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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 200 Million Views?

Will you make $100,000, $250,000, $1M+ from 200M views?
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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 200 Million Views
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If you hit 200M views on YouTube, you’ll make life-changing money. How much does YouTube pay for 200 million views? A LOT.

But we want to clear the air about a few things:

  • Not many creators share their earnings for 200M views.
  • We’re going to be using a lot of math to come up with these figures.
  • You’ll make even more with sponsors, affiliates, and other income sources.
  • Shorts will not make you rich and are not going to be covered extensively.

If you keep all of this in mind, I think that you’ll be pretty impressed with these earnings. We do have another video for creators with 100m views and their earnings, but this one will cover the topic a bit more in-depth.

How Much Money Does YouTube Pay For 200 Million Views?

Hitting 200 million views on YouTube and getting paid is a milestone that all creators should strive to reach. You’ll find the information below to be insightful and intriguing because it shows how your earnings can be impacted by:

  • Niche
  • Video duration
  • Demographic

We’ll be starting with one of the only people who has hit the 200M mark and has been nice enough to divulge his earnings.

1. Humphrey Young

Humphrey is awesome because he is one of the rare creators who has 200 million lifetime views and was happy to share his earnings with the world. You’ll want to note that he has 1.23 million subs and focuses a lot on investment and money: two niches that have very high RPMs.

In 2023 alone, he made over $250,000 in revenue.

What he does mention is that when he had 75 videos, he barely broke $5,000 in earnings and never thought that he would be where he is today with his channel.

In 2022, he posted 55 videos, had 98.4 million views, and earned $107,368. So, if you’re close to the 100m view mark, you’ll be happy to see that you make a lot more.

If you watch through his very long video, you’ll see that he earned:

  • $523,170 from 207M views
  • 170 million are probably Shorts views (so he says)

Imagine if all of these views were from just long-form videos. The reason why we wanted to include this creator, even though a lot of views are from Shorts, is because you’ll like be creating them, too.

2. JMG Enterprises

JMG has a lot of interesting content and makes our lists often because he is blatantly honest. His two top videos were made in 10 minutes. While most creators will spend a lot more time than this on filming and editing, it is a glimpse into how, even if you make a video fast, you can earn great money if it’s a topic you know very well.

With this information in mind, he walks you through two videos:

  • Removing ear wax, which made $3,307 from 1 million views and would earn $661,400 for 200 million views.
  • How to unclog a toilet, which had just under 1M views and earned him $6,909. If you do the math, this single video with 200M views would net the channel 1.38 million dollars.

What we do find interesting is that JMG doesn’t seem to hold the engagement of his audience as well as other creators.


If you browse through his channel, you’ll find that he covers everything. He will have a video about installing fonts and then another one on mold in your toilet.

But he seems to love what he does, and you can’t fault him for creating content on things he likes. We assume that if he niched down further, he would have an audience that is even more engaged, and his subscribers would watch more of his videos.

3. Shelby Church

Shelby goes through a lot of tips throughout her video and she found that on her own channel, she can make $500 – $10,000 for 1 million views. Here’s where it gets very tricky for creators who assume that since one video makes $20 RPM that the next one will, too.

Your videos can make drastically different money with the same views.

Based on Shelby’s data, you can make:

  • $100,000 – $2,000,000 per 200M views

And these figures show the drastic difference between earnings. One is enough to fund your retirement, and the other is not.

One of her videos with 2.2 million views made $743, or $74,300 for 200 million views.

If these figures sound low, they are. What Shelby does mention is that if you make videos that are 5 minutes long, you’ll earn about 20% of what you would if the video was 10+ minutes long.


If a video is longer, more ads can be placed in them and they’ll earn you more money. Shelby’s videos include:

  • Inside awesome homes
  • How to pose
  • Features in a Tesla Model 3
  • How one house on Airbnb makes $500k per year

4. Tayo Aina

Tayo has grown his channel a lot since his original video was made and has over 800K subscribers, which is a feat for any creator. He calls himself a filmmaker and storyteller, and he creates primarily travel videos.

He has videos on:

  • Namibia
  • Africa’s deadliest lake
  • Nigeria
  • Zanzibar

I found myself watching his content because he does show a side of Africa that I’ve never seen before, which is neat.

His video on Lagos made him $3,370 for 1 million views, so how much would YouTube pay him for 200 million views on the same video? $674,000. 

If you want to learn of alternative ways to make money off of your channel, Tayo does share a lot of insights that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

5. Greg Preece

Greg shares data from multiple channels and uses a spreadsheet to determine how much these creators would make with 1 million views. We know why he’s doing it, too: this data is very hard to find.

But about 1 minute and 50 seconds into his video, he shares that for 1 million views, he earned $13,153.

If you’ve been following along, you know that he’s making a ton of money on his channel because he is making far more than Shelby and others for the same number of views.

So, if he had 200 million views, he would earn around $2.63 million.

Content that Greg creates is around:

  • YouTube payouts
  • Shopify
  • AI
  • Dropshipping
  • Selling products

He seems to be very interested in helping people earn money, and it’s a niche that does pay very well.

6. Paul Kousky

Paul was the focus of a Business Insider article and films about what he loves: nerf guns. Passion is huge when you create a YouTube channel because it empowers you to do something you like rather than slog through the content creation process.

With this in mind, for 150M views, he earned $97,000, which would be $129,000 at 200M.

One thing that impacts Paul’s earnings a lot is that his audience can be 5% U.S., which means that the ads being displayed for many of his viewers are not high-paying.

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