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10 Best Site Or App For Instagram Follower Count Checker (2023)

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  5. 10 Best Site Or App For Instagram Follower Count Checker (2023)
Best Instagram Follower Count Checker
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Well, we spend hours on Instagram daily, even though we don’t admit it. It has become a crucial part of our lives and is hence very important to keep an eye on. However, in the last two decades, Instagram has not exactly stayed just a social media platforms, it has transferred into a tool that has great potential for Social Media marketing and is hence being used by major businesses the way.

However, the most important part of any business is customers and customers are followers on Instagram. Even if you know math and can calculate the difference in the number of followers in two consecutive days or even over a week, it just isn’t as satiating as knowing where the followers are from and how they use their Instagram.

Knowing this information will make you a much better Instagrammer and also will take your business to heights.  Also, the apps that we’re going to mention today check the Instagram follower checker of your Instagram profile with the help of which you can celebrate your milestones as soon as you hit them.  Enough of the advice, how do you put that into practice? 

Here is the list of the 10 best Instagram follower checker:


Famoid -Instagram follower checker

Famoid is on the top of the list of the 10 best Instagram follower checkers. It is a tool that helps you get live follower count and useful analytics about the people who are following you. This web app is very simple to use and can be used from any device as well, so you don’t have to worry about accessing it. Coming to the information it gives, Famoid lets you know the number of people who’re following you, also who’s unfollowing you and what has your reach been like in the past week.

Their data is 99 percent correct as claimed by them and is checked in real-time so you have no worries about it being credible or not.  As we mentioned having this knowledge is very beneficial as you get to know what type of content the follower may like and how exactly can you entertain them. If you focus on the audience, it will respond. In combination with the usage of Instagram analytics, it can fetch you great results to track your followers.

This web app also shows your top liked post and the one which has the highest comments, so you can repeat that success again and again. It is one of the most popular applications out there that help you understand your follower base. Overall, if you have not used a Famoid before, this is a must try to get the results you desire.

Followers gallery

Followers gallery - Instagram follower checker

Ranking second on our list of Instagram follower checkers is the follower’s gallery. This app is fairly popular on the internet and is hence widely used in this industry. As the name suggests, this app lets you know who followed you and who unfollowed you on Instagram and makes it super easy for you to understand your audience. The good thing about this app is that it can let you know who the ghost followers are and who are the authentic fan base.

They have clear analytics that is easy to understand and do a lot of stuff for free. However, if you do want advanced features, there is an option for paid features that are slightly more elaborate when it comes to giving you the results that you want. Followers gallery is a great app when it comes to getting real-time Instagram follower checkers and Instagramfollower’s insights.

All you have to do is go to their website, enter your Instagram handle and let them do the job. They will fetch you the data in no time which is going to be accurate and credible. Also, they have a decent privacy policy so you need not worry about being ripped off your data or being scammed.


instafollowers.co - Instagram follower checker

This application is very popular in the industry, amongst the people who like to keep a track of their Instagram accounts. real-time lets you check your love follower count, which is taken directly from secure servers, so you know your data is correct. Instafollowers also helps you know about the accounts that are following you, recent followers, and also about the ones that unfollowed you as well.

Their app lets you use the main features for free but if you’re trying to get a bit more out of this application then we recommend going for the premium version. This lets you discover the accounts which have blocked you, the ones that are not following you back and the account that you haven’t followed back. All of this information comes in handy when you’re trying to grow your Instagram and get a good social media presence built for yourself.

Since you can get most of the features for free, you should not be worried about trying this application. You just have to enter your username and let the app do its job. Your data is secure with the developers as they don’t commercialize it. Overall, instafollowers.co is a great way to get to know your followers, especially if you’re using Instagram from a PC.


Getinsta - Instagram follower checker

This application is one of the most famous tools available to get follower analytics from in the industry. This application not only just lets you know your, live follower count, who you follow, who follows you, etc but also gives you a lot of advanced add-on features, which are great to have.

The basic functionality of the app allows you to follow and unfollow people in batch from this application itself, auto unfollow people if they unfollow you, and also let you see who has blocked you. However, if you decide to go for their premium services they can also tell you about the performance of your posts and videos, which is very crucial to growth.

Also, it can get you information about the general engagement of your profile on Instagram, which is a great addition to have. With a bunch of statistics available on their application, it becomes one of the most functional choices available out there. If you’re looking to expand your Instagram, then Get Insta for Instagram is one of the best applications you can download on your device.

