cases. However, Upleap’s services are foolproof and offer high-quality Instagram followers without added worries. It is one of the safest sites and ways of growing your Instagram. Need more reasons why Upleap is on this list of the best Instagram growth services? Well, Upleap never asks for your password and delivers the required followers almost instantly. The company boasts of a huge clientele and has a customer satisfaction rating of 4.7 on 5.

All you need to do is enter your username, the number of followers you need, complete the payment for the amount shown, and sit back! Upleap starts delivering your service in less than 3 minutes.

Depending on the size of your order, the delivery time is decided. The worst-case waiting time is 24 to 72 hours after the payment for the service. The starting price at Upleap is $9.00 for 100 followers.

13. Flock

Are you tired of the services that make empty promises? Well, enough’s enough! Flock is one of the best services that you’ll ever come across. With over 15,000 customers and an average rating of 4.8/5, the company’s services are unmatchable. Their impeccable and guaranteed results ensure that you get the growth you’ve been yearning for!

Do you know that Flock uses cutting-edge technology and AI models to continuously upgrade its services? Well, the company also employs a team of passionate social media experts and engineers. Their focus is to help your account grow and build it into a revenue-generating machine. After all, greater engagement and better reach ensure more profile visits and business.

Flock’s team also brings timely quality content that revolves around social media growth. The aim is to help small businesses and influencers grow as much as possible. No one likes being kept in the dark and Flock understands that! Their updated blogs help visitors and customers learn tips and tailor their profiles. If you’ve any doubts regarding the algorithms of the different social media platforms, refer to their articles and get them cleared instantly!

14. Hashtagsforlikes

HashtagsForLikes offers the best promotion services for those who do not want to take the help of bots or automation for their Instagram growth. The site lets you research the best hashtags that are trending and can help you grow. The tool offers instant hashtag suggestions and can help you analyze your profile. You can also get help with your Instagram username. The tool helps you navigate hashtags and displays the search volume and post volume for each.

HashtagsForLikes is available on a weekly and monthly basis. Both of these have regular and pro packages. A Regular package is an affordable option to help you grow your Instagram account with real and targeted followers. The Pro package is for businesses and influencers looking for rapid growth. The Regular package is priced at $15 weekly and $38 monthly. Alternatively, the Pro package is priced at $25 weekly and $89 monthly.

What are Instagram Growth Services? Do They Actually Help Social Media Performance?

It is difficult for small businesses and micro-influencers to spend money on advice from expert social media marketers. After all, they do not have the budget to spare in earlier stages. Moreover, most of them start with social media as a side hustle. So, it is difficult for them to spend time and effort. Here comes in – Instagram Growth Services; the best option to rescue you and skyrocket your social media growth!

These are third-party apps and websites that offer services to help you grow on social media. Their focus is to help customers get the reach they’ve been yearning for. The best part is that these companies offer a wide range of packages. Some are geared towards increasing your like and follower counts. On the other hand, some packages perform a set of actions to bring in organic growth.

Generally, these services are created by experienced social media experts and engineers. Their years of industry experience ensure that you get exactly what you need. Unlike popular belief, they do not put you at risk of getting banned. And, yes! They actually do help boost social media performance. Hence, you will find that several celebrities, influencers, and artists use these services. Want to know more about these services and how they work? Read on to know more!

How Do Instagram Growth Services Operate?

A lot of people are quite wary of Instagram growth services and understandably so! After all, there are companies that often cheat customers. They do not follow general guidelines and flout social media rules which ends up harming one’s social media progress. But, there are legit companies that offer real services. We will introduce you to the top 16 in the following paragraphs to help you out. But, why are these valid and recommended by us? Well, the difference lies in the way these operate.

They employ a team of experienced social media experts. These professionals understand social media algorithms and stay updated on regular changes. Moreover, they spend time and effort to understand your goals and target audience. Only after that, they build a package that targets your preferred customers and engages with them in a smart way. Moreover, they leave real and engaging comments to ensure you get access to potential leads and build a relationship.

