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Bye Bye Birdie: 17 Best Twitter Alternatives (2024)

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Ever since billionaire Elon Musk gained ownership of Twitter, the app has undergone a series of fundamental changes. From initially switching its name to X to incorporating multiple heavy features and a brand-new logo design, this social media giant has lost its users’ trust.

Designed for people to share their thoughts online, X, formerly known as Twitter, has become utter chaos, receiving heavy backlash from fans. Many veterans are deleting their accounts and searching for alternative apps online.

If you’re one of the people interested in ditching X and moving on to something else or are simply curious to know more about the alternatives to Twitter, come along as we elaborate on the 17 best Twitter alternatives that provide an unforgettable socializing experience.

1. Threads

Powered by Meta, Threads is a new social media app that fosters community linking through text, photo, and video updates. The limit to a text post is 500 characters, whereas videos can be up to 5 minutes long.

This app stands out for its ties with Instagram, one of the most influential online. To join Threads, you must already be on IG. Your data will then be imported from your Instagram account, enabling you to like, comment, and interact with others just like you would on X.

However, please note that parting ways with Threads isn’t possible without deleting your Instagram account. If one has to go, so does the other.

2. Mastodon

This website was developed in 2016 to decentralize communities, in contrast to Twitter, which is operated by one centralized entity. With 5.8 million registered users as of 2022, Mastodon allows you to create and run your internal servers, referred to as “Instances.”

Mastodon is a free and open platform that deems itself “radically different” since nobody owns the software, and each individual can govern their Instances.

Concerning similarities to Twitter, this platform allows you to post toots, i.e., tweets, reply to others, retweet (here called “boost”), save bookmarks, use hashtags, and more.

3. Bluesky

Another possible Twitter replacement is BlueSky, which has gained immense popularity since its launch in February 2023. Much of this comes from former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, also the creator of this platform.

As of July 2023, the app has accumulated one million downloads online, instantly becoming a severe contender to X. BlueSky has a feed from which you can post, like, reply, and repost content.

However, currently, you should be invited to enter BlueSky. Although it might be tiring to “wait in line,” this makes the platform safe as it contributes to bringing communities together, devoid of ads and inappropriate discourse.

4. CounterSocial

If you are looking for a Twitter alternative with enhanced privacy, then Counter Social is your choice. It is a small social network with a unique design and “zero tolerance” against trolls and fake news.

Each post comes with a 500-character limit and with the possibility of adding photos and polls. These appear chronologically as vertical tabs on your dashboard, from where you can also access your friends’ online activity.

5. Spill

Spill is a close replica of Twitter that is multimedia-based (photos, videos, GIFs), as opposed to text. It essentially appears like Twitter but with features referencing tea. For example, when you are crafting a post, the app “is brewing your tea.”

Posts are called spills, and the feed is referred to as a “spillboard”. Spill operates on an invitation basis, similar to BlueSky, and is currently available only for iOS users.

6. Discord

You have probably heard of Discord before, as it is home to approximately 154 million active users. Initially crafted for gamers, Discord is a networking platform that has evolved beyond a chat app.

It is more than just a social media platform where people can communicate through channels and servers. Whether public or private, within these servers, you can chat, text, and join video or voice calls with other people worldwide.

7. Reddit

Reddit is an ad-driven Twitter alternative, offering diverse, topic-based discussions through user-created subreddits. Users post text, links, or media, engaging in threaded conversations.

Through a voting system, popular posts rise while controversial or irrelevant content sinks. It’s a hub for news, entertainment, and interests. However, unlike Twitter’s real-time updates, Reddit is less instantaneous.

8. Pebble

With a focus on text interactions, Pebble helps provide a more subtle social media experience. Users can share up to 280-character messages, known as “pebbles,” on the platform.

Despite being on its own, Pebble will ask you to access your X account to allow you to join. After setting up an account, the rest of the process is almost identical to Twitter. One exciting addition is “Ideas,” a section that offers AI-generated ideas for creative posts.

9. Post

Visually appealing and jam-packed with content, Post is a noteworthy Twitter alternative tailored for journalists and news readers. As denoted in the platform, it is “built for news without subscriptions or ads.”

There is no word limit; users can interact using likes, reposts, comments, and tips. There is a catch, though – posts must be “purchased” to read. The process is carried out through a points system that varies, depending on the account.

