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What Are Sponsored Posts? And Their Types (2024)

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What Are Sponsored Posts? And Their Types
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When the majority of social media users see an obvious ad, they’re going to scroll right on by. It’s too obvious, and consumers don’t like that one bit. So, how are you supposed to expand your reach without looking like you’re trying too hard? Enter the sponsored post, which is a powerful tool for content creators and brands alike. 

Unlike traditional ads, sponsored posts will look more like a native post to your page. Think influencers doing user generated content, or informative blog posts. Many  businesses are opting for adding them to their marketing strategy. 

In fact, data shows that US brands are expected to spend $7.14 billion on sponsored/influencer marketing in the coming year. So, let’s talk about what sponsored posts are and how they can benefit your brand to expand your reach. 

What is a Sponsored Post? 

Simply put, a sponsored post is any type of content that you’ve paid to promote. Whether your brand is creating it and paying for the ad, or you have a content creator do so. Typically, sponsored posts are content created by an influencer, content creator or blogger in collaboration with your brand. When you make sponsored posts, you’re investing that money to reach a wider range of your key audience. 

You’ll find sponsored posts in any corner of the social media world from Instagram to LinkedIn. Brands are leaning towards this type of post because they help them stand out amongst their competitors who may only be doing organic posts. 

What are the Different Types of Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored content is not only an ad, it should be giving something of value to your audience. It should go beyond simply promoting your product, and there are several types. 

1. Product Reviews & Recommendations👔

First, one of the most common types of sponsored posts you’ll see online are product reviews. These posts will state that they’re a sponsored ad, but they show a personal recommendation from the creator. They will show the product, go into details about it and can direct users to a link to buy it. If you have a small budget, sometimes content creators will do these types of posts just for the free product.

2. Giveaways/Contests📊

Brands can collaborate with influencers to do giveaways and contests for sponsored posts, as well. Reviews are great, but a contest creates engagement and can draw a new audience to your brand that you may have been missing. 

3. Vlogs🤳🏻

Similar to product reviews, creators can weave the brand’s message seamlessly into the videos they make. By naturally integrating the product/service into their personal stories, they’ll be advertising the product in an organic and relatable way. 

4. Sponsored Blogs and Articles

Another commonly seen type of sponsored post is a sponsored blog or article. Unlike traditional ads, sponsored content is meant to engage and inform your audience. What better way to do that than with an article full of data and useful information? Creators can write informative content that directs users to your brand. 

5. Affiliate Marketing📦 

Affiliate marketing is when influencers or content creators promote products/services for a brand using affiliate links. When someone uses the link, they earn a commission from the sale which incentivizes them to create content. For example, these links can be placed within a blog post, or in an Instagram bio to direct users to the product. 

6. Social Media Takeovers

This sponsored post format type is when a content creator takes over a brand’s social media account. It allows them to introduce the brand to their own audience in an authentic engaging manner. They’ll typically post on their own accounts to drive traffic to yours when they do the takeover.

How Brands Can Craft Top Notch Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts can be powerful, but they must be done correctly. Here are some of our tips on how brands can create stellar sponsored posts. 

1. Define Clear Objectives

It’s crucial that the campaign should have specific goals. This can be anything from driving sales, boosting brand awareness or increasing engagement. When you have clear objectives, you’ll be able to choose the right content creators and strategies for your sponsored posts. 

2. Selecting the Right Content Creators

While there is a seemingly endless supply of content creators on every social media platform, brands need to choose carefully. After you’ve chosen your goals for sponsored posts, you should be able to narrow it down to the types of content creators you want to collaborate with. They should have an authentic and personal approach that aligns with your brand’s value and target demographics. 

3. Focus on Authenticity 

For sponsored posts to be effective, they need to feel authentic to the audience. That means that creators need to make content that feels natural and not like they’ve been paid to make it. The content should resonate with your brand and convey your message to build trust and credibility.

How Content Creators Can Improve Sponsored Posts

On the other side, content creators have to become masters at sponsored posts and making sure brands fit with their message, as well. 

1. Choose Brands That Align With Your Content

As a creator, you may want to say yes to any brand that comes your way. It’s important to remember to partner with brands that complement your content and resonate with your audience. This will also improve authenticity that benefits you as well as the brand. 

2. Be Transparent

When it comes to sponsored content, ALWAYS be transparent. Your audience should be made aware that it’s sponsored content. This honestly will build trust and loyalty for you and the brand you’ve partnered with. 

3. Create Genuine Content 

Your content should seamlessly incorporate the brand you’re partnering with into your style. Focus on delivering value and information while organically showcasing the brand. Don’t make it the main focus of the content.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, sponsored posts offer a way for brands and content creators to both expand their reach. Brands and creators can leverage each other’s strength to build authentic connections with new and existing audiences. 

To harness the full potential of sponsored posts, make sure you set clear objectives, partner with the right creators, and do your research! 

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