Another key point is that they do not spam accounts with comments or likes and focus on natural ways to reach an audience. You will also notice that they engage with accounts gradually making it seem more natural. This brings in organic growth and ensures that the algorithm does not flag your account. They use a wide range of analytic tools and data before acting on it. So, whatever leads, follows, and engagement you get is organic. You’re never at risk and can rely on them to give you the social media boost you need!

What are the Different Strategies Used By Instagram Growth Services?

It is quite evident that the primary goal of Instagram growth services is to boost your reach and profile visibility. But, do they use some strategies? Of course, they do! These services are offered by experts with years of professional experience. The different strategies they use are a well-guarded secret. Well, it has been until now! We’re here to spill them all. Read on to know more.

Instagram growth services do help boost the numbers on your profile, but that is never the prime target. The key always is Organic Growth! After all, not every profile you interact with can help you grow your business and audience. Some of them might not be interested in your niche at all and view your profile as SPAM. You need to reach people who are actually involved in your niche and can be potential customers. So, the first step is to – identify your niche.

The Instagram growth services get in touch with you and discuss exactly what you need. If you’re confused and cannot determine your target audience, you can tell them about your goals. For example, you might be a health and wellness coach and want to focus exclusively on potential customers.

Your obvious target customers are people suffering from health issues and those looking for ways to lead a better life. Other than helping you reach these people, the expert Instagram growth services include people aged above 50. Why? Well, aren’t they more prone to being affected by health conditions? This is exactly what they help you figure out.

The next step is to – increase your social credibility. It is common knowledge that better reach and numbers indicate higher customer satisfaction. When your numbers are low, your target audience might avoid your profile and get in business with your competitors. So, Instagram growth services use real accounts associated with your niche to boost your numbers. This also helps increase overall reach and gets your profile to more and more associated people.

Another common strategy used by these growth services is – the follow/unfollow method. This method can be perceived as intrusive but does help people get results at a better pace. Here, the growth model follows people within your niche to reach their audience. However, they automatically unfollow the profile after a few days. But, why does this work? Well, just like you, these creators and businesses want to connect with like-minded people and build a community. So, most of them follow back and forget about it. When they get unfollowed, they are not notified and the fact escapes their mind. So, your follower count is boosted while the following count remains low.

What are the Benefits Of Using Instagram Growth Services?

Other than the obvious fact that these Instagram growth services help one save time and effort, there are other associated positives. Some of these are:-

  • Faster Organic Growth – Without the proper experience and strategy, organic growth can take time. It is difficult to build a good audience and even more to get better engagement and boost sales. Since these are developed by experienced professionals, you will see results in no time! You can also connect with other influencers and businesses and build connections to help it further.
  • Boosts Brand Reputation – A low follower count and engagement rate can hamper your brand image. Without a strong reputation, your audience will not be willing to try out your products. A better brand image encourages them to get in touch with your business. This means that you will get more customers and build a clientele in no time.
  • Engagement And Visibility Growth – When you have better numbers, Instagram decides to promote your posts. This means that the more the numbers, the more visibility, and audience you get. But, engagement like liking posts and commenting takes time. IG growth services take this burden off your shoulders and ensure you get the engagement and visibility you deserve.
  • Constant Tracking And Analysis – It is impossible to build social media campaigns without the proper experience and knowledge. These are built by professionals who constantly track and analyze data. They also change strategies as needed to ensure your growth is not hampered. So, your social media growth never stops and your profile visibility is skyrocketed!

How Can I Choose The Best Instagram Growth Service Provider?

