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30 Popular Spanish Influencers You Need to Follow (2023)

Looking for Spanish-speaking influencers to follow on Instagram or YouTube? Check out our must-see list of 30 popular Spanish influencers and enrich your timeline with content from Spanish entrepreneurs, fashion experts, travel aficionados, and more.
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  5. 30 Popular Spanish Influencers You Need to Follow (2023)
Spanish Influencers
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In Spain, over 40 million people are using social media (as of 2022). That’s roughly 85% of the country’s entire population!

Based on those numbers, it’s clear that there’s an incredible opportunity in Spain for influencer marketing. And indeed, according to Statista, 53% of social media users in Spain follow influencers – typically on Instagram or YouTube.

Who are these Spanish influencers that are creating such engaging, follow-worthy content? To answer that question, we’ve put together a list of 30 popular Spanish influencer accounts that millions of people around the world are hyped about.

But before we get to that list, let’s take a look at which social media platforms users in Spain are flocking to for influencer content.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Most Popular for Spanish Influencers?

When it comes to which social media platforms are most popular for Spanish influencers, there are really only two that stand out: Instagram and YouTube.

According to the results of a 2022 survey sent out by Statista, 74% of Spanish social media users who responded said they used Instagram to follow their favorite influencers. Meanwhile, 44% of respondents said they followed influencers on YouTube.

It should come as no surprise, then, that all the Spanish influencers we cover in this article have Instagram accounts. Many of them also own YouTube channels.

30 Popular Spanish Influencers by Content Category

If you’re ready to fill your timeline with exciting Spanish content in 2023, follow these 30 popular Spanish influencers on Instagram and YouTube.

Digital Creators

1. Willyrex (@willyrex)

Willyrex is a digital creator famous for his gaming videos on YouTube. He is also a well-known lifestyle influencer on Instagram, where he primarily shares photos from his travels and vignettes with his family.

2. Samuel de Luque (@vegetta777)

Samuel de Luque, or vegetta777, plays video games and publishes his gameplay as videos on his YouTube channel. He owns an e-sports club called Mad Lions E.C. He is also a lifestyle influencer.

3. Jordi Wild (@jordiwild8)

Jordi Wild is a famous YouTuber and Instagram influencer. His YouTube content consists of gameplay videos, reactions, challenges, and deep dives into the Deep Web.

4. Lucía Bellido (@labelliido)

Lucia Bellido is a popular fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. She also has a successful YouTube channel where she posts Shorts that show off her makeup, outfits, and daily activities.

5. Paula Gonu (@paulagonu)

Paula Gonu is an influencer and Instagram model. She first became famous on YouTube, where she posts vlogs, product tests, shopping hauls, and more. In 2018, she released a single called “Beautiful Person.”

6. XOKAS (@elxokas)

XOKAS is a digital creator who became famous on multiple social media platforms after he streamed his playthrough of the World of Warcraft video game. His other YouTube content includes reaction videos, eating vlogs, and personal reflections.


7. Anna Lewandowska (@annalewandowska)

Anna Lewandowska is a lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur. Her Instagram content focuses on her family, as well as on living and eating as healthy as possible.

8. Diego Suarez Liceras (@diegosuarez24k)

Diego Suarez Liceras is a Spanish businessman. His Instagram photos show him attending corporate events, traveling, and spending time with his family.

9. Jessica Haller (@jessica_haller)

Jessica Haller is an Instagram influencer and businesswoman. Together with her husband, Johannes Haller, she owns a luxury boat rental company called Haller Experiences, based in Ibiza, Spain.

10. Anna Padilla (@annafpadilla)

Anna Padilla is an entrepreneur and a fashion and lifestyle influencer. She owns two companies: Papaya Representacion & Comunicacion, which is an influencer marketing agency, and No Ni Na, a jewelry and clothing store.

11. Nicanor Garcia (@nicanorgarcia)

Nicanor Garcia is a world traveler and photographer. His Instagram feed is filled with stunning photos of the architecture in the diverse locales he’s visited.

Fashion Influencers

12. Magno Scavo (@magno_scavo)

Magno Scavo is a men’s fashion influencer, model, and content creator. He also owns his own clothing brand called Scavo.

