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What “K” And “M” Mean on Social Media

K? M? What do these letters mean on social media? Find out why influencers and top brands have them in their profiles.
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Do you see a “K” next to a person’s follower count or an “M?” If you’re on most social media  platforms, you’ll want to know what these letters stand for. You’ll see most of the networks and apps show these letters near:

  • Followers
  • Subscribers
  • Shares
  • Likes

And if you are confused and have no idea what K or M means, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about them below.

What Does “K” Mean on Social Media?

“K” isn’t just short for “okay” on social media. When you look at someone’s follower count on Instagram and it says 11K, this is short for kilo. And, no, this isn’t the weight measurement. Instead, it’s the K that comes from Greek and represents 1,000.

So, if you visit an account and see that it says “1K,” it means one thousand.

But when the account has 11,050 followers, it will still say 11K. Why? Counters will show 11.1K followers when you surpass 11,100 followers. If you have 99.5K, this means that you have 99,500 followers – maybe a few more or less.

Keep this information in mind because it’s very similar to how social media apps represent “M,” which we’ll see shortly.

After What Number Do Instagram Followers Change Into K?

Instagram is famous for the “K” after followers, and when does it turn from a full number to “K?” When you hit 10,000+ followers.

For example, if you have 7,562 followers, it will show all four of these numbers.

Once the counter moves to five digits, that’s when it turns to 10K.

Instagram, and many other apps, use the K because it makes more logical sense for the interface than showing a long list of numbers. Other platforms are a bit different:

  • YouTube begins using “K” the moment you reach over 1,000 for subs and likes.
  • TikTok follows in Instagram’s footsteps and begins using the “K” once you surpass 10,000+.

And if you’re savvy, you’ll realize what the “M” stands for.

What Does “M” Mean on Social Media?

When you visit a person’s social account and find an “M” next to their follower count, what does this mean? In this case, the “M” stands for million. 

So, if the person has “5M” followers, this means that they have five million followers.

After What Number Do Instagram Followers Change Into M?

Instagram will begin displaying the “M” next to followers and likes when the person surpasses 1 million even. If you have 1.1M followers, this means that you have 1,100,000+ followers. Instagram will round the number to provide the most accurate representation.

You’ll see accounts like Selena Gomez and The Rock have hundreds of millions of followers.

For precision, The Rock has 397M followers.

Other social media platforms also use the iconic “M,” which people try to achieve for clout. You’ll find the following applies:

  • YouTube starts using the M when you hit 1,000,000 subscribers.
  • TikTok starts using the M when you hit 1,000,000.

And how are “M” and “K” calculated? Let’s take a look and see.

How Are K and M Calculated?

How Are K and M Calculated

Now that you know what “K” and “M” mean, you may be wondering how they’re calculated. There’s really no formula for determining whether a user will have a “K” or an “M” on their profile.

  • “K” and “M” are calculated based on your organic reach. In other words, it’s based on your current follower count.

The number of followers you have will determine whether you have a “K” or “M.”

Once your follower count reaches 10,000 on TikTok or Instagram, you will get a “K” next to your number of followers. On YouTube, you only need to reach 1,000 followers to get a “K” next to your subscriber count.

If your follower count reaches 1 million on any social platform, you will get an “M” next to your follower or subscriber number.


Having a “K” or “M” next to your follower count on any social platform is an accomplishment. It means that you’ve built up a large audience and are well on your way to reaching influencer status or an established brand. If you don’t have a “K” or “M” on your follower count yet, keep posting great content and interacting with your audience to get more followers.

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