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5 Best Instagram Fake Followers Checkers (2024)

Fake Instagram followers bring down your engagement rate and damage your reputation on the platform. Spot the number of bot or spam accounts on your profile with these 5 best Instagram fake followers checkers of 2024.
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Instagram Fake Followers Checkers
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Every brand, business, and influencer who makes an account on Instagram needs as many followers as they can get. To increase their follower count, they may even buy Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, if they buy Instagram followers from the wrong provider, they may end up acquiring mostly fake followers. 

Fake followers are bots and spam accounts that don’t engage with your content in any meaningful way. Instead, they make you look bad and can actually hinder your efforts to grow your profile organically.

Finding fake Instagram followers on your account, and then removing them, is important if you want to build a more organic following and a stronger profile. To accomplish this task, all you need is a tool called an Instagram fake followers checker, which can weed through all the accounts in your fanbase and tell you how many are obviously not real users.

Below is a list of the 5 best Instagram fake followers checkers on the internet. Most of them are free to use, and the ones that are subscription-based come with extra features that can help you take your Instagram growth to greater heights.

5 Best Instagram Fake Followers Checkers

Having learned about the ways that fake followers can hurt your Instagram account, no doubt you’re more eager than ever to discover just how many are following you, so that you can get rid of them! 

To that end, here are the 5 best Instagram fake followers checkers we found online in 2024.

1. InBeat

InBeat Instagram Fake Followers Checker

InBeat couldn’t be simpler to use. All you have to do is copy and paste or type in your Instagram username (starting with the @ symbol) and click Check Followers

After a few moments, InBeat will generate an audit report that shows an estimate of the number of real followers your account has versus the number of inactive followers. The inactive ones are considered fake since they provide no real engagement or create any posts.

2. Modash

Modash Check Fake Followers

Modash works similarly to InBeat, in that it only requires your Instagram username to run an analysis on your followers. Then it tells you the percentage of your followers that are fake. 

Modash also gives you other helpful data, like your followers and likes growth over time, your engagement rate, and the average number of likes that your posts receive – all for free!

3. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor Count Your Fake Followers

If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of your Instagram account, as well as a count of your fake followers, HypeAuditor may be the perfect fake Instagram followers checker for you. 

HypeAuditor conducts an audit of your Instagram account based on your Instagram username. It not only tells you how many fake followers you have, but also insights such as audience demographics, your global and country rank as an influencer, account activity, and more.

You do have to register an account with HypeAuditor to get access to your full audit report. But it’s completely free, and you’ll gain a lot of valuable information in the bargain.

4. Check Fake Followers on Instagram helps you estimate how many of your followers are fake by telling you how many likes and comments you should be getting on your posts based on your follower count. If you’re receiving significantly fewer likes and comments than the number of your followers, then it’s possible you’ve got some inactive bot accounts on your hands. 

We do want to note that requires you to buy credits before it allows you to see the metrics from your Instagram account. Furthermore, having fewer likes and comments than you should based on the size of your Instagram fanbase isn’t necessarily an indication that you have a fake follower problem. 

Still, the insights that this site provides can still prove useful for helping you improve your profile.

5. SpamGuard

SpamGuard Find Fake Followers

SpamGuard is the best fake Instagram follower checker if you really want to go all out with purging bots from your account. Not only does this service analyze your account and tell you exactly how many fake followers you have, but it also removes them and any other inactive accounts from your following. 

If you decide you want to try SpamGuard, you can register for a 3-day trial period. After that, you’ll need to choose a paid subscription tier. 

What To Do When You Find Fake Instagram Followers?

Once you find out that you have a large number of fake followers on your Instagram account, and you want to remove them, here’s what to do next.

Step #1: Identity which of your followers are bots

Identify Which Of Your Followers are Bots

If you have a lot of fake followers, they shouldn’t be difficult to spot. Use these common signs that social media platforms use to identify bots.

  • Username with a lot of random numbers and/or letters
  • Generic profile name (i.e., John Smith or Jane Doe)
  • Stock profile photo
  • No posts, comments, likes, or other activity

Step #2: Remove the fake followers from your account

Remove the Fake Followers From Your Account

Removing fake followers from your account is easy. Just go to your profile page, click or tap Followers, and click or tap Remove next to the account you want to get rid of.

Step #3: Block or report the fake Instagram followers

Block or Report the Fake Instagram Followers

Unfortunately, simply removing fake followers from your Instagram account won’t prevent them from following you again. The best way to stop them coming back is to block or report them. If you report them, Instagram will automatically block them, as well. Simultaneously, you could be helping to protect other real Instagram users from being followed by bots, too.

How Do Fake Instagram Followers Hurt Your Account?

Every account has a certain number of fake followers. They may comprise anywhere from 5%-30% of your total follower count, depending on how popular you are. But anything above that could indicate that you have a serious case of bots, and you should consider removing them as soon as possible.

If you’re unfamiliar with the damage that excessive quantities of fake Instagram followers can do to your account, then you may even have gone so far as to purchase some to expand your following on the IG app. But it’s always a better idea to buy real and active Instagram followers only. Here’s why.

Fake Followers Hurt Your Account in Three Different Ways:

1. They Don’t Engage with Your Posts

Fake followers aren’t real people, and as such, they won’t engage with any of your posts. So, while your high follower count may look impressive from the outside, it won’t provide any real value to you if most of your fans are fake.

It’s better to invest your time (and money) into real users who will like, comment, save, and share your content, so that the Instagram algorithm will push it out to more people on the platform.

Plus, real people can buy your merchandise, click on ads, and perform other actions that help you turn a profit. Fake followers simply can’t compete.

2. They Can Ruin Your Reputation with Real Instagram Users

Another consequence of acquiring fake followers that you may not realize is the negative effect they can have on your reputation. If real users discover that most or a large portion of your followers are fake, they may question if you purchased them yourself. 

Whether you did or not makes no difference; the fake accounts are there, and they’re following you. By doing so, they’re inflating your follower count and making you appear disingenuous. That can seriously dampen your chances of being followed by authentic people. 

3. They Can Lead to the Suspension or Deletion of Your Instagram Account

Finally, fake followers can, in some cases, lead to the suspension – or worse, the deletion – of your Instagram account. This harsh punishment most often applies to individuals who buy fake followers.

What most providers of fake Instagram followers don’t tell you is that Instagram has a strict policy against bot accounts on their platform. If the platform suspects you of buying some to increase your follower count, they reserve the right to punish you with suspension or removal.

That’s right: you can lose your entire Instagram account and all the hard work you’ve done to grow it, all over some fake followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fake Followers Bad for My Instagram Account?

Every account gets a certain number of fake followers. But in large quantities, they can hurt your engagement rate and bring down your reputation on the platform.

How Do I Get Rid of Fake Followers on My Instagram Account?

To get rid of fake followers, identify them first and then remove them from the following, block, or report them. You can also use a bot remover tool like SpamGuard.

How Do I Check for Fake Followers on Instagram?

You can check for fake followers on your Instagram account by using any of the best Instagram fake followers checkers above.


Fake Instagram followers aren’t always harmful, at least not in small amounts. But the more you have, the more harm they’ll cause to your account. You can head off problems from bots by checking your following yourself with any of the 5 best Instagram fake followers checkers on our list.

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