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Top 15 Most Famous Australian TikTokers in 2024

If you're looking to discover some of the top Australian TikTokers who are known for creating entertaining and original content, this list is for you! Below are the newest up and coming and mega-influencers, beloved for their unique and captivating content that you won’t want to miss!
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Top Australian TikTokers
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The Rise of TikTok in Australia

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most used apps in the world, with over one billion monthly users. With 8.5 million users, Australia is the 32nd-ranked country worldwide for active TikTokers, despite its minimum age requirement of 13. Up-and-coming influencers look to large accounts like Hannah Balanay, who is the country’s top TikToker with over 17.9 million followers, as inspiration to grow their own accounts. However, with 1,000 views only earning around $0.04, it takes a lot of hard work for creators to use the platform to obtain success. Whether you’re searching for influencers to use as motivation to grow your own account or simply for entertainment purposes, check out the list of the top Australian TikTokers below. 

The Top Australian TikTokers

1. Sasha Morpeth (@Sashamorpeth)

@sashamorpeth The 3rd fit on her 😵 @Oh Polly ♬ Prada – cassö & RAYE & D-Block Europe

Sasha is 24 years old and is a model and influencer based in the Gold Coast. While studying law and commerce, she chose to leave college and pursue a career as a full-time influencer, posting comedic and lifestyle videos on TikTok. Her posts are full of fun and upbeat content, including hanging out with friends, GRWM’s, traveling, and more. For lighthearted fun, you won’t want to miss Sasha Morpeth’s TikTok.

4.1 Million Followers

2. PWR Vindooly (@Vindooly)

@vindooly If Fortnite House Props had Personalities #vindooly #fortnite ♬ original sound – PWR Vindooly

Another popular skit comedian taking TikTok by storm is Vincent. After beginning his TikTok account in 2020, this popular creator shot to social media stardom, gaining over one million followers in only five months. His audience consists of both gamers and comedy lovers who can’t get enough of his kidnapper and mummy series videos.

Seeing the positive response to his TikTok, Vindooly decided to branch out, starting a YouTube channel and streaming on Twitch, which has helped grow his TikTok and expand his fanbase. If you want a good laugh, why not check out Vindooly’s TikTok channel today?

3 Million Followers

3. Leo (@83_leo)

If you’re searching for fitness inspiration, look no further than Leo. When you click on his account, you’re met with insane pics of his impressive muscles along with encouragement for achieving your own fitness goals.

Clad in his signature mask, you won’t see his face, but you’ll get to know every muscle and the exercises you need to do to achieve similar results. Get the motivation you need to become a giga by following this unique and remarkable Australian TikToker. 

1.6 Million Followers

4. Elly Awesome (@Ellyawesometech)

Keeping with the technology theme,Elly is a can’t-miss TikToker who tries a wide array of products, so you don’t have to. Effortlessly combining humor with education, her posts feature top tech gadgets from well-known (and lesser-known) brands. Whether it’s testing a cyber bike, finding the best tripod for content creation, and everything in between, Elly Awesome offers unique and entertaining content that over 1.2 million followers love.

1.2 Million Followers

5. Liam Dowling (@Liam_dowling)

@liam_dowling It puts milage on the car mate… #mum #car #driving #legend ♬ original sound – Liam Dowling

Liam is relatively new to the TikTok scene, starting his account in 2020 but quickly amassing a large following. He posts regular sketch comedy videos parodying both Australian and American lifestyles and culture with his characters Chaz and Maso.

Followers love his quirky and often irreverent content that is simultaneously relatable and hilarious. If you’re looking for a content creator that helps you escape reality and laugh at everyday experiences, you’ll love Liam Dowling!

1.1 Million Followers

6. Addison James (@Addisonjames)

@addisonjames♬ original sound – ojccccc

Addison is a 22-year-old TikToker known for posting lipsyncing and fashion videos showcasing his signature mullet. He has amassed a large following thanks to comedic posts and collaborations with famous brands like Vintage Soul. If you enjoy comedy sketches and playful content, Addison James is a TikToker you’ll definitely want to watch.

