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How To Remove Fake Followers on Instagram (2 Ways)

If you're looking to grow your Instagram account, buying fake followers may seem tempting, but it has many negative consequences. Increase engagement and your algorithmic ranking by quickly removing fake followers from your Instagram account. 
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Remove fake followers on instagram
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Key Takeaways

To remove fake followers from Instagram – Open the Instagram app > Tap Followers > Select the follower you want to remove > Click on the three verticle dots in the top right corner > Select Remove Follower > That’s it!

If you don’t know which followers are fake, you will need to use a third-party app to identify them.

Fake followers can lower your engagement and negatively affect how Instagram’s algorithm views your account. 

What Are Fake Followers and Why Do I Have Them?

If you spent any time on Instagram, you’ve probably viewed accounts with thousands, if not millions, of followers, setting the bar high for upcoming and prospective influencers. Many users try to beat the system by buying followers from sites claiming to offer cheap followers to boost their accounts quickly. The problem is that many of these sites create fake accounts and profiles that don’t belong to real people, only offering the illusion of popularity without the true interactions real people offer.

While some users purposely buy fake followers, others inadvertently attract bots through their Instagram usage. For example, if you are engaging in spamming-type activity like randomly commenting on a bunch of posts or using irrelevant hashtags, you’re setting your account up as a target for fake accounts. 

Note – The larger your account, the more vulnerable you become to spam and fake followers. Help protect yourself by engaging authentically with other accounts and avoiding spam-like behavior. 

How To Spot Fake Instagram Followers

If you’re unsure which accounts are real, and which are fake, you can follow a few parameters to spot the bots. Fake followers will generally have:

  • Little to no profile information
  • Significantly more accounts followed than followers
  • Generic posts and comments
  • Very few of their own posts
  • Unusually high or low engagement rates
  • Do not post stories

Check out How to Spot Fake Instagram Accounts to learn more! 

How To Remove Fake Followers on Instagram? (5 Steps)

If you’re ready to clear out your fake followers, help increase engagement, and please Instagram’s algorithm ranking, follow the simple steps below. 

To Remove Fake Followers One at a Time on Instagram:

Step #1: Open the Instagram app

Step #2: Tap Followers

Tap Followers

Step #3: Select the follower you want to remove

Step #4: Select Remove Follower 

Remove Follower

Step #5: That’s it!

To Bulk Remove Fake Followers on Instagram:

Knowing which accounts are fake can be a challenge if you have a considerable number of followers. While smaller accounts can manually select which followers they want to remove, larger ones will need the help of third-party apps to identify and remove unwanted followers since Instagram requires you to remove users one at a time. Some of the most popular apps include:

For Small and Medium-Sized Accounts:

  • Follow Manager
  • iMetric
  • Followers Tracker
  • Followers & Unfollowers

For Large Accounts:

  • Instaplus
  • SocialKit
  • SpamGuard
  • InstaHero

Once you’ve removed your fake followers, it can be disheartening if your follower count is significantly lower. While it will take time, growing your account the right way is the best method for long-lasting success and grabbing the attention of future followers and brands who are excited to work with you.

Why Should You Avoid Fake Instagram Followers?

While tempting, buying or allowing fake followers on your Instagram account can have long-term negative effects, which can stand in the way of achieving your growth goals. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons your want to avoid having fake followers on your Instagram account.

  • They Hurt Your Credibility – As your account grows, you catch the eyes of other users and brands who are eager to engage with up-and-coming accounts. Unfortunately, if they see that the majority of your followers are fake, they will become less likely to follow, interact, and enter into business contracts with you, damaging your credibility and putting your future as an Instagram influencer at risk.
  • They Affect Your Account’s Engagement Rate – One of the main problems with fake followers is that they don’t represent real people, so they don’t interact with your account. Having a high follower count but low engagement has a negative effect on Instagram’s algorithm ranking, which means it can become harder for your future posts to reach the real followers on your account.
Note – While buying fake followers on Instagram is harmful to your account, buying real followers can help you grow quickly and is completely legal! To learn more about buying real, high-quality, and engaging Instagram followers, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instagram Cleaning Fake Followers 2023?

Instagram's terms and conditions do not allow users to buy fake followers, and they are constantly looking for accounts that participate in these practices. While gaining fake followers without your knowledge won't get you banned, if the platform believes you are participating in these activities, they may suspend you.

Will Instagram Remove My Account If I Have Fake Followers?

If your account is flagged for spam or abnormally high numbers of fake accounts, Instagram may remove it from the platform.

Does Removing Fake Followers Help?

While it may take a while to remove all the fake followers on your account, doing so will help your content perform better, increase visibility and engagement, and ensure you rank higher with the app's algorithm.


If you have fake followers on Instagram, they may be causing more harm than good to your account. For smaller accounts, removing them individually works well, but larger accounts may need the help of a third-party removal app. Growing your account organically is always the best way to catch the eye of brands and other users, ensuring your role as an influencer is authentic and well-deserved. 

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