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Boost Organic Reach On Social Media with These Tips (2024)

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Boost Organic Reach on Social Media
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In today’s digital era, social media isn’t just a platform for sharing life updates; it’s a dynamic stage where influencers are born, and brands are built. But what really turns an average social media user into a trendsetting influencer? The answer lies in two powerful words: organic reach. Just to be clear, despite platforms pushing ad options harder than ever, organic reach is not dead! 

What’s The Difference Between Paid And Organic Reach?

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without you paying a dime to the platform; it’s about making a genuine impact without the boost of advertising dollars. In contrast, paid reach involves boosted posts and ads. While paid reach can be more predictable and scalable if you have the money to spend, organic reach earns you authenticity – a crucial ingredient for influencers.

Universal Tips💡For More Organic Reach On Any Social Media Platform

Each social media platform has a slightly different audience and algorithm you need to keep happy, but a few things will increase your organic reach across all platforms. 

  • Be Consistent – Post at least once a day, around the same time of day. Use the platform’s analytics to figure out the best time to post, which would be whenever most of your followers are online.
  • Be Authentic – Always make sure to be yourself. Use less niche jargon and be more relaxed. Try to sound like a person and not a brand.
  • Stay Up to Date – The algorithms change all the time, so you’ll need to keep up with these changes by following tech sites and social media coaches.
  • Engage with Your Community – Social algorithms favor active accounts that drive meaningful conversation. You should reply to comments left on your posts and seek out other people’s content to leave meaningful comments on.

Platform-Specific Organic Reach Wisdom You’ll Need To Succeed 

What works best on Instagram might not help you over on TikTok, so here are some valuable tips that are specific to the major platforms influencers promote themselves on.

1. Instagram

  • Use hashtags to expand your reach (Hashtag popularity is down; where experts once recommended up to 30 hashtags, they are now suggesting just a handful of 3-6 very relevant hashtags.)
  • Collaborate with other influencers; collaborative posts will help both parties with organic reach because you can share audiences. In fact, you can now collab with more than one person at a time per post!
  • Use searchable text in your caption. Instagram now scans your caption for keywords; this is why hashtag use is less effective than before. Make sure to use keyword-rich captions to gain more organic reach.
  • Make “share-worthy” content. Make content that is funny, entertaining, or educational that your followers can’t resist sending to a friend or sharing to their stories.
  • Make Reels, both with trending audio and with original audio.

2. TikTok

  • Add hashtags to your videos. You’ll want to use mostly relevant hashtags, but it also helps to throw in at least one currently viral hashtag, even if it’s not relevant.
  • Videos under 30 seconds perform best, according to Hootsuite.
  • Make sure to keep up to date with TikTok trends and trending audio. Trending audio will have an upward-pointing arrow next to it.
  • Collab and Duet with other influencers.

3. Facebook

  • Publish content that people will want to share. Shared posts make a huge impact on organic traffic on Facebook.
  • Post Reels on Facebook, since they are posted to Facebook less often and therefore get a bigger audience.
  • Make sure you have a strong CTA (call to action). This means telling people what you want them to do next. “Like and share this post.”
  • Join Facebook groups related to your niche topics under your Facebook Page and leave meaningful comments on discussions there.
  • Limit the number of posts that you include an external link on. Facebook gives these posts a lower priority. You can add one occasionally, but know that post will get less reach.

Advanced Tactics That Will Help You Dominate The Competition In Organic Reach 

Want to know the one thing that will truly set you apart from the majority of other would-be influencers out there? The answer will probably surprise you; it’s research! Girls and boys, throw on your comfy sweats and grab a hot tea; it’s time to get your geek on. 

People who create top-performing content don’t do it by accident. Follow the top influencers in your niche and check out all their publicly visible stats. What content are they making that has a ton of likes and comments? How can you make your own spin on this content in your authentic voice? 

Also, make sure to dedicate time weekly to analyzing our own content. Most social platforms have analytics as long as you switch from a personal account to a business account (or a creator account on Instagram). You’ll be able to see your top-performing content and get a clear picture of the next steps you need to take. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does it Typically take to See Growth in Organic Reach?

Growth from organic reach can vary greatly between influencers or brands. It depends on the platform, your niche, and the consistency and quality of your content. Patience and persistence are the key ingredients here.

Is it Possible to Grow Organically without any Paid Promotions, or is organic Reach Dead?

Organic reach is alive and well! Many influencers have built their presence purely through organic methods. It requires strategic content creation, community engagement, and a deep understanding of your audience.

How Do I Measure the Effectiveness of My Organic Reach Strategies?

Use the analytics tools provided by each social media platform. Look at engagement rates, follower growth, and the reach of your posts.

Keep in mind that organic growth is slower than paid options. You might have to wait to see the results. Stay authentic, be consistent, and really connect with your community for optimal organic reach. 

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