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59 Best YouTube Channel Niche Ideas (2024)

Ready to start a YouTube channel, but stumped on what kind of content to make? Discover 59 of the best niches for YouTube that will make your channel more popular for a specific target audience.
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Best YouTube Channel Ideas
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So, you want to start a YouTube channel that generates lot of views and helps you make money.

Before you can do that, there’s one more step you need to take: choosing a content niche.

A content niche is a category or area of interest that all your videos will fall into. It’s important to have one, and we’ll explain why in this article.

Later, we’ll explain how to figure out your niche, as well as share 59 of the best YouTube niches that appeal to viewers.

Why is It Important To Choose the Right YouTube Niche?

Having a niche on YouTube is critical to the growth of your channel for three reasons.

Reason#1: It Helps you Reach an Interested Audience that will Meaningfully Engage with Your Videos — and May Be Even Convert Into Subscribers.

Attracting viewers that subscribe to your channel and engage with your videos is more important that simply boosting your view count. With a niche, you can appeal to a small, targeted audience that is interested in your particular type of content. These targeted viewers are more likely to generate engagement than a broader, general audience would for more generic content.

Reason#2: It Helps You Work the YouTube Algorithm.

The YouTube algorithm operates by sorting through videos and determining which ones to show to which users based on their content preferences, watch history, and search history. If you don’t have a niche, your videos will be harder to categorize, which means YouTube won’t show it or recommend it to as many users. That would make it challenging for you to use organic engagement to grow your channel.

Reason#3: It Makes it Easier for You to Make Money From YouTube Ad Revenue.

Brands want their ads placed in videos that will reach their target audience. Your videos won’t have a target audience until you pick a content niche, which means you won’t make a lot of money on the platform from ad revenue.

59 Best Niches for YouTube By Category

Even after you consider your interests, knowledge or experience, point of view, and competition, there are still so many YouTube niches that you may not know where to begin!

But that’s why we’re here: To show you 59 of the best niches for YouTube Shorts and videos to get your thoughts spinning and your ideas churning.

Let’s get into them!


ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is when a video creates goosebumps or a tingling sensation that makes you feel good. If you want to create this type of content, you have a few options:

1. Whispering

Record yourself whispering while you perform a quiet activity, like putting on your makeup, speaking mental health affirmations, or telling a story. You can add captions or subtitles to the video using something like CapCut.

But we recommend making the text smaller to mimic the whispering of the video.

Why do people love whispering videos?

  • They create a feeling of “relaxation”
  • Whispers feel more personal

2. Tapping

Film yourself tapping different-sized and shaped objects with your fingernails or a small, pointed object, like a pencil or a pen.

You can view a simple video demonstrating how tapping can be used in your videos:

Children’s Content🧒

3. Catchy Songs

Write kids’ songs with catchy lyrics and tunes, record them, and upload them to your channel in visually stimulating music videos. You can add fun 3D or 2D graphics to your videos that illustrate the lyrics. Bright colors and fun characters will stimulate kids and keep them watching.

Note: Make sure that your songs are original or that you have the right to use them in your videos!

4. Cartoons

Animate a cartoon series with an original storyline that’s appropriate for child audiences. Kids love cartoons, and you can use your series to:

  • Educate kids
  • Teach them important life lessons
  • Entertain them and make them laugh

You’ll need to have some artistic talent to create your own cartoon illustrations, but you can also enlist the help of an artist if you don’t have the skills.

Just make sure that your storylines are age-appropriate and engaging for kids.

5. Story Reading

Film or record a video of yourself reading children’s stories for parents and teachers to play during quiet time or before bed.

You can even show off your voice acting talents by acting out different voices for different characters. Or you can add your own commentary with important lessons.

Here’s a great example of story reading that gets a lot of engagement and views: THE COUCH POTATO 🥔Kids Book Read Aloud

6. Educational Content

Film age-appropriate educational content that teaches children important facts or concepts in a fun and engaging way. You can teach kids about academic subjects like math, science or literature.

You can also teach kids about important life concepts or share fun facts, like this YouTube channel: Facts For Kids

7. Arts and Crafts Projects

Make step-by-step arts and crafts tutorials that children can easily (and safely) follow. Choose easy projects that don’t require a lot of supplies. We recommend using bright colors and backgrounds to make your videos more appealing to kids.


8. Conspiracy Theories

Explore popular (and little