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15 Best Sites to Buy and Sell TikTok Account

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  5. 15 Best Sites to Buy and Sell TikTok Account
Best Sites to Buy TikTok Accounts
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TikTok will always remain important to its users and viewers. Indeed, we did not know that TikTok will last this long. However, the app is going to keep working years ahead into the future. If you are struggling to maintain a TikTok account, then this article is for you. Here you will find all places where you can buy TikTok account. Additionally, you will also be able to sell TikTok account.

You will come across various sites that claim to offer this service. However, there are only a few places where you can verified buy TikTok account.

Best Sites to Buy and Sell TikTok Accounts:

Fame Swap

Fame Swap leads the game as a buyer and seller of TikTok accounts. If you are thinking, where can I sell my TikTok account, then this site will be perfect. Additionally, they also give you Instagram accounts to buy. Furthermore, this site will be perfect to buy and sell YouTube accounts.

Their sellers get updated very often. Hence, you will have fresh choices to pick from. The prices are more or less affordable, However, extremely popular accounts will be slightly costly. Generally speaking, the costs will be around $20,000. However, it is worth it since the accounts are so versatile.  

They should fit your specific requirements. If you want a fitness account, a pets account, or a beauty account, you will find it here. Further, you will find arts and crafts, meme pages, and much more. This site will change how people perceive you. Besides, it will ensure that you pursue your passion online. Dance, music, general public speaking, everything is available here.

Social Tradia 

Social Tradia - Buy TikTok Account

This site is known for its safe and easy purchase options. Notable, they have a large variety of accounts to deal with. For instance, there are accounts with 100k followers, 50-100k followers, 20-50k followers, and much more. Hence, you will be able to browse great options for prices.

Moreover, you will have a plethora of account types to pick from. Initially, you can begin with a personal blog account. Further, you can pick a meme account, sports account, or TV and pop culture account. Indeed, the list is endless. You will find an account that features only Thomas Shelby content.  

Following this, you will find dance accounts, gaming accounts, cooking accounts, science accounts, etc. Notably, there is a great amount of specialized content that you will find here. Furthermore, some accounts have as many as 1 million followers and even more. The costs will vary as per the quality of the account. You can find accounts that cost about $3000 and accounts that go up to $25,000. Overall, it is a site you should explore today itself.

Player Up

This site is a haven for people who wish to sell or buy TikTok account. They are connected with a vast community of old TikTok influencers. However, as these icons change their hobbies and needs, the accounts are sold on the site. Doubtlessly, you will find some highly authentic accounts here.

Additionally, you can also sell and buy TikTok views, accounts, comments, likes, etc. Notably, this site will also give you old usernames. If you do not have money to buy entire accounts, you can buy the profile name. This could be a definite way to save money and grow your exposure as well.

Furthermore, these packages and services are updated every hour. Overall, this site is highly active and in use by millions of individuals. In particular, the site also features some important guides. You will be given all important information on how things work, how middlemen work, and what their working process is. Hence, they guarantee complete transparency.

ACCS Market 

ACCS Market

This site has everything you could need. Firstly, they are highly reliable with strong global connections. Secondly, their prices are most affordable and suit every demographic. Thirdly, they will provide a vast variety of accounts to pick from. Hence, you will be able to pursue your passion without any hitch. And lastly, the accounts they provide come with a good number of subscribers. Thus, you will get massive engagement and recognition.  

They provide followers that can be a hundred thousand in number. However, there are not many listings higher than these. Although this has a benefit of its own. This way, you can customize your account as per your taste and preferences.

Naturally, this brings your tune into the account. This is how you become the official controller of the account. Moreover, the prices can be as cheap as $15 and can go high up to $50,000 or more. Additionally, you will also get accounts that provide monthly income.

Eazy Viral 

Eazy Viral - Buy TikTok Account

Eazy Viral has a very good rating and ranking on Google. This shows quite well enough that the site is trustworthy and reliable. However, there are a million things more about this site that make it the perfect option for every buyer. Firstly, this is the only site that has highly user-friendly filters.

You can pick out categories. For instance, cars and bikes, fashion and style, fitness and sports, humor and memes, pets and cuties, quotes and sayings, food and nutrition, website design, and so much more. Indeed, there are other filters as well.  

For instance, you can pick out the desired audience size. Further, you can pick out the price you are ready to pay for a TikTok account. Undoubtedly, this site is extremely centered on its customers. Furthermore, there are diverse options under the categories given so far. You will have martial arts, basketball, couples’ accounts, different cuisines, and a lot more. 

Mid Man 

Mid Man - Buy TikTok Account

This is another site where you can get quite a few quality accounts. Although they are relatively new to the market, their foundation and services are by far the best. They have strong networking that allows them to connect with important sellers. Moreover, they are the cheapest middlemen for anyone to come across. Additionally, they also buy and sell Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. Hence, they will help you with integrated growth as well.  

Notably, they also give you some efficient filters that will simplify the process of growth for you. You will have to pick out your niche, the number of followers, and the price you are ready to pay. Furthermore, you can pick accounts with original Email, Escrow, and verified ownership. Notably, there are as many as 33 different niches to pick from. We have not come across a site that has such vast diversification. The price can be between $50 and $10,000.

Fame Bolt 

Fame Bolt 

Fame Bolt should be another site at the top of your list. If you perform enough research, you will find that the site is among the fastest-growing online portals. Everything about them speaks of security. Firstly, their payment methods are highly secure. Secondly, the servers they connect to are authentic, real, and with verification. Indeed, they track some highly established TikTok accounts.