Insta statistics

Insta statistics - Instagram follower checker

Insta statistics is one of the most simple to use platforms to check live follower count out there. All you have to do is enter your username in their search bar and you’ll be getting your live follower count the first thing on their page. Also, they give you basic information about your account like, how many people you follow, how many posts you’ve made and who the owner of the page and statistics along the line.

However, do keep in mind that this website doesn’t extensively tell you about the statistics of your Instagram profile, so don’t expect too much from it. Insta statistics is a great way to check the number of followers on any account you want which is a great thing as a tool. If you’re looking to get quick results and a real-time follower count check, then insta statistics is the way to go.


Blastup - Instagram follower checker

We’re very sure that if you have ever used any Instagram engagement help, then you must have heard of this application before. It monitors the number of followers that you have on your profile, in real-time, which is what we’re looking at in this article. Also, some advanced features may include stats about auto likes that you have been getting on your posts and let you know what is the type of content that your followers tend to like.

This app is made for people that are trying to keep up with the analytics and are trying to avoid fake engagement as it can be harmful to your profile. All of this information can help you boost your account by reforming your content to the liking of the audience and also lets you be in the limelight for long.

Once you’re entered your username in the app, it takes care of the rest and also lets you follow and unfollow accounts directly from this app, which saves a lot of time. Their security and privacy policies are great and hence you can be sure not to have any discrepancies in the data. Blastup is a decent application to take note of the analytics.



Tucktools isn’t just focused on the follower analytics but also lets you know about the live follower count updated in real-time and also about the general engagement statistics as well. This app is free and comes with a plethora of features which is why it comes off as one of the most lucrative applications to use out there.

This makes the application fairly versatile in the space, because of which it has gained such popularity. Tucktools is a powerful tool that can help you skyrocket your Instagram account and help you reach heights in the social media industry.

Tracker for Instagram

Tracker for Instagram

App Store

This application is solely available for ios users and is quite well known there for sure. Tracker for Instagram is the most useful Instagram follower checker apps. It gets you a live follower count that is 100 percent accurate as claimed by the company in real-time and also intensive knowledge about the followers of your profile, accounts that recently unfollowed you, and even the accounts that have blocked you.

Such information is pretty basic and can be found on any application, but on the other hand, it also lets you know about the posts engagement statistic, which tells you what is the kind of content your audience likes and dislikes, who are your most avid supporters, who are the ones that just spam on your posts and much more.

Even though you can use most of their services for free, you can also get a premium subscription for 10 dollars a month which adds a lot of premium features to the list. Tracker for Instagram is a great application to keep your Instagram account in check and also gain valuable information about your followers.

Unfollowers and ghost followers

Unfollowers and ghost followers

Google Play

Last but not least in the list of Instagram follower checker is Unfollowers and ghost followers. This application is one of the most highly rated applications on the play store. Apart from getting to know your follower count in real-time, you can use this application’s insights to get to know your audience base and also select the type of content that you want to show them.

This helps you figure your content out much faster than you would have otherwise and also helps you get information about how your posts are doing. It tells you about your top commenters and top likers which is why this application can come in very handy to the ones who’re seeking answers to such questions.

All you have to do is sign in to the app and let the app handle your business. There is no data theft or scam so you can be pretty eased about the entire process. Also, this application helps you remove inactive followers from your account, which can affect your reach in the long run. Overall, it’s a great app t use, and hence it has earned its position on this list.

Counts live

Counts live - Instagram follower checker

For people who are trying to build a genuine audience on Instagram, this app is one of the best there is. Counts follower on Instagram is a hit in this industry. The app is very simple to use, but its functionality is even better. Counts Live lets you know your real-time progress in terms of follower count and also tells you who has followed you in recent times, the accounts which have blocked you, the people who are your most genuine fan base, and also the ones that are ghost accounts or spammers.

Having this information gives you an upper hand in terms of the long-term social media game. This lets you build content for your most genuine Instagram followers which slowly increases your reach and creates a community engaging with your content.

Also, it lets you know of the ghost accounts or the ones that have not been used in a while if you want to,  so you can create a community that has not just followed your page and forgotten about it.


All of the ten services mentioned above are the best in this industry and do serve all kinds of users. These applications will surely help you become the casanova on Instagram and let you handle your socials like a pro. The information they give is very accurate and can help you grow your account, which is why they are highly recommended. These apps are one of the most high-quality live follower counters and live follower analytics applications that you can find on the play store or the app store. So if you haven’t used them yet, now is your cue!

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