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How To Recover A Hacked Instagram Account (2024)

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How To Recover A Hacked Instagram Account 
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Waking up to the dreaded notification: “Your password has been changed,” can be a real nightmare. Your stomach drops, your heart races – your Instagram account, a digital haven of memories and connections, has been snatched by hackers. But fear not, fellow Instagrammers and influencers! This guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to fight back and reclaim your online identity.

How often are Instagram account actually hacked? An Instagram account is hacked into every 10 minutes, according to a study from Notch. Currently, we see over 50,000 compromised Instagram accounts per year.

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From Phishing to Brute Force: Understanding the Hacker’s Playbook

Before we discuss the rescue mission, let’s peek into the minds of our digital adversaries. Hackers utilize various tactics to infiltrate accounts, each with its own signature move:

  • Phishing: Imagine a cunning email arriving disguised as an official Instagram notification. It urges you to click a link and verify your account – a link leading straight to a hacker’s trap. By entering your login details, you unwittingly hand over the keys to your kingdom. Stay sharp; phishing schemes are getting very sophisticated. Always double-check that emails are official, come from an official email account, and are free from typos and grammar mistakes.
  • Brute Force: This method resembles a relentless battering ram. Hackers unleash automated programs that bombard your account with countless password guesses, hoping to stumble upon the correct one. Weak passwords become easy prey in this game of chance.
  • Malware: Downloaded from seemingly harmless sources, malware silently installs itself on your device, quietly harvesting your login credentials, leaving you none the wiser until it’s too late.
  • Social Engineering: Remember that seemingly friendly message from a “long-lost friend”? This tactic exploits trust and social connections. The hacker, armed with stolen information, tricks you into divulging further details or clicking malicious links, granting them access.

Don’t Panic, Act! Steps to Reclaim Your Instagram Account

Now, let’s move from understanding the enemy to reclaiming your account:

1. Assess the Damage: First things first, try logging in. If successful, immediately change your password. But if you’re locked out, don’t fret! Head to the Instagram login page and click “Get help logging in.” Sometimes you will be lucky and get the “changed password” email before the hackers can take it any further.

2. Verify Your Identity: Choose a recovery method – email, phone number, or linked Facebook account. If the hacker changed these, select “I can’t access this email or phone number” and provide additional details like photos or username history. Keep reading to the end of this article for an extra tip on identity verification that can help keep your account safe in the future.

3. Secure Your Other Accounts: While you battle for Instagram, secure other accounts linked to the same email or phone number. Change passwords and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) – a powerful shield against unauthorized access.

4. Report the Hack: Inform Instagram about the situation. Go to the Help Center, search for “report hacked account,” and follow the instructions. This helps Instagram track hacking attempts and improve security measures.

5. Be Patient and Persistent: Recovery might take time, especially if you lack access to verification methods. Respond promptly to Instagram’s requests and follow their instructions diligently.

6. Proactive Defense: Once back in control, fortify your defenses! Set a strong, unique password and enable 2FA. Be cautious of suspicious emails, links, and requests. Regularly review your login activity and remove unauthorized sessions.

Case Study: A Phishing Scheme Successfully Reclaimed

Sarah, an avid food blogger with over 400,000 followers, received an email seemingly from Instagram, requesting password verification. Clicking the link, she entered her details, unknowingly granting access to a hacker. Panic set in when she tried to log in the next day only to find out her account had been hacked.

Rather than going into melt-down mode, she sprung into action. Following the steps above, Sarah contacted Instagram, provided additional information, and patiently waited. After a few days, her account was restored, and she immediately implemented 2FA and a robust password. Though shaken, Sarah learned a valuable lesson about online security.

Stay Safe Online And Avoid Common Scams

Remember, recovering your hacked Instagram account is possible. By understanding the tactics hackers employ and taking proactive steps, you can reclaim your online space and prevent future attacks. You can now help safeguard your account even more by paid verification. This blue checkmark used to be given away for free to celebrities but now it’s available for anyone! Your identify is verified making it easier for you to reclaim a hacked account later and gives you priority customer service.

Stay vigilant, be informed, and most importantly, don’t let hackers steal your precious Instagram moments. Moving forward, post with confidence, and remember – you’re in control!

Here is a video to help you understand how to recover an Instagram account fast!

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