13 . Ana Paula Saenz (@anapaulasaenzoficialgm)

Ana Paula Saenz is a fashion influencer and a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. She was recently featured as the cover model for the digital publications, Grazia and Glamour. She also owns her own line of cosmetics called Ana Paula Saenz Cosmetics.

14. Alexandra Pereira (@alexandrapereira)

Alexandra Pereira is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. She has represented several well-known clothing and accessories brands, including Max Mara, Miu Miu, and Louis Vuitton.

15. Vicky Martin Berrocal (@vickymartinberrocal)

Vicky Martin Berrocal is a famous fashion designer whose looks have been worn on the red carpet. She owns her own clothing brand, called Victoria. 

16. Tony Spina (@tonyspina_89)

Tony Spina is a Spain-based fashion model and an Instagram influencer. He frequently travels to photoshoots around the world, including Paris where he posed in front of the Eiffel Tower.

17. Xavier Serrano (@xavierserrano)

Xavier Serrano is a male fashion model. He is also the co-founder of Offcode Agency, a company that provides digital marketing, production, and talent management.

18. Sandra Ferrizz (@sandraferrizz)

Sandra Ferrizz is a digital creator and social media influencer. Her Instagram posts focus primarily on fashion, but also beauty and lifestyle.

Fitness Influencers

19. Cristina Gilabert Benito (@criscanaria5)

Cristina Gilabert Benito is a fitness model and influencer. She is also an affiliate of the nutrition brand Prozis, which sells supplements, activewear, and other fitness products.

20. Vikika (@vikikacosta)

Vikika is a fitness entrepreneur. She uses her Instagram as a platform to share workout tutorials, healthy recipes, and special moments with her child. She also teaches virtual exercise classes.

21. Ruben Garcia (@rvbengarcia)

Ruben Garcia is an athlete and a fitness influencer. He posts recipes for healthy, delicious-looking meals, snacks, and desserts, as well as tips to help maximize your workout. He also has his own workout app.

22. Borja Sanfelix (@borjasanfelix)

Borja Sanfelix is a fitness coach and Instagram influencer. He has a workout app and a meal plan, which he offers for a yearly subscription fee. He is also an affiliate of Prozis.

23. Maria Casas (@mariasquatfit)

Maria Casas is a fitness trainer and author. She published a recipe book and posts exercise techniques and tips to her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Travel Influencers

24. Jesus Calleja (@jesuscallejatv) 

Jesus Calleja is an experienced adventurer, world traveler, and mountain climber who posts vlogs that document his journeys. He is also a television presenter.

25. Mishel Gerzig (@mishelgerzig)

Mishel Gerzig is an Israeli traveler and model. Her fiance is Thibaut Courtois, a football player for the Real Madrid soccer club.

26. Kris (@buscandoalsol)

Kris is a digital creator and travel influencer. She shares travel tips and inspiration pictures to help her followers find their next vacation destination.

27. Charlotte (@carlotaaaatorres)

Charlotte is a travel, lifestyle, fashion, and dance influencer. She frequently shares photos of herself visiting popular tourist destinations around the world and promoting brands that she’s affiliated with.

28. Ali Moron (@aliimoron)

Ali Moron is a digital creator and a travel, fashion, and lifestyle influencer. Her content includes her experiences staying at luxury hotels and resorts, tutorials for how to style hair and clothing, and promotional materials for her brand partners.

29. Jonathan Perez Amoros (@jhoonpereza)

Jonathan Perez Amoros is a travel and health and wellness influencer. He is the co-founder of Cambia Cambiando, a community that gives its members the tools they need to start their own business and take control of their physical and mental wellbeing. He also owns Surf&River, which is a sports agency and surf school.

30. Gemma Marin (@gemma_marin)

Gemma Marin is a travel, lifestyle, and fitness influencer. Her Instagram content promotes women’s wellness and empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most popular Spanish Instagram influencer?

World famous singer and performer Shakira (@shakira) is the most popular Spanish Instagram influencer, with over 87 million followers.

Who is the most popular Spanish YouTuber?

Ruben Doblas Gunderson (@elrubiusOMG) has the most subscribers of any Spanish YouTuber with over 40 million subscribers.


Whether it’s fashion you’re interested in, or fitness, entrepreneurs, travel, or something else, there is no shortage of Spanish influencers to follow for content that matches your preferences. Check out the 30 popular Spanish influencers in our list and add them to your followed/subscribed lists ASAP!

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