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5 Benefits of Buying Instagram Auto Likes (2024)

Fighting to sustain your engagement on Instagram? Getting auto likes on your posts can help, as well as provide you with other advantages that will help your account grow! Read on to learn 5 benefits of buying Instagram auto likes.
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Benefits of Buying Instagram Auto Likes
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Building a follower base, generating sustained engagement, expanding your influence – these are the challenges that Instagram influencers and creators face. 

The road to Instagram popularity and fame is long. That’s why being able to maintain a high engagement rate and continue ranking in the algorithm is such a sweet advantage toward helping you grow your account.

How can you get this advantage? Experienced influencers and marketers know the secret: Instagram auto likes! These are likes that are delivered automatically to your Instagram posts within hours – sometimes even minutes – of you tapping, “Publish.” 

Obtaining auto likes is probably the easiest and quickest thing you’ll do to help your Instagram account today. All you have to do to get them is find a reputable growth services provider and purchase an auto likes plan. Then you can go on with your normal posting schedule, knowing that the likes you ordered will be there shortly after your posts go live.

You may well wonder, though, why other Instagram creators favor this growth strategy. By the end of this article, you’ll wonder no more because you’ll have learned about 5 important benefits of buying Instagram auto likes. Explore them all below!

5 Benefits of Buying Instagram Auto Likes

Let’s discover the 5 benefits of purchasing auto likes for your Instagram posts – starting with the most crucial one for influencers who are just starting out.

1. Guaranteed Likes for Your Instagram Posts

As social media experts ourselves with a decade of experience in the digital marketing landscape, we know the frustration of accounts that are just starting out that see nothing but low engagement metrics. 

It’s hard to make headway in the first few weeks and sometimes months out from starting your account. No one knows who you are, and you have to navigate the shifting sea that is the Instagram algorithm. Even seasoned creators have trouble staying afloat from time to time! 

That’s why buying auto likes can be such a big help, whether you’re a beginner influencer or someone with years on the platform under your belt. Auto likes provide you with a guaranteed number of likes on a certain number of posts per month (or all of them, if you buy a large enough plan to cover them). 

No matter what comes and what changes on Instagram, you’ll always know that your auto likes are there for you, keeping your engagement rate high.

2. Boosts Your Content in the Algorithm

Likes are an important part of increasing your popularity in your content niche. The more popular a post is, the more the Instagram algorithm will make it visible to users who have shown interest in that type of content. 

Generating a big boost of likes here and there isn’t a smart way to go about appealing to the algorithm. Having a high and sustained number of auto likes for multiple posts a month, though, is much more effective. 

This strategy will raise your engagement metrics as well as your overall engagement rate, which will benefit you further (like a bonus benefit!) by giving you more algorithmic exposure. 

It may seem like a small step, but it’s one that can get you far.

3. Saves Time on Buying Likes for Individual Posts

In addition to buying auto likes, it’s also possible to order a set number of likes for individual posts one by one as needed. 

But this process takes a while to complete, both on your end and the delivery side. It also may not be the best strategy if you want to build sustained engagement over a long stretch of time. 

In the latter case particularly, it would save more time if you were to buy a single plan for a certain number of auto likes per month, instead of making multiple onetime purchases of regular likes throughout that same 30-day period. And as social media creators, we all know that saving time is one of the greatest advantages of all!

4. Requires Little To No Effort

Going hand in hand with benefit #3 is benefit #4, which is that auto likes require little to no effort to set up or sustain. 

To show you how effortless it is to get started with auto likes, here’s what the order process looks like. 

First, buy the plan with the number of auto likes you desire per post per month. Then, give the provider your Instagram username. Finally, go back to your regular influencer activities. 

That’s it! But the best is still yet to come.

As you post throughout the month, you’ll notice that your likes will consistently increase by the number you purchased. Yet you didn’t even have to lift a finger to make it happen after you placed the order! 

Amid all the hours of taking photos, filming videos, editing content, creating an Instagram posting schedule, etc., it’s nice to know that at least one thing is completely automated. Auto likes will do that for you.

5. Leads To Higher Levels of Organic Engagement

Lastly, we want to talk about an incredible benefit of buying Instagram auto likes that is often overlooked. That is how it leads to higher levels of organic engagement. 

How can this possibly work? It all goes back to benefit #2, which states that generating more likes and increasing your posts’ popularity can help you rank higher in the Instagram algorithm. The higher you rank, the more users will see your posts. 

These are not paid individuals discovering your work. These are genuine content consumers who found your posts organically, through the Explore tab, search results, or their feed. 

If these users enjoy your content, they may like, comment, and share. They may even follow your account! All these interactions fall under the umbrella of organic engagement because they were not bought. Rather, they materialized from the quality of your content and your smart marketing strategies. 

One of those smart marketing strategies can be paid auto likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Auto Likes Work on Instagram?

Auto likes on Instagram are likes that are automatically delivered to a certain number of your posts per month. This strategy saves you from having to buy likes for each individual post, and it also comes with a host of other benefits, as well.


Ready to add buying Instagram auto likes to your list of strategies that will grow your account? Viralyft’s auto likes plans not only provide all the benefits above, but they’re also affordable for every influencer.

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