This is the reason why they are one of the best there is. Moreover, you can start with them free at registration. Notably, even at the moment, they have over 5,700 offers from significant buyers. Furthermore, their daily listings cross a thousand marks very easily.

This site will give you accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. Furthermore, the costs are very little. Chances are you shall have to pay less than $1000 for an important account. Additionally, they protect you from fraud and even allow you to negotiate prices with sellers. 

Epic NPC 

Epic NPC

Epic NPC is a name you will come across often. They have services in a wide range of sectors. Moreover, you can buy quite versatile services from them. You can buy likes, followers, comments, and other specific things. Altogether, the site should work out fine for you. As for the costs, they don’t seem to be too much.

If negotiation is allowed, then they can be brought down even more. Additionally, you will be able to purchase accounts that are specific to locations. Hence, you can get accounts for the USA, Europe, and more. The listings are very long- and that should be up to your satisfaction. 

 Notably, the best part about the site is that it can connect you with one seller with multiple access. This means that one seller alone can offer you a significant number of accounts from different niches. Most of these sellers allow you to negotiate with them. However, we suggest that you run proper research on the account you wish to buy, before anything else. The costs are not very high. They should not go beyond some thousand dollars.

Market For Gamers

As you can guess by the name, the service was started for gamers. However, after gaming, the virtual system changed into social media platforms. Soon TikTok took over. Factually, it took over other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Hence, today you will find a large number of services that they give especially in this sector. These include comments, likes, views, and much more.

The best part about the site is that you will find a variety of accounts to buy.  For instance, anime accounts, football, fashion, celebrity accounts, etc. In addition, the prices are very low and you should be able to afford them irrespective of your constraints.

However, it is because of this reason that we suggest you run proper research on the account that you are buying. Although the site is extremely meticulous, mistakes can happen. There are quite a few sellers out there who fake the accounts and sell the wrong products. Even the best experts cannot get to them.

Fame Seller 

Fame Seller - Buy TikTok Account

This is another site that has quite a strong foundation in the world of social media. Moreover, their specialization is specifically. This site comes with an advanced filter. You can easily put in the word that you would like to search and find on the site. Hence, you will be directed to the result that you want to see. Indeed, It is a very user-friendly site.

Furthermore, the listings that you will find here can be very cheap. Certain accounts have more than 70,000 followers and still cost only about $400. Honestly, the amount of money will have to pay depends on the amount of engagement that account gets.

If there is an account that is getting more engagement, likes, views, etc. then you will have to pay more. This is merely because it has a greater potential to earn money. There are some accounts that will cost you as much as $4000 simply because their monetization potential is very high.


Woorke - Buy TikTok Account

There is absolutely no social media platform that this site has not covered. Indeed, from Instagram, and Facebook to SoundCloud and Spotify, they have covered every single place that virtually runs the world today. Undoubtedly, they are the oldest player in this game.

Hence, it makes sense that they are also the biggest sellers and buyers of TikTok accounts. However, there is one hitch while working with them. They follow an extremely traditional method where you have to buy a package. This means that you will have to subscribe to their services.

There are two sides to this specific feature. Firstly, this means that you will have to make monthly payments, which many people are not ready to do. On the other hand, this also means that you will get various other services. For instance, you can get likes, comments, views, and more for your account. In case the accounts that you buy do not work out, then you can always have your account growing regularly.

Tik Mania 

Tik Mania 

This place is known as the TikTok marketplace. Naturally, This is because it has all possible services that relate to TikTok. You get so many accounts, so many genres, and so many influences to connect to, that your mind will be blown. Furthermore, you get specific services. For instance, likes, comments, views, shares, etc. 

 However, since the services are so grand, comment prices are a little higher than the sites mentioned above. The prices will start at about $1000 or $2000. Alright, so, you should keep checking their services again and again since they do list cheaper prices. You will be able to buy accounts that include health, magic, sports, humor, personal accounts, etc.



The most notable thing about this account is its fast delivery service. Additionally, you can buy TikTok followers and comments from them. Also, they take care to put in quite a lot of blogs for their audience. Hence, they always have great information on what they’re buying. 

This way you can make much better choices. The content creators they have connections with are old players of TikTok. Altogether, they will help you know your niche, and your customer, and assist in picking an account. Surprisingly, you will be able to find offers here that cost less than a few dollars. 

Although we are a little doubtful about this service. There is no proper information available for this site. Moreover, the prices are so low, that it is a little difficult to believe they could be giving it out so easily. Realistically, we would suggest you perform thorough research before diving into this site. Perhaps you can pick out a smaller package before anything else. Although there are plans that go up to $700-1000, these are very rare.

ACC Farm 

This site has too many features and we cannot list them down in a short description. You get quite a several authentic accounts out here. However, beware, since you might come across Pam Sellers as well. We have already mentioned that many people are faking TikTok accounts. Detecting them can be extremely hard. Simultaneously, you can trust the site, since they have a very strong filtering process.  

You will be able to buy quite a significant number of TikTok followers from them at a very small price. Additionally, you will be able to bike could account at a highly affordable range. The prices that are given here can start from anywhere. For instance, you could buy an account for merrily $15 and you could go as high as $1000 as well. Notably, they provide YouTube vlogs as well as videos that you can refer to. Therefore, they follow a process of transparency that is not found anywhere else.


It is extremely clear to all of us that TikTok is going to stay here for a long time to come. Although Instagram has integrated quite a few features of this site into its own, the original platform still rules. Mostly common. This is pause, a very huge portion of the Asian population makes use of this app.

If you are looking to dominate the virtual game, and you understand the importance of digital community today, then you will like our list. Make sure you read it again. Do leave a comment below if you feel we have missed out anything. 

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