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9 Best Instagram Post Schedulers To Plan Content in 2024

Overwhelmed with the volume of posts you want to make on Instagram? You need a schedule! Plan out what days and times you want your posts, Stories, and Reels to go live on the app using these 9 best Instagram post schedulers of 2024.
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Best Instagram Schedulers
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Influencers and brands who want to grow their Instagram following fast will typically post photos, videos, or Reels once a day or at least several times a week. That’s not counting Instagram Stories, which are designed to allow users to quickly post as often as they want, 24/7. 

That’s a lot of posts to keep up with on a daily and weekly basis, and it gets overwhelming fast! That’s why professional Instagram accounts use an Instagram post scheduler.

An Instagram post scheduler is a tool that you can access on the Instagram app or as part of a third-party social media management platform. It enables you to schedule posts, Stories, and Reels weeks or months in advance, so you can relieve the burden of posting fresh content every single day. It’s also helpful for planning sponsored posts, so that you don’t forget to upload them and miss your deadlines.

Let’s explore how to make your life easier by scheduling your Instagram posts.

How Do You Schedule a Post on Instagram?

To schedule a post on Instagram, you have two options: use the native scheduler on the Instagram app or the Meta Business Suite or use a third-party social media management platform. 

If you’re managing just one account or have a low budget, then Instagram or the Meta Business Suite may be your best options for scheduling posts. These are the easiest ones to use, and they’re also free. 

If, on the other hand, you oversee multiple accounts under different names, as well as profiles on other social media platforms, a management software can help you keep track of all these different entities in a single dashboard.

What To Look For in an Instagram Scheduler Tool

These are the main features you want to look for in an Instagram scheduler tool, regardless of the price.

  • Scheduler: The most important feature, of course, is the scheduler itself. It should be able to schedule posts up to two or three months in advance. The free scheduler tool in the Instagram app has a 75-day window, so that should be the bare minimum.
  • Calendar: A calendar helps you visualize when your posts are scheduled to publish. This will help you keep track of your schedule better as well as move posts around as needed.
  • Bulk Upload: Being able to bulk upload videos and photos to your scheduling tool will help you save time when you’re creating new posts.
  • Content Library: A content library is a repository for posts and hashtags that performed well and that you may want to refer to again in the future for inspiration. It can make brainstorming new posts go faster.

Best Post Schedulers for Instagram

These are the 9 best Instagram schedulers that work for regular posts as well as Reels and Stories.

Free Instagram Schedulers

1. Built-in Instagram Post Scheduler

Built-in Instagram Post Scheduler

Using the built-in Instagram scheduler, you can plan out Instagram content up to 75 days in advance from your desktop or your mobile device. You can schedule up to 25 posts per day, which comes out to 175 posts per week. The only downside is you can’t manage scheduled posts for multiple Instagram accounts at a time.


Free to use
Schedules up to 25 posts per day
Schedules up to 75 days in advance
Provides view of posting schedule
Allows you to reschedule, share now, or delete scheduled posts


No calendar-style overview
No bulk upload
No content library
Can’t manage all Instagram accounts at once

2. Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite

This crossover platform is free for Meta users and allows you to schedule and manage posts for both your Instagram and your Facebook accounts. Unlike the previous iteration of this software, Facebook Creator Studio, you can use Meta Business Suite to schedule Instagram Stories. 


Free to use
Schedules Instagram photos, Reels, and Stories
Features calendar view
Lets you create posts in batches
Comes with content library for creative assets


You must have a Facebook Page for your business to use it

Expert Reviews

Meta Business Suite is perfect for creators, personal brands, and businesses to streamline and improve marketing on Facebook and Instagram. The platform provides everything you need to monitor your growth, stay on top of comments and DMs from your audience, schedule content, create social media ads, and so much more Neil Patel 

Paid Instagram Schedulers

3. Tailwind


Tailwind is a social media manager software that can function as your personal Instagram scheduler app. For a monthly subscription fee, you can schedule all types of Instagram posts, view how they will look on your profile in a grid preview of your feed, and more.


Shows drag-and-drop grid preview of your Instagram feed
Suggests best times to post
Schedules hashtags in first comment on your post


Limits number of posts you can schedule depending on subscription tier (free tier is 20 posts per month)

Expert Reviews

4. SocialPilot


SocialPilot has everything you need to up the ante on your Instagram posting. It comes with a social media calendar, bulk scheduling, content library, and even collaboration tools for when you have more than one person on your social media marketing team. It lands in the middle of our list in terms of price, as it’s neither the cheapest nor the most expensive option.


Features calendar view
Bulk schedules up to 500 posts at a time
Comes with content library for saving top performing posts and hashtags



Expert Reviews

5. Iconosquare


Iconosquare is an excellent software for scheduling Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels to auto-post, seeing your schedule in a calendar-like grid, creating drafts, and sharing content with other creators. Its interface is simple and easy to navigate; however, the software is still quite pricey. But keep in mind that the cost covers other tools, like Analytics and Listening.


