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20 Famous Instagram Photographers to Follow in 2024

Step into the world of 20 famous Instagram photographers who turn moments into masterpieces, inspiring a global audience with their artistic vision.
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Famous Photographers on Instagram
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Among the millions of users, a select group of photographers has transformed their Instagram accounts into windows to the world. These visionaries have mastered the art of capturing moments that resonate, inspiring millions of followers along the way. Join us as we explore the creative world of 20 famous Instagram photographers who have made an indelible mark on the platform.

1. Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen)


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A post shared by Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen)

Paul Nicklen, an underwater and wildlife photographer, currently has 7.5 million followers on social media and is one of the best photographers on Instagram. This famous photographer is well-known for his images that capture the beauty of our planet. Embarking on journeys across the globe, Paul Nicklen has cultivated a diverse portfolio brimming with wildlife photography.

7.3 Million Followers

2. Mario Eduardo Testino Silva (@mariotestino)


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A post shared by MARIO TESTINO (@mariotestino)

Instagram-verified photographer Mario Testino holds an astounding 6.5 million followers. Among his followers are even celebrities such as Sophia Vergara, Emma Roberts, and Laura Prepon. Mariotestino’s work focuses on capturing the essence of humanity, adding a focus to the beauty of our differences.

6.5 Million Followers

3. Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)


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A post shared by ChrisBurkard (@chrisburkard)

Chris Burkard, boasting an impressive 3.9 million followers on Instagram, is a master of landscape and mountain photography. He’s ventured to the farthest corners of the globe, all in pursuit of capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet. Burkard’s Instagram feed is a testament to his dedication to the craft, with each photo telling a story of its own, from the rugged terrains of Iceland to sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

3.9 Million Followers

4. Steve McCurry (@Stevemccurryofficial)

With a devoted following of 3.6 million Instagram users, Stevemccurryofficial is a name known in photography. His body of work is a kaleidoscope of human experiences, spanning conflicts, ancient traditions, and diverse cultures. Yet, what sets Steve apart is his uncanny ability to infuse every image with a great human element. 

3.6 Million Followers

5. Jimmy Chin (@jimmychin)

Jimmy Chin, with a commendable 3.5 million Instagram followers, is a versatile photographer and filmmaker who has graced the pages of National Geographic. His niche is the world’s most breathtaking mountain ranges and the thrill of conquering them. Chin’s Instagram feed is an exhilarating journey into the world of extreme sports and mountaineering, showcasing stunning vistas and heart-pounding adventures that take your breath away.

3.5 Million Followers

6. Murad Yusupovich Osmanov (@muradosmann)

Muradosmann, with an Instagram following of 3.4 million, has ascended the ranks to become one of Forbes’ top 3 Travel Influencers. His photography transcends borders and boundaries as he captures his adventures around the globe. At the core, Muradosmann’s ability to portray the essence of cultures worldwide is what makes him a truly influential figure in the world of travel photography.

3.4 Million Followers

7. Peter McKinnon (@petermckinnon)


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A post shared by Peter McKinnon (@petermckinnon)

Based in Toronto, Canada, Peter McKinnon is a well-known photographer, filmmaker, YouTuber, and businessman. On Instagram, Peter Mckinnon has a staggering 3.2 million followers. The reason behind Mckinnon’s fan base is because of his photographic abilities and capacity to capture the vivid hues of the world around him. Peter uses his platforms to encourage and assist others in pursuing their interests in photography.

3.2 Million Followers

8. Peter Joseph Souza (@petesouza)

Pete Souza, boasting 3.1 million followers, is a photographer with a unique portfolio that spans across concerts, festivals, and the beauty of nature. However, he’s most renowned for his time as the Chief Official White House Photographer during the Obama administration, capturing intimate and historic moments. Souza’s photography has the extraordinary capacity to capture the essence of events that define eras and cultures.

3.1 Million Followers

9. Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel)

New York City’s very own Instagram sensation, Brandon Woelfel, has amassed 2.3 million Instagram followers by capturing the enchanting beauty of women and the city that never sleeps. His signature style combines vibrant colors, neon lights, and a touch of magic. Woelfel’s work is a celebration of the urban charm and the captivating allure of his subjects.

2.3 Million Followers

10. Michael Yamashita (@yamashitaphoto)

With 1.7 million followers, Michael Yamashita is a multi-talented photographer, author, keynote speaker, and Asia specialist. His Instagram is a visual journey through the wonders of Asia, capturing the region’s rich heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultures.¬†

1.7 Million Followers

11. Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea)

One of Instagrams top photographers, Theron Humphrey, is best recognized by his 1.3 million followers, for his heartwarming portraits featuring his dog. His photography reveals the deep bond between humans and their furry companions. Through candid moments and touching visuals, Humphrey captures the unspoken connection that defines the relationship between people and their pets. Now isn’t that adorable! 