936 K Followers

7. Ms Loan (@msloan98)

Proving history doesn’t have to be boring; He brings the humor into historical events. Each video highlights an historical event in a (mostly) reliable way. Some of his favorite topics include WWII scenarios and current event-related material like Oppenheimer educating his audience while sparking interest in many of the events that happened in the past. Even if you’re not a history buff, you’ll appreciate the humor and wit in each of Ms Loan’s TikTok posts.

824.8 K Followers

8. Jade Grobler (@Jade_grobler)

Jade is a 25-year-old TikTok model and influencer known for posting content documenting her daily life, including working out, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends. Her posts feature motivational content and all the bikini pics you could ever want! If you’re looking for vacation vibes, you’ll definitely want to check out everything Jade has to offer. 

807 K Followers

9. Mr and Mrs. Kaindal (@Mr_Mrs_Kaindal)

If you’re looking for wholesome, feel-good content, check them. Bringing a lighthearted vibe to marriage and all the experiences that come with it, this Melbourne-based couple is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Their posts are the perfect mix of informational and entertaining, with relateable content both single people and married couples can appreciate. Brighten your day one minute at a time by following Mr. and Mrs. Kaindal today.

710.1 K Followers

10. Sarah Gordon (@Itssarahgordon)

Sarah is a Sydney-based TikToker known for her parodies on the challenges of being an adult. She aims to bring humor into everyday adulting experiences and is best known for Suburban Mayhem circa 2006. Her posts are perfect for Millenials and the upcoming Gen Z generation, which is why her fan base continues to grow with no end in sight. 

629.3 K Followers

11. Isobel Celeste (@Isobelceleste)

@isobelceleste Part 2: Try on haul for @Luxe To Kill ♬ I Know (PR1SVX Edit) – Kanii

Isobel is a fashion TikTok focusing on modeling outfits, posting workout content, and lifestyle videos. Her sleek style has earned her over 500k+ followers, with many of her videos receiving millions of likes. She is active across different platforms, including Instagram, so users can get to know this popular Australian TikToker even better. 

536.5 K Followers

12. Min Woo Lee (@Minwoo27lee)

Lee is a professional golfer taking his followers along for the ride. Bringing humor to the sport, Min Woo features educational content that will help any aspiring golfer on their way to success, all while delivering inspiration to achieve your dreams.

Naturally likable, his followers can’t get enough of his videos, which showcase his impressive swing and display why he’s one of the top-ranked golfers in the country. Even if golfing isn’t your thing, you will appreciate the dedication and skillset Moo brings to the table.

211.5 K Followers

13. Relateables (@relateables69)

@relateables69 Things we love about girls #fyp #girls ♬ original sound – relateables

If you love podcasts, This TikTok account is for you. The account is “just two boys that like to get in the feels,” talking about a variety of life issues, from what gives them the icks and what constitutes cheating to reenacting period pain and who is the superior gender. With each post, you will laugh along as the boys get real and discuss relatable content without worrying about getting into the nitty-gritty of the conversation. Be sure to check out this newly viral account that is taking Australia by storm.

204.9 K Followers

14. Ibrahim Akbar (@Ibby__a)

Ibrahim is an exciting up-and-coming Australian TikToker known for his comedy sketches on a variety of topics. Some of his follower’s favorites revolve around how girls react in different situations, things that annoy me, how men react, and more.

As a self-proclaimed mother of 3, Ibrahim brings humor into everyday situations, drawing on relatability and making his followers laugh with every post. If you’re looking to brighten your day with humor and a bit of sarcasm sprinkled in, you won’t want to miss out on Ibrahim’s TikTok.

172.2 K Followers

15. Sam Green Media (@Samgreenmedia)

Sam is known for his animation-based TikToks, but he’s gaining popularity as a gamer and streamer as well. His TikTok is full of colorful animations, with his Epic Minequest series being a fan favorite. Each video is expertly done, and his followers enjoy watching each of his series, including Sweaty Siblings, The 9 Deaths of Nyan Cat, DELTARUINE PLAY-THROUGH, Sam’s Stream Highlights, TIME LAPSE TUESDAY, and PROMO VIDEOS. If you enjoy watching animated content, Sam Green Media’s TikTok is right up your alley!

80 K Followers

Be sure to check out these top Australian TikTokers and take your feed to the next level!

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