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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 300K Views?

Would you like to earn an extra $12,000? One creator with 300k views did. Learn what the other 5 made from their channels.
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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 300K Views
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YouTube monetization is a time for celebration. If you’ve just got monetized or have been for a while, you can’t help but be curious about how much creators on the platform are making. We know that it’s hard not to think how much money does YouTube pay for 300k views? 1 million? 10 million?

Money is a great way to keep motivated and stay on track for your channel.

If you’ve ever wondered what you can make with 300k views, you’ll be shocked to learn that:

  • One creator made 3 times what the other five did
  • One creator made 10% or less than most on the list

Ready to see how much these creators made?

How Much Money Does YouTube Pay For 300K Views: 6 Creators Share Their Stories

YouTube can earn you thousands of dollars in a single month, but it takes time and persistence. We were shocked to learn that some of these creators abandoned their channels because they were on a good trajectory to make some serious money.

How much did they earn?

Let’s start with the creator who had the lowest earnings first.

1. Kris Elisa

Kris is a newer creator with 4.8k subscribers, but she has a video that has gotten 300k views already, which is so impressive. She shares screenshots of her earnings and tidbits on how you can get monetized, too.

Her video, Easy Way to Get a Low Sleek Ponytail on Natural Hair, got her 345k views.

What we do notice is that the video is 2:51 long, so it’s not long enough for the much better-paying ads, which is a shame. She didn’t try padding her video just to make it longer.

She earned: $394.76 from 345k views.

If you’re into beauty and want to create a channel centered around it, you’ll like these guides we’ve created:

2. Destiny Adams

Destiny’s channel is all about business, entrepreneurship and side hustles. She’s a woman on a mission to make money, and she even has her own store where she sells a bunch of digital products to really maximize her earnings from her 111k subscribers.

So, how much did she get paid for 300k views on YouTube?

  • 307.5K views made her $12,808.93
  • $41.74 RPM; $71.14 CPM

However, don’t think every video will earn you this much. One of her videos on unboxing a Rolex watch had an RPM of $4.28 and a CPM of $8.02. Her earnings for this video would be just $1,284.

If you follow her channel:

  • Business
  • Networking
  • Marketing

3. Tommy Bryson

Tommy made a video in 2020 where he shared with the world how much he made for 383,000 views on YouTube. He has since had his channel explode to over 560k subscribers, so he’s likely making a ton of money today.

The video that gave him all of these views is about starting an ATM business.

Tommy is an accountant who focuses on:

  • Finance
  • Money hacks
  • Quitting your job
  • Etc.

When you break down the video’s earnings, he made $5,363 for 384k views. If we do a bit of calculation here, we figure that he would make just under $4,190 for 300k views.

You can really start seeing just how your niche plays a major role in your earnings because:

  • Kris made $394
  • Destiny made $12,808
  • Tommy made $4,190

Even if you repeated the same video as these creators, your earnings may be different because economics and how much advertisers are paying at this moment in time changes so much.

4. Black Hustlers Club

Black Hustlers Club has multiple channels and shares his earnings of both in this video. He does use his money to invest, which is a smart use of your side income if you have a full-time job already.

In 2019, he had 61,168 views and made $63.07.

Why am I showing you this? As the creator states, it’s a process to grow your channel and while you may see the big numbers from 300k views, it takes a lot of time to become a success.

So, for 286k views he made $8,881 in just the month of February. He said it took a single viral video to get this many views, and his channel has 243k subscribers now.

The content on his channel that’s most popular is:

  • Trying side hustles
  • How to make your first $100k
  • Affiliate marketing videos

Interestingly, he seems to have abandoned his channel even though he was having great success.

5. Timothy Williams Jr

Timothy is as real as it comes when sharing his earnings. He is afraid to be in front of the camera, yet he is killing it on YouTube. It took him one video to get 300k views, 15k subs and to get monetized.

He didn’t have someone to help him with business, finance and investing, so he started his channel. It took him four months to post his first video.

With this in mind, he made:

  • $3,243 from 356k views
  • $2,732 from 300k views

His video on starting a Box Truck business had an RPM of $9.16. He’s also been silent on his channel for quite some time, and we have to assume it’s either that he ran out of ideas or didn’t like the direction the channel was taking.

A lot of his content was on side hustles and making $500 a day.

He was also rushed to the hospital last year, which may be why he has taken a break from content creation.

6. Budget Treasures

Budget Treasures likes to stick to her goals for three months at a time, which is a good practice for any creator. She focuses very heavily on budgeting and bettering herself. What’s refreshing about her channel is that she’s 100% honest.

If she makes a mistake and gets back into debt, she tells everyone.

Her video is long, and she writes the revenue in a notebook, so you won’t have an easy way to see how much she earned.

We went through it for you, and she had:

  • $4,193

In a single month, she made $4,193, and she has never been paid this much before on YouTube.

Recap of the Earnings for Each Creator With 300k Views on YouTube

We thought it would be nice to showcase how much each creator earned for 300k views in an easy-to-read format. You can view the data below:

Creator Niche Earnings for 300K Views
Kris Elisa Beauty $394
Destiny Adams Business  $12,808
Tommy Bryson Business $4,190
Black Hustlers Club Side Hustles and Business $8,881
Timothy Williams Jr Business, Investing and Finance $2,732
Budget Treasures Budgeting $4,193

Your earnings for 300k views can be anywhere from $394 to $12,808which is a crazy difference. On average, these creators earned $5,532. If we remove Destiny from the list, this figure comes down to $4,077, which is still a bit high because of the Black Hustlers Club.

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