1.3 Million Followers

12. Emilie (@helloemilie)

Helloemilie is a self-portrait artist whose canvas spans dunes, deserts, and mountains. Her Instagram feed has pulled in 1.3 million Instagram followers, and it is all thanks to her breathtaking gallery of self-portraits featuring some of the world’s most stunning landscapes.

1.3 Million Followers

13. Altug Galip (@kyrenian)

Altug Galip, a travel photographer and influencer with 1.2 million followers, has embarked on photographic trips to across 60+ countries and counting. His Instagram showcases the diverse tapestry of our world, from the beauty of nature and landscapes to the richness of culture and tradition. 

1.2 Million Followers

14. Dylan Fursty (@fursty)

Dylan Fursty, with 1 million Instagram followers, specializes in the perplexing realm of nighttime photography. His work is a dreamy exploration of misty, blue-hued landscapes. Fursty’s lens is drawn to the mysterious allure of the night, creating an atmosphere that feels both haunting and enchanting. Rainy, hazy, and misty scenes come to life under his artful gaze.

1 Million Followers

15. Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante is a celebrated photographer and creative director based in Italy. His signature style is a global sensation, renowned for its vibrant use of color and dreamlike narratives. His Instagram following shows this as he sits just under 1M at 972K followers, Bramante’s work is often likened to Surrealism Art, as he weaves stories through his photographs, creating surreal atmospheres.

972 K Million Followers

16. Ilhan Eroglu (@ilhan1077)

Ilhan1077, is a photographer with a unique touch and is inspiring his 832k followers. Over the course of 12 years, he’s honed his craft and shared his expertise by leading photography enthusiasts on journeys to various corners of the world, from Tuscany in Italy to Patagonia in Argentina.

832 K Followers

17. Callum Snape (@calsnape)


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A post shared by Callum Snape (@calsnape)

Callum Snape, with an impressive 785K followers, is a travel and adventure photographer who specializes in capturing the natural beauty of Vancouver, Canada. His photography captures the essence of adventure and the untamed beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Through his lens, Snape invites his audience to explore the breathtaking scenery of his homeland. 

785 K Followers

18. David LaChapelle (@david_lachapelle)

David LaChapelle is a photographer whose work defies categorization even by his 773k followers. LaChapelle’s lens has captured celebrities and pop culture icons in extraordinary and provocative scenes. His art challenges conventional norms, pushing the boundaries of traditional photography to create visually stunning and thought-provoking compositions.

773 K Followers

19. Linda Lomelino (@linda_lomelino)

With a devoted following of 753K on Instagram, Linda Lomelino is the queen of pastries. Each photograph on her feed is a masterpiece, showcasing her culinary talent and her equally elegant photography style.

753 K Followers

20. Lindsay Adler (@lindsayadler_photo)

Lindsay Adler, with 430K followers, is a prominent beauty and fashion photographer based in the bustling metropolis of New York City. She’s not just a photographer; she’s a storyteller, capturing the core of beauty and fashion through her lens. Her talent for blending art and fashion photography has earned her a dedicated following and recognition in the bustling fashion scene of NYC and as one of Instagrams famous photographers.

430 K Followers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's the Highest-Paid Instagram Photographer?

Determining the highest-paid Instagram photographer can be challenging due to varying incomes. Renowned photographers like Peter McKinnon, often with substantial followings and brand partnerships, tend to be among the top earners.

How Do You Begin Your Journey as a Photographer?

Starting as a beginner photographer involves investing in a camera, learning its basics, practicing regularly, seeking feedback, studying photography fundamentals, taking courses or workshops, and sharing your work on platforms like Instagram.

What Should You Post as a Photographer?

Your Instagram feed should showcase your unique style and vision. Share your best work, maintain a cohesive visual theme, engage with your audience, tell stories behind your photos, collaborate with peers, and prioritize quality over quantity.

What Gear Do Top Photographers Use?

Top Instagram photographers often favor DSLR and mirrorless cameras from brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm. High-quality lenses, lighting equipment, and editing software also contribute to their success.

Is Photography a Difficult Skill to Learn?

Photography is learnable with dedication and practice. While it may seem challenging at first, online resources, photography courses, and a supportive community can accelerate your growth. As you gain experience, photography becomes more intuitive, allowing you to express your creativity effectively.

Wrapping it Up

In this exploration of Instagram’s photography elite, one truth shines through: these famous Instagram photographers are more than just picture-takers. They are storytellers who use their lenses to convey emotions, share adventures, and create lasting impressions. They remind us that photography is about more than just snapshots; it’s about crafting narratives, invoking feelings, and leaving an enduring impact.

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer seeking guidance, a wanderer yearning for new vistas, or simply someone who appreciates the power of visual storytelling, these are the 20 photographers to follow on Instagram.¬†

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