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The Top 15 Canadian TikTokers You can Follow in 2024

If you’re looking to shake up your TikTok feed with new and exciting creators, be sure to check out this list of the top Canadian TikTokers that users just like you can’t get enough of. 
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Top Canadian tiktokers
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The Rise of TikTok in Canada

In Canada, TikTok is growing in popularity, with only 3.2 million active users. This number is lower than in many other nations, like the United States, due in part to more restrictions for minors and younger users. New laws set in place put a minimum age requirement of 13 years along with a time restriction of 60 minutes per day for minors. Young users can access the platform for up to 90 minutes a day with parental consent, but with such high limitations on a core demographic, it comes as no surprise that Canada ranks 27th globally in users.

Currently, 70% of all TikTok active users are under 40, with women having more accounts than men. 26% of adults in Canada have a TikTok account, which is a 15% increase over the last two years, strong and encouraging statistics for the platform’s prevalence in the country. With such rapid growth, it comes as no surprise that there are many up-and-coming TikTok stars posting entertaining and engaging content for their followers, making it an exciting time for all TikTok fans. Let’s take a closer look at some of Canada’s top TikTokers that you can check out today.

The Top Canadian TikTokers

1. Lynxnym (@lynxnym)

@lynxnymidk♬ original sound – &lt3

If you enjoy classic TikTok content, you’ll love snowbtch. Almost every video posted by this popular content creator features her lipsyncing to different songs, expressing her feelings and emotions in different scenarios. While simplistic in design, the videos generate massive views and likes, evoking feelings of nostalgia for where TikTok began. For users who like to keep their TikTok feed simple and classic, Lynxnym is the perfect fit.

965.9 K  Followers

2. JT (@Jtcent)

@jtcent DO YA TING❤️ #justfollow #jtcent #fyp #original ♬ sheck wes wespn – rockstartown

Showing that you don’t have to get fancy in your videos to gain TikTok fame, Jt delivers fresh content of his daily life. Videos consist of full body shots while working out, text edits, and relatable content, connecting with the audience while showcasing his impressive physique. Whether you’re looking for fitness inspiration or daily entertainment, check out JT’s TikTok, and you won’t be disappointed.

869.3 K  Followers

3. AMTC (@Itsamtc)

@itsamtc 🫢 #love #fyp #foryou #fypシ #foryoupage #itsamtc ♬ original sound – DTB🤍.

AMTC is known for her makeup videos and relatable content. Her posts feature her reacting to different scenarios, often about friends, guys, shopping, and more. Followers look up to her for her impeccable fashion sense as well as sophisticated makeup and hair looks. If you enjoy a mixture of entertaining, relatable videos, fashion, and product endorsements, you’ll definitely enjoy AMTC’s TikTok account. 

1.6 Million  Followers

4. Kyle You Made That (@kyleyoumadethat)

Music lovers in Canada and throughout the world are falling in love with Kyleyoumadethat‘s TikTok. His videos feature the artist creating sick beats from a variety of sources, including finding inspiration while out and about on the streets and in his studio. Viewers will enjoy hearing testimonials from other artists’ collaborations and dueting some of his musical creations, making this account one to watch in the future. Whether you’re into writing songs or just enjoy watching entertaining content, you can’t go wrong with Kyleyoumadethat.

983.8 K  Followers

5. Tommy Jones (@tommyjones)

You know a TikTok account is fire when the creator only posts a single snippet of himself, and it’s almost at a million followers. That’s exactly what Tommy Joneshas done, using duets of video clips and reacting with a straight face and head tilt in his iconic hoodie. The reaction video genre is one that TikTok viewers adore, and this account is no different, as Tommy shows a funny or heartwarming video and reacts in an identical way each time. The content is fun to watch and great for relaxing, which explains why Tommy’s account continues to grow!

879.9 K  Followers

6. Formative Fox (@formativefox)

An editing master, Formative Fox offers viewers a hypnotizing experience in every video. The creator’s videos are full of insane makeup transitions, cosplay, singing, and dancing, keeping her audience coming back for more time and time again. The account effortlessly combines humor with intrigue while providing a unique viewing experience that goes outside the norm and showcases the artistry and self-expressive capabilities the platform has to offer.

921 K  Followers

7. Luke Trepp (@luketrepp)

Luke Trepp is a Canadian artist using the platform to promote his original music. His account has a uniquely intimate feel as he uploads videos featuring him and his guitar, singing or talking to the camera. Each song showcases his incredible musical talent, as he expertly plays the guitar while sharing his smooth vocals. It’s impossible not to like his down-to-earth and real personality as he shares his thoughts and feelings with his followers. If you love supporting independent artists, be sure to head over to Luke’s account and give him a follow.

885.7 K  Followers

8. GMAntonZ (@gmantonzyt)

GMAntonZ is a gamer who streams his content and posts video highlights on TikTok. His commentary is hilarious as he shows himself exploring GTA and getting into a variety of situations. His account has grown quickly, gaining thousands of followers as more users begin to appreciate the humor he brings to the gaming world. Even those who don’t enjoy playing video games will love watching this entertaining account, making it one of the top up-and-coming accounts in Canada.

1.3 Million  Followers

9. Buster Moon (@bustermxxn)

Buster Moon is on a mission to help people learn more about Korean culture, one video at a time. This popular creator uses his platform to educate viewers on many common Korean sayings, explain Korean culture, and normalize getting to know more about different nationalities. His videos break down Korean life, making it more accessible to those wanting to learn more about this fascinating culture while keeping his content entertaining and insightful. If you’re ready to expand your horizons and learn more about Korea, don’t miss Buster Moon’s TikTok account.

1.2 Million  Followers

10. Tastely Box (@tastelybox)

Candy lovers rejoice Tastely Box has the content you need to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. The Canadian candy shop is gaining fame for its famous freeze-dried candy, colorful and fun videos, and unique, tasty creations that will get your mouth watering. Your stomach will rumble as you watch delicious rolled ice cream creations, candy-filled drinks, and exciting demonstrations of how the shop freeze-dries your favorite treats. The best part is that followers can purchase their products and try the yummy creations for themselves; no wonder one of Canada’s top TikTok accounts is a candy store!

2.3 Million  Followers

11. Sunshine Meggy (@Sunshine_meggy8 )

@sunshine_meggy8 #CapCut ♬ original sound – Meggy_418_isback

Sunshine Meggy is a popular Canadian TikToker known for her inspiring and stylistic videos. Whether it’s videos of the creator dancing while on vacation, outfit inspirations, or aesthetic shots of the sunset, her account is full of beauty and sophistication with a bit of whimsy. Encouraging her followers to embrace humility and kindness, this TikTok account is perfect for anyone seeking daily inspiration and fun!

892.3 K  Followers

12. Raymond Salgado (@Theraymondsalgado)

Raymond Salgado is a fun-loving TikToker with a claim to fame as a Canada’s Got Talent finalist in Season 2. His videos feature sketch comedy, bringing humor to everyday situations while demonstrating his breathtakingly beautiful voice. His followers enjoy the intimacy of his up-close posts where he’s singing to the camera, bringing goosebumps to everyone watching. Don’t miss out on the vocals and comedy from one of Canada’s most beloved TikTok accounts.

1.3 Million  Followers

13. Paco Peace (@Paco.peace)

Paco Peace is an animator and artist account featuring the adventures of Lil Paco. The comic book-style animation is highly entertaining, keeping in line with some of the best animations from many of the world’s top studios. Every video is a mini-episode, making the account a favorite among followers who enjoy losing themselves in entertaining content, even if it is only for a few minutes. You’ll get hooked on finding out what crazy situations Lil Paco will encounter next, which explains why Paco Peace is one of the fastest-growing Canadian TikTok accounts! 

1.1 Million  Followers

14. Matthew Perovic (@notmatthewperovic)

@notmatthewperovic Listen up and take notes ladies! #fyp #foryou #advice #xyzbca ♬ Bad boy – Marwa Loud

Similar to other text edit content creators, Matthew Perovic keeps his videos simple. Each edit features him pointing to and responding to a text scenario on the screen that is relatable to a wide range of viewers. Despite its simplicity, his channel continues to grow at an incredible rate, showing that you don’t have to get fancy to find success on TikTok!  

889.4 K  Followers

15. Zac (@zacbouletviau)

Zac makes side-by-side TikTok videos showing different perspectives to how someone would relate to the same lyrics from a song. While simple, his content is very entertaining and usually require one or two watches each time to see the different facial expressions for each situation.This genre of video is quickly gaining popularity thanks to talented TikTokers like Zac and his creative content!

1.1 Million  Followers


While Canada doesn’t have the largest number of TikTok users, the country has some phenomenal content creators doing great things on the platform. Be sure to check out all the accounts on this list for non-stop entertainment that will bring your TikTok viewing experience to the next level!

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