10. Cohost

This platform operates without algorithms, meaning posts are shown chronologically in a vertical line-up. Upon signing up, the website will have you wait a day or two before posting.

Cohost is catered toward collaborative and shared posts, where users can engage in double-authored “cohosts,” combining their thoughts and voices in a single message.

11. Tumblr

This next platform has a proven track record, and its longevity is a testament to its value. Founded in 2007, Tumblr offers a range of posts varying from text to GIFs and audio – all accessible through a pop-up menu.

Tumblr is a place for artistic expression, with features like quotes, chats, and videos. Users can interact by liking, commenting, retweeting, and sharing content, thus crafting their own creative blogs.

12. Pixelfed

As a compelling Twitter alternative, Pixelfed is made for picture sharing and microblogging. Users first join a server of their interest and then may share up to 8 photos or videos at a time, with short captions, and build connections online through comments.

Pixelfed is ad-free, privacy-focused, and comes with a main, local, and global feed, allowing you to discover new content and connect with people from all around the world.

13. Plurk

Plurk is a unique platform with a dedicated user base known for its timeline format. Users share brief “plurks” that appear in a conversation-like aesthetic, fostering interactive discussions.

Features made available on this platform include text, photos, polls, and emoticons. It is an engaging platform that encourages colorful avatars and creative profile customization.

14. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is tailored for users who value voice messages over texts and “friends over followers.” While it doesn’t provide text or visual features, this social app allows engaging conversations in real-time.

The only disadvantage is accessibility; at this time, Clubhouse is only available for iOS users and doesn’t come with a website option.

15. Pinterest

Next is Pinterest, a visually appealing platform with a primary focus on image discovery and content organization. On Pinterest, users create themed “boards” and “pin” images to them, thus discovering and saving all kinds of information.

January 2023 statistics show this platform rated higher than Twitter and Reddit. Despite being a visual platform with minimal text, Pinterest is engaging and thrilling for users globally.

16. Hive Social

This is a social mobile app released in 2019 by two college students. Nevertheless, in a short amount of time, Hive Social has gained around 1.5 million users worldwide.

Through a chronologically aligned feed, this app allows text and image posts, polls, Q&A, and, lately, profile music. You can download Hive Social both on Play Store and Google Play.

17. Amino

Similar to a number of apps from the list, Amino is centered around authentic servers to fit each person’s interests. Users can join these communities and post text, images, and other types of content to share their thoughts on topics pertaining to a specific fandom, or “Amino.”

It is a mobile app that allows you to follow and chat with people while promoting a respectful environment.

Choosing the Best Twitter Alternative for You

With various platforms available, finding Twitter alternatives nowadays is easy. One popular option to go with is Threads because it has a lot of users, meaning there are more accounts to engage with. However, Threads has also been criticized for lacking privacy and taking control of your feed through its algorithms.

Regardless, selecting one Twitter alternative over another depends heavily on your preferences. For users interested in decentralization, we recommend signing up for Mastodon, Discord, or Amino, which come with separate servers with whom you share similar interests.

Spill, Pixelfed, Plurk, Tumblr, and Pinterest mostly rely on visual content, and we recommend these to users who appreciate a beautiful image, a cooking recipe, or have an eye for art.

Use Post or Reddit if reading news or finding information is part of your niche, whereas Clubhouse is for those driven by real-time conversations on a voice call. Ultimately, users should evaluate their social media preferences and pick their best fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Replace Twitter with?

Choosing a Twitter substitute depends on your interests. If you are looking for a text-oriented replacement, then try Bluesky. On the contrary, if you are interested in visual content, you should sign up for Tumblr, Pixelfed, or Pinterest.

Who is the Biggest Competitor to Twitter?

In the social media realm, the top competitor for Twitter is Facebook, which is the most popular social network worldwide. Additionally, Threads, powered by Instagram, has potential, as it gained instant popularity upon its release.

What is the Black Twitter Alternative?

Spill is a social platform referred to as the black Twitter alternative since it is owned by a black CEO and tailored to the Black community.

Is Threads Better than Twitter?

Although Threads is inspired by Twitter, people believe that it must evolve before it takes over. However, many users appreciate the character limit on Threads, which is 220 more than on Twitter.

Wrapping Up

These 17 social media platforms come closest to Twitter in terms of specific features and overall aesthetic, offering a diverse array of options. From visual-catered platforms like Pixelfed to text-based ones like Post or voice-driven platforms like Clubhouse, these apps are tailored to every preference.

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