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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 20 Million Views?

Do you want to reach 20 million views? Can you quit your job with 20M views? You'll be shocked at the answer.
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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 20 Million Views
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If you want to be famous on YouTube, 20 million views is a very good start. If you’ve made it to this threshold, you obviously know what you’re doing and have carved out a good place in your niche because very few creators hit this milestone.

But how much money does YouTube pay for 20 million views? Will it be life-changing?

It depends on your niche. We know a lot of creators with fewer views who make even more money than those below. If you’re willing to create a course or get into affiliate marketing, you can easily double or triple these figures.

Add as many sources of income as you can as a creator to really bring in the big paychecks.

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make From 20 Million Views?

We’re going to focus heavily on long-form videos because we’ve done our research and know that they make a lot more than Shorts. You’ll find that for 1 million views on Shorts, the average person is making $10 – $60.

And as you’ll see, that’s not much compared to the long-form videos. While not as profitable, we do want to mention that Shorts can:

  • Attract new subscribers
  • Lure viewers to long-form content

If you leverage Shorts the right way, they will certainly help you make money in the long term.

1. Solving the Money Problem

Solving the Money Problem is another great example of a person making great money off of YouTube in just his first year. He has an RPM of $8.82 and a playback RPM of $20.75. His total earnings for 20 million views ended up being $181,857.

He’s earning $15,100 from ad revenue.

Affiliate earnings made him $97,000. He’s also running a Patreon that made him $32,922. He covers a lot of topics, but he’s primarily talking about Tesla stock, and anything related to Elon Musk.

What’s interesting is that he talks just about Tesla and Musk, and he made over $320,000 last year from all income sources combined.

2. Gears and Gadgets

Dan from Gears and Gadgets had an amazing month when he went to a speaking event and decided to share his earnings on 10 million views. You’ll find that he has 10.4 million views, so we’re going to double his earnings to come up with how much he might earn with 20 million views.

His watch time is 679,000 hours, which is mind-blowing for a channel with 64k subscribers.

He also shares insights on:

  • Affiliate sales
  • Partnerships
  • Etc.

And I think adding this information to this guide provides a more in-depth look at what the channel earns.

It took the channel seven years to hit 10 million views, but keep in mind he doesn’t create full-time. He has a traditional job and uses his channel for side income.

Revenue for 10 million views was $91,357 from ad revenue, or $182,714 if he hit 20 million.

When you add in affiliate sales and other income, the channel brings in $44,527 per year (2022).

3. Digital Income Project (Shorts NOT Long-Term Videos)

I’m not going to cover Shorts beyond this creator because they don’t make the same amount of money. So, why am I covering Digital Income Project then? The reason is that the creator has a faceless channel and used their strategy to gain 62k subscribers.

If you can get 60,000+ subs from Shorts, do it.

Every sub you receive has immense value. With that in mind, this creator has one Short with 5 million views and earned $360 from it. If this video hits 20 million views, it will make him $1,440.

But the creator does state that they have a $10 CPM, although for 35.7 million views, they earned $2,431.

From our math, the true CPM for the channel is $6.8 (still high) and for 20 million Short views, they would have earned $1,361. Niche plays a major role here and the creator points out that most of his traffic comes from the U.S., which will pay more money in general.

4. Budget Treasures

Budget Treasures is another amazing creator who shares her insights on earnings for one million views.

Why are we not showing just people with 20 million views?

No one is sharing these figures, so we’re doing our best with the data that we can collect. Budget Treasures made:

  • $10,440 for 1.1M views
  • $189,818 for 20M views (estimate)

You can’t argue with adding another almost $200,000 to your bank account if you’re a YouTuber. She shares information on living expenses, splitting bills, debt and savings. She even had a no-spend January video where she showed her audience how to save money in January.

Budgeting is another major focal point of her video, so she is in a high-paying niche.

What I find very impressive is that she somehow has over 500 videos in this niche and is 100% honest with her content. She even shared that she’s recently back in debt, which isn’t ideal for her, but it’s real.

5. JMG Enterprises

JMG Enterprises is another creator with 1 million views that we’ll be

using to estimate how much he would earn if he 20x his views. Since RPMs will vary, these are just estimates and can be quite a bit higher or lower.

He has numerous videos with 1 million views, so it will be fun to compare them and how much he would earn:

  • Removing ear wax is an interesting niche, and he made $3,969 from 1.2M views, which is $3,307 for 1M views. He’ll make $66,140 from 20 million views on this video.
  • How to unclog your toilet makes a lot more money. That video got 980,000 views and earned him $6,909. Hitting 20 million views would earn him $138,180.

The best part is that he spent 10 minutes on each video and they’re continually earning him money every single day. Creators want to hit this level of success where they have a large content library, and it just earns them money on autopilot.

You can earn a great income from the hobbies that you love, like JMG does.


If you’re inspired to make great content and want to try and hit 20 million views, start with a plan. It’s not too late to create a channel because people are doing it right now. Carve out your place with unique content and focus on quality.

If you do, you’ll be well on your way to hitting 20 million views or more.

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