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What Is YouTube Super Chat and How Does It Work?

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YouTube Super Chat Explained
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YouTube has undoubtedly been the talk-of-the-town platform for creators to showcase their talent and also receive revenue in unique ways. Out of all of those, the 2017-launched fun Super Chat feature still holds the crown. So if you’re wondering what is YouTube Super Chat and how does it work, you’ll know all about it here!

With this, creators don’t have to reach out to different means of payment – like Patreon or Ko-fi – anymore. In fact, both big and small creators with passionate and consistent viewers can make pretty great revenue through it.

So, whether you’re a creator or a fan, check out this exhaustive article to know everything about it!

What is YouTube Super Chat?

Currently, one of the coolest features of YouTube is Super Chat. It connects dedicated viewers and fans to their favorite creators in real time!

How Does YouTube Super Chat Work?

During a YouTube creator’s live stream, viewers can pay to highlight their comments in attractive colors using this feature. The comment is also pinned on the chat window top, along with the contributor’s name.

While the viewer can choose the amount that ranges from $1- $500, the greater your contribution, the longer your comment stays pinned and highlighted on the chat window!

With this fun and interactive feature, you can support your favorite creator and stand out amidst the crowd for them to notice you. You may also get a shoutout if you keep using the feature on their videos regularly!

There’s another sub-feature to Super Chat, called Super Stickers, which highlights and pins animated stickers sent by contributors along with the donation.

Lesser Known Facts About Super Chats

While it sounds exciting to support a creator or find more ways to earn from your channel, Super Chat comes with a few rules, like:

  • YouTube claims about 30% of every Super Chat contribution.
  • Super Chats are non-refundable contributions. Contributors receive an email for every payment, and very few circumstances lead to refunds.
  • Viewers can send at most $500/day and $2000/week through Super Chats.
  • A $500 contribution comment stays pinned and highlighted on the chat for 5 hours. A $100 contribution does the same for 1 hour.
  • Depending on the amount you send, your Super Chat is highlighted in various colors – like red, green, blue, etc.
  • Creators need an AdSense account to receive funds from the channel.

What’s the Point of Using Super Chat for Viewers?

Super Chat helps you stand out more during live streams and grab your favorite creator’s attention. You don’t just passively watch; instead, you become a part of the moment as you get the spotlight among the sea of comments. But wait, there’s more to it, like these…

1. Real-Time Engagement

During live streams, there are hundreds or thousands of regular comments. If you also do the same, your favorite creator may not notice you.

In this situation, an effective way to grab a creator’s attention is to use Super Chat. However, remember that several viewers compete for this attention. So, you must choose the right amount to make it to the top sections. This boosts your chances of being noticed by a creator.

Once that happens, they’ll mention your name and thank you for it. If there’s any interesting message or thought-provoking question, they also reply promptly.

2. Appreciation

Nobody is obliged to send a Super Chat/Super Sticker to a creator. However, this little step can help a creator keep putting out more content and feel dedicated. You can support your favorite creator during their tough times.

Your little contribution can help them turn their passion into a sustainable career choice. This earning helps creators hold more frequent live streams. They become more open to engaging with you, and you build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Moreover, if a channel doesn’t grow fast, even promising creators give up on YouTube. However, you can motivate small channels to keep working with a “Super Chat” tip.

How to Use Super Chat as a Creator?

As a creator, if you want to use the Super Chat feature, check whether you meet these eligibility criteria.

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must have a monetized channel with a minimum of 500 subscribers.
  • Your country must be eligible for this feature.

Despite ticking off this list, Super Chat is still not available for your channel?

Go to your live stream settings and check whether you enabled the live chat feature. That’s necessary to receive and view Super Chats.

If all of the above-mentioned criteria are met and the live chat feature is enabled, follow these steps:

Step #1: Open or log in to YouTube Studio from your desktop or open the app.

Step #2: Click on “Earn” on the menu on the left. If you’re using the app, check the bottom right.

Step #3: Click on “Supers” and enable Super Chats and Super Stickers.

Step #4: You can also restrict words and phrases from the chat in this section.

Step #5: You can also disable the Super Chats and Super Stickers whenever necessary under the “Supers” tab of the “Earn” section.

How to Enjoy the Best of Super Chat?

Being a creator, you must consider a few additional steps after enabling the super chat feature. This will help you earn the best using it. So, here’s what you must do.

1. Appreciate Super Chats

Whenever you receive a Super Chat during streams, thank the contributor and mention their name. If they ask you questions, answer them in the best possible way.

If they just share a statement, try to engage with it. Just make sure the contributor doesn’t feel that their money went to waste!

2. Share Clarity with Viewers

All of your viewers may not know about the Super Chat or Super Sticker feature. So, talk about the feature during the stream.

Let them know how it works, the connection between contribution and the duration of a message being pinned, and all other details. Share whether you will also give shoutouts or are open to creating exclusive content for contributors.

3. Use Moderation Tools

With moderation tools, maintain a respectful environment and prevent the usage of abusive or harassing comments. For instance, check your previous videos for the most common negative comments. Block particular words or phrases to control the chat environment.

4. Have a Theme for Live Streams

Hold live streams with particular themes to encourage viewers to voluntarily use Super Chats and get noticed. For instance, hold interactive Q&A sessions or perform giveaways.

How to Use Super Chat as a Viewer?

You must be pretty excited to show all the appreciation and love for your favorite creator. However, before you attempt to use this, ensure whether you’re eligible for it:

  • You must be at least 18 years or older.
  • You must have your own credit card. You may use your parents’ or other elders’ credit card. However, that may lead to issues later on.

If you’re eligible, follow these steps to send a Super Chat (or Super Sticker):

Step #1: Join your creator’s YouTube live stream. You can also find the ongoing live stream on

Step #2: Check for the dollar bill sign on the chat window.

Step #3: Click on it and a slide of several options shows up.

Step #4: Touch and drag to choose the amount you want to send.

Step #5: Write your comment and hit BUY AND SEND.

Step #6: You’ll have to fill in your credit card details, which will be charged.

Step #7: Your comment and amount will be pinned on top of the chat with a specific color.

Step #8: Never use the feature to send harassing comments, or the creator might block/ban you.

Step #9: If you want to send a Super Sticker, you can choose from various characters like Masher, Popo, a video game controller, or a young hippopotamus.

Step #10: Some stickers are also more expensive than others, so choose the sticker wisely.

Is “Super Thanks” the Same as “Super Chat”?

Another YouTube feature similar to Super Chat is Super Thanks. With this, a viewer can leave highlighted comments on a creator’s video with a tip to appreciate them, and creators get a special notification for every Super Thanks they receive. However, this is not available for live streams.

But here’s how you can send “super thanks” to your favorite creator:

Step #1: Check the bottom of the video and look for the “Thanks” button with a dollar sign within a heart. It’s in the same line as Likes and Shares.

Step #2: Click on the icon and select the amount you’ll send.

Step #3: Write your comment or choose an animation you like and hit Send.

If a creator hasn’t enabled Super Thanks, you can’t use this.

Is Super Chat a Flawless Feature?

While Super Chat is an innovative feature to bridge the gap between creators and viewers, it still has a few limitations:

  • Viewers who can’t afford to donate feel alienated, and streams feel less inclusive for them.
  • Some creators have used the feature about controversial topics just to get more donations. It seems manipulative in a way.
  • The feature isn’t accessible worldwide. In some areas, there are currency and maximum contribution restrictions.
  • Even after using Moderation tools, spammy and inappropriate Super Chat comments may be an issue, especially for large streams.
  • Some viewers may not use the feature out of privacy concerns.

Final Word!

Now that you know everything about Super Chat, it’s time to make the best of this feature. Of course, there are some limitations like everything else in the world – but does that reduce its efficacy – absolutely not!

If you’re a viewer, don’t miss the opportunity to share your appreciative note and make your favorite creator’s day. You can even ask them meaningful questions that have been buzzing in the back of your mind!

And, if you’re a creator, don’t forget to turn on this ultra-cool feature. Notify your viewers about it, and feel free to engage with them through it.

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