The web provides several options in a single search and it is the same with Instagram growth services. But, why choose one unless you’re completely sure about its services? Look at the following points and ensure checking them before you choose a provider:-

  • Type of Service Offered – Even the best social media experts cannot build strategies and plans that guarantee a certain number of followers. It is possible to guarantee the growth rate (110%, 3x, and others), but not likes, followers, or comments (100 likes, 1000 comments, and more). You should also steer clear of growth providers that offer preloaded accounts (i.e. pre-set accounts with a certain number of followers and engagement).
  • Methods Used – Some common strategies used by these providers are – the liking method, follow/unfollow method, and auto-comment method. The first one is the least risky whereas the last is the most. We recommend talking to the company’s team and examining their processes before buying packages.
  • Facility To Target – Getting random followers can help boost your numbers but will have no effect on your business/profile. Instagram Service Providers that understand this and offer targeting options are the real G!
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard – Some of them may ask you to buy their services and forget about them. But, isn’t that quite absurd? Expert agencies also provide customers access to a user-friendly dashboard where they can monitor and control progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Instagram Growth Strategy?

There are several strategies that one can use to get more engagement. Something that might work for me might be fatal to your engagement. Hence, it is always better to consult professionals to figure out the best strategy.

Do Instagram Growth Services offer Real Engagement Boosts?

Due to the short time needed, most people think these services aren’t real. But, the best Instagram growth services use proven and updated strategies to help customers reach their social media goals. Consult the top companies for real services!

Can I Get a Specific Number of Followers, Comments, or Likes?

Some Instagram growth companies do offer packages that guarantee a specific count of followers, comments, or likes. However, it is not possible to do so without engaging in unfair means. So, steer clear of these services and agencies.

Do Instagram Growth Services offer Value for Money?

Just like other industries, there are scam companies in the social media growth sector. However, the real and top Instagram growth services offer quality services to help you get what you need!

Which Instagram Growth Service is the Safest?

Similar to social media strategies, there’s no growth service that fulfills everyone’s requirements. We recommend you analyze your goals and choose one out of our suggestions for the best results! All of them are safe and legit.

Can I Get Organic Growth and New Followers from Instagram Growth Services?

The prime focus of Instagram growth services is to help you boost your profile visibility and reach more and more people. This automatically helps boost organic growth and your follower count without additional effort.

Can I Make more Money with the Help of Instagram Growth Services?

If you have a business, your target audience will be your potential leads and customers. Instagram growth services help you connect to more people from this group. This in turn helps boost your business visibility to generate more revenue.

Are there any Influencers who Use Instagram Growth Services?

Since all Instagram growth services have privacy policies and prioritize security, we cannot divulge the names of influencers using the facilities. However, research suggests that most influencers and celebrities use Instagram growth services. Some also employ a team of experts to get more profile visibility.

How will Instagram Growth Services affect my Account?

When you use reputed Instagram growth services, you can expect your account numbers to go up. You will also see that it has become easier for you to build a community. Moreover, it will introduce you to more potential leads and generate better revenue.

Do Instagram Growth Services also Help Business Pages to Grow?

Other than influencers and celebrities, top retailers and businesses also use Instagram growth services. After all, the focus is the same; better brand visibility and growth. Some would argue that they are more useful to businesses and we agree!

Are Instagram Growth Services Unsafe? Can they Harm Me?

The top Instagram growth services are built with care to ensure users get the results they want. These do not use spam accounts or bots, unlike others. So, you can be assured that your profile is never at risk.

Do Instagram Growth Services Need my Password?

Absolutely not! Instagram growth services value customer privacy and would never ask you to do anything that puts your account at risk. In case any agency wants you to divulge your password, run and don’t look back (Just kidding!).

How Much Time do Instagram Growth Services Need to Show Results?

To ensure that your account is not put at risk, the top Instagram growth services take several steps. One is slow and timely delivery of services to avoid any mishaps. After all, bulk actions are deemed spam by the algorithms. So, you need to wait at least three days before Instagram growth services show results.


These services can help you get the best of social media without much struggle. You do not need to spend your time on research that does not concern your actual business workings.

This list of the best Instagram Growth Services will help you get insights into some of the companies you can refer to. We hope you successfully boost your Instagram profile after using their services.

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