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12 Photoshoot Ideas For Models To Boost Engagement

Out of ideas for your next photoshoot? Losing engagement with every new post? These photoshoot ideas can help.
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Photoshoot Ideas For Models
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Models have a demanding job. Sure, they may be beautiful and live a high life, but even the top models will start losing steam. They may keep posting and sharing updates of their latest travels, but their audience seems to be tuned out.

But with the right photoshoot ideas for models, it’s possible to keep your content fun and engaging.

We’re going to share unique ideas that you can rehash time and time again or make your own with a unique, fun twist added in. We’ll sprinkle in examples to help you visualize each idea and see how others are using them with great success.

12 Photoshoot Ideas for Models To Boost Online Presence

Whether you’re an aspiring model who wants to make money from their Instagram or you’re an established model already, try out these photoshoot ideas to add to your portfolio or even create great social content.

1. High Fashion Style or Runway Shoot

High fashion and walking the runway are two of the easiest photoshoot ideas to create – if you have the clothes for it. You can see this in action thanks to the Kardashian / Jenner family, who often sign deals to pose for the world’s top designers.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

Kim Kardashian can be seen posting for Marc Jacobs, and you’ll notice that contrast is what really shines in this photoshoot. She’s in all white while on a red floor with a red background. Why? Contrast brings her clothes, shoes and purse into focus. Kim chose the last picture to show off her Marc Jacobs purse, and it’s an up-close photo that brings the logo right into view.


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A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner)

Kendall Jenner is rocking it for Calvin Klein, and you’ll see her showing off multiple pieces for the designer. However, while she looks like she’s walking the runway, you can create this same type of video on the street with a bit of editing and the right photographer.

2. Beach Lifestyle Shoot

Traveling is what many people envision when they hear the word model. You’re beautiful and you’re seeing the world’s best beaches. Make a photoshoot out of the occasion. You can see Dominic doing this with his beach shoot:


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A post shared by Dominic Calvani (@dom.calvani)

Elle MacPherson also posts these beach lifestyle shoots, but notice this one is a bit different.


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A post shared by Elle Macpherson (@ellemacpherson)


She’s edgy. Wearing a hat and a white knit shirt, she’s walking in the water alongside a pier. She’s a woman on a mission who won’t let a little bit of water slow her down.

3. Moody Portrait, But Why?

Ama shows the world how expressing your mood in a photoshoot is intriguing. Your portfolio should include some of these photoshoots that have the viewer thinking, “What’s wrong with this model?”


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A post shared by Ama 🔥 (@amalougistics)

You’ll want to pick a location with dim light and can opt to blur the background if you like.

The focus should be on your face. A side profile works very well here as you peer into the camera. Perhaps you’re happy. Maybe you’re mad. No one knows for sure, but it will get people talking.

4. Timeless Car Photoshoot

What model doesn’t pose near a car at least a few times in their lives? Men are great options for car photoshoots because they look rugged. Choose a quiet, outdoor location, such as near a lake, and even leave the blinker on while you sit on the hood or fender of the car.

You can use Sean’s photoshoot with the Lexus LC500 for inspiration:


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A post shared by Sean O’Pry (@seanopry55)

Female models also do well with car modeling shoots, and you can opt for:

  • Flowery locations
  • Beaches
  • Exotic houses

Nikita has a great example of car modeling in action:


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A post shared by Nikita Dragun (@nikitadragun)

Notice how she’s sitting on an exotic sports car, but she chose her attire perfectly. She’s in blue, allowing her outfit to meld into the car’s color, bringing focus back to her. The location she chose was the exterior of a home or even an upscale hotel.

Who knows?

Either way, she killed it with this shoot and over half a million people engaged with this post.

5. Black and White

A classy black-and-white photo will grab your followers’ attention and make an impression. Model Ashley Graham has a great example of this photoshoot idea:

The lighting, her large hat and her classy outfit really create a stunning photo that captures her followers’ attention.

6. Studio Portraits

Classic studio portraits are always a good choice for modeling photoshoots. If you have studio equipment at home, it will be easy to plan this kind of shoot. If not, connect with a professional photographer and work together.

What do studio portraits look like? Here’s a great example:


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A post shared by Alana Pallister (@alanapallister)

These photos focus more on your modeling skills than anything else, so they’re a great addition to your Instagram account.

7. Vlog Style

A vlog-style photoshoot gives followers the final result (your professional shot) and some behind-the-scenes photos that make your followers feel like they are there with you.

Here’s a good example of this photoshoot idea:


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A post shared by Shay Mitchell (@shaymitchell)

The first photo in this carousel screams high fashion., but as you scroll through, you get a peek at this model’s life and travels.

8. Candid Street Shots

Photoshoots don’t have to look planned. In fact, some of the most engaging modeling photos are the ones that look like they were taken on-the-fly. Candid photos are fun to shoot because they can be spontaneous.

Pick a location, plan your outfit, makeup and hair, and see what happens.

Here’s a great example of this kind of photoshoot:


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A post shared by Leia Sfez (@leiasfez)

This model looks like she’s just out and about running errands or exploring the city, but she’s effortlessly chic while doing it. People love this kind of content. The 12K+ likes are a testament to how popular this idea is with models.

9. Vintage Black and White

Vintage-themed photoshoots are always a hit because they take your followers back to another place in time. The roaring 20s is a popular theme for this kind of photoshoot, but you can choose any era you want.

Here’s a great example:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by LUCKY BLUE SMITH (@luckybsmith)

This model is wearing a white dinner jacket and bowtie with a slick-back hairstyle that was popular in the 40s and 50s. His rings add a modern touch to the photo.

10. Professional and Confident

If you want to spotlight your confidence and business prowess, plan a photoshoot that focuses on professional wear and confident poses, like the example below:


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A post shared by Kelly Rutherford (@kellyrutherford)

This model has “girl boss” vibes, thanks to her black jumpsuit, flashy rings, slick-back hair and seated pose.

11. In Action

Action photoshoots are fun, but they also produce some amazing photos that your followers will love. Your “in-action” photoshoot can showcase you doing anything, from dancing to playing a sport or horseback riding, like the example below:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sean O’Pry (@seanopry55)

This model shares this amazing photo in black and white and color. But he also shares a behind-the-scenes photo of the location, which gives his followers a glimpse into his personal life.

If you’re going to try this kind of photoshoot, planning will be key. Choose the right time (golden hour) and the right location.

12. Casual Lounge

Here’s a classic photoshoot idea for men and women: the casual lounge. It’s subtle, sexy and sophisticated. The goal is for your relaxed, laid-back style to look effortless.

Here’s a great example of this idea and aesthetic:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by David Gandy (@davidgandy_official)

In this photo, the model’s style is casual but put-together. The chair helps him maintain a relaxed pose. Everything about this photo – the colors, the style and the backdrop – screams class and sophistication.


Photoshoots are the perfect way to showcase your modeling skills while sharing unique content on Instagram. Use these ideas to plan photoshoots for your social accounts and keep your followers engaged for months to come.

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