Features calendar and feed view

Comes with media library where you can upload your images and videos

Gives you the option to send drafts of posts to your colleagues for approval


It’s expensive

Expert Reviews

6. Agorapulse


Agorapulse helps you schedule posts and Reels for your Instagram account, and it also makes an effective Instagram Story scheduler, as well. Other features include a shared calendar that you can use to collaborate with your team members or other creators, an asset library for your media and your post drafts, and analytics results.


Features shared calendar overview

Comes with asset library

Tracks the success of your posts with analytics

Comes with app version for mobile scheduling


It’s expensive

Expert Reviews

I was extremely impressed by Agorapulse. It does virtually everything you can wish for in a social media management program. The native app includes enormous capabilities, and the Chrome add-on catches the remaining features I was looking for. Additionally, the mobile app has everything you need on the go – Influencer Marketing Hub

7. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is the cheapest Instagram scheduler on our list, with a seriously budget-friendly subscription option that allows you to schedule up to 100 posts a month. It comes with helpful tools like a preview of your post, recommendations for best times to post, and a queue meter which tracks how active your Instagram profile looks. 


Previews your posts before you schedule them

Recommends best times to post automatically

Tracks your activity and helps you meet your posting goals with Queue Meter

Comes with an app version


Lowest-priced plans don’t come with bulk scheduling or calendar view

Expert Reviews

8. Planable


Planable is a streamlined product, perfect for single users or even full teams of social media marketers. It comes with multiple content views, including calendar, feed, and grid, and unlimited posts per month even with the lowest priced subscription tier. Collaboration on an Instagram campaign has also never been easier than it is with this scheduler.


Allows you to view your scheduled Instagram posts in a calendar, feed, or grid

Schedules an unlimited number of posts per month

Comes with collaboration tools like comments in context, internal notes, and approvals

Features media library for your images and videos


It’s a basic software with little to offer except a scheduler

Expert Reviews

Planable is a user-friendly and straightforward tool offering excellent social media planning, collaboration, and scheduling capabilities. Its amazing visual planning and collaboration features enable you to create and schedule pitch-perfect social media posts for multiple social media accounts at once –SocialPilot

9. Later


“Set it and forget it” is Later’s motto when it comes to scheduling your Instagram posts. With a visual content calendar, bulk scheduling, auto-posting, and other tools, you’ll soon have posting on Instagram down to a science. Plus, you’ll be able to enhance your overarching marketing campaign with features like Analytics, Hashtags Suggestions, and Best Time to Post.


Features drag-and-drop visual content calendar

Capable of bulk scheduling

Manages posting for multiple accounts at once

Helps you optimize your posts with Analytics, Hashtag Suggestions, and Best Time to Post



Expert Reviews

What Are the Advantages of Using an Instagram Post Scheduler?

If you haven’t used an Instagram scheduler before, you’re missing out! You’ll soon recognize the utility of it if you haven’t already. To grow your Instagram followers, you’ll need to post quite often. The responsibility to post frequently and by certain deadlines will only increase as you partner with brands and collaborate with other creators.

So, let’s talk about the advantages of using an Instagram post scheduler.

1. Helps You Get Ahead in Content Creation

Creating content and posting it on a day-to-day basis gets old fast. It requires you to keep up a constant cycle of taking pictures or filming and editing videos, and then rushing them through production, so that they can be published at peak times. 

Using an Instagram scheduler helps you get ahead of content creation. Now you can shoot the images and videos for your posts weeks or even months in advance and save yourself from having to rush around trying to do it all – creating and posting – in one day. 

2. Helps You Keep Up with Posting During Vacations and Emergencies

Everyone, even influencers and marketers, have off days. Maybe you have a vacation planned, or maybe you had to make an emergency visit to the doctor. 

The good news is your Instagram publishing calendar doesn’t have to suffer from your absence. By scheduling posts in advance, you ensure that you can keep up with posting even when you can’t manually do it yourself.

3. Helps You Publish Sponsored Posts on Time

When your Instagram account gets big enough to start partnering with brands on sponsored posts, you’re going to have to be able to deliver content on strict deadlines. An Instagram scheduler will help you publish those sponsored posts on time, so that you can stay on good terms with your partners.

How Do I Check the Best Time to Schedule an Instagram Post?

Some Instagram schedulers recommend the best times to schedule an Instagram post. You can also check the best times to post on Instagram here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Schedule Instagram Carousel Posts?

Yes. Most Instagram schedulers allow you to schedule carousel posts as a basic feature.

Is It Possible to Schedule Instagram Reels?

Yes. Most Instagram post schedulers double as an Instagram Reel scheduler.

Are Paid Instagram Schedulers Better than Free Ones?

Not necessarily. It depends on how big your account is (i.e., how many followers you have), how many posts you publish per day, and whether you want other features, like collaboration tools and suggestions for best times to post. The paid versions will always come with more of these tools.

What are the Limitations, If Any, of Using an Instagram Scheduler?

Many Instagram schedulers, free and paid, come with limitations on how many posts you can schedule per month. But this is the only major restriction you’ll find.


An Instagram post scheduler is a must have for the serious influencer, marketer, or entrepreneur. Its time-saving advantages will only help you raise the bar for the quality of your content, and also for the professional reputation of your account.

If your budget is low, start out with a free plan, and then work your way up to one of the more comprehensive paid Instagram schedulers on our list.

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