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How Much Do YouTubers Earn with 1 Million Subscribers?

How much money can you make on YouTube with 1 million subscribers? See what real creators make in a month and a year.
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YouTube Earning with 1 Million Subscribers
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One million subscribers is a lot. Most people will never hit a million subs, and those that do, they started with smaller followings that grew over time. Patience is key when growing your subscriber base.

But it’s also nice to have some inspiration to keep going.

How much money do you make on YouTube with 1 million subscribers? If this question doesn’t excite you, I’m not sure what will. We’re going to share earnings information from people who are kind enough to post it on YouTube to see what people make:

  • Annually
  • Monthly

And if the person doesn’t show us annual and only monthly earnings, we’ll multiply it by 12 or divide it by 12 if they only share their annual income.

Are you ready to be inspired?

What is the Average Salary of a YouTuber in 2024?

If you’re wondering what the average person in the world earns for their annual salary, it’s going to be very different from one country to the next. Let’s look at a few of the median incomes in various countries to see YouTuber “salaries” compete:

  • U.S. – $77,463
  • Canada – $59,050
  • Mexico – $16,685
  • Italy – $44,893

How Much YouTubers Earn with 1 Million Subscribers?

What does a person with one million subscribers make on YouTube? Let’s start with Shelby Church’s earnings.

1. Shelby Church

Shelby earned less on AdSense in 2022 than she did the year prior because she focused heavily on brand deals. She earns a hefty income, but remember that it’s less than she’s making with her other income sources combined.

  • January: $8,874.12
  • February: $10,078.35
  • March: $10,558.73
  • April: $16,579.13
  • May: $11,186.36
  • June: $13,034.38
  • July: $11,893
  • August: $16,385.07
  • September: 11,339.77
  • October: $16,180.50
  • November: $10,461.66
  • December: $8,406.33

Shelby’s total earnings for the year was $145,416.79. Of course, she has a vlog channel as well that earns her $47,766.71.

What does Shelby’s content center around? She focuses on tech and lifestyle, but she’s also living in Los Angeles, which is a very expensive part of the country to live in. You’ll notice that she posts every Saturday and has amassed a video catalog that has 500+ videos.

A lot of her content is on real estate, Airbnb, tiny houses, rentals and similar content.

2. Akshat Shrivastava

Akshat Shrivastava focuses on investing, but he also has content on building wealth with a job, skills to learn and other financial-related content. He grew to one million subs in a year, and you’ll find that he is very appreciative of his audience.

He does live in India, so it’s interesting to see that he makes $9,625 – $14,437.

If you’re from the U.S. and wondering, “Wait, that’s it?” remember that your demographic, their location and your niche will determine your earnings. Since most of Akshat’s subscribers are from India and ads are cheaper, he’s paid far less than if he was in the United States.

But he also mentions how this is a lot of money, and he’s earning a great income for the country he is living in at the moment. 

3. Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang first monetized his YouTube channel back in 2020. He now has over 1.2 million subscribers and, at the end of 2023, shared his recent earnings.

For the year, his channel earned:

  • $274,374.56

Throughout the year, he was consistently earning $500-$800+ per day in revenue. On some days, he earned over $2,700.

Humphrey’s channel focuses on investing and personal finance, so his channel has a high RPM. He’s a former financial advisor, so he’s able to provide deeper insights into investing and other related topics.

He also makes money through affiliate products, but he doesn’t disclose how much he’s made through that avenue.

4. Stephanie Lange

Stephanie Lange has been on YouTube since 2013, and over the last 10+ years, she’s grown her channel to over 1.8 million subscribers. She’s a professionally trained makeup artist, so her initial videos were all about makeup tutorials.

Now, her content is a little more controversial. She pokes fun at beauty trends and pop culture.

Still, she earns an impressive income with her YouTube channel.

For the year of 2022, Stephanie earned:

  • € 148,932.09 or $156,512.22

She does mention that a lot of that income came from her older makeup videos and that her newer content doesn’t earn as much. But the fact that she’s still making money from those old videos is awesome.

Stephanie doesn’t break down her earnings by month, but if you divide her total for the year, it equals about $13,042.68 per month.

5. Graham Stephan

In 2024, Graham Stephan had over 4.61 million subscribers, but back in 2019, he shared how much his channel earned after breaking the 1-million subscriber mark. 

Graham is a real estate agent and investor, and his channel is all about finance. Finance is a top-paying niche on YouTube, so he’s earning a lot of money with his videos.

In 2019, here’s what he earned from YouTube ads alone:

  • $129,122.99 in a one month alone
  • $1,141,231.43 for the entire year

Keep in mind that this is just for YouTube ads. 

Graham gets a ton of views because he appeals to people’s emotions with his content and uses clickbaity titles, like:

  • How to Pay NO TAXES in 2024 (What Nobody Tells You)
  • How to Get Rich in the 2024 Market Reversal
  • It’s Over: The Middle Class is Disappearing

Graham likely makes a ton more money from other income streams, but his channel’s ads earnings are really impressive.

As you can see, YouTubers with 1 million subscribers make a lot of money (on average). Here’s a roundup of earnings annually and monthly for these YouTubers.

YouTuberAnnual RevenueMonthly Revenue
Shelby Church$145,416.79$12,118.06
Akshat Shrivastava$9,625 – $14,437$802 – $1,203
Humphrey Yang$274,374.56$22,864.54
Stephanie Lange$156,512.22$13,042.68
Graham Stephan$1,141,231.43$129,122.99

What’s the Average Monthly Earnings Per 1 Million Subscribers?

YouTubers with 1 million subscribers have a solid brand and audience. They generally earn a lot of money per month with their channels because they naturally get a lot of views.

Using the YouTuber’s income listed above, let’s estimate how much income per month people with 1 million subscribers make and how that compares to the average salaries listed above.

  • ($12,118.06 + $802 + $22,864.54 + $13,042.68 + $129,122.99) / 5 = $35,590.05/month

It’s important to note that only a small number of YouTubers share their earnings. Most of the creators who do share this information are in the finance or business niches, which have higher RPMs. If you’re in the entertainment niche or beauty niche, you may earn less – or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube Pay Monthly?

Once a creator’s channel becomes eligible for payment, YouTube pays them monthly via mail or direct deposit.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1 Million Views?

A monetized YouTube channel makes around $18 for every 1,000 views. Only 15% of the total video views count toward the mandatory 30 seconds of view time for the ads, which counts for payment.

As a result, a video with 1 million views and advertisements gets around 150,000 ad views. This pays them around $2,700.

How Much Do YouTubers Get Paid for Every Subscriber?

YouTube doesn’t pay creators based on the number of channel subscribers. They primarily get paid via ad viewership through Google’s YouTube Partner Program.

However, subscribers’’ comments, likes, and shares attract more views. Thus, they indirectly help them earn more.

Who is the Richest YouTuber?

MrBeast is the highest-paid YouTuber, with a whopping $82 million from YouTube and his own company in 2022.


Ultimately, your niche will determine your RPM and your views will determine your earnings. On a technical level, your subscribers don’t really affect how much your channel makes. Having a large subscriber base will help you get more views naturally, but you can make just as much as these YouTubers with just 500K subscribers if you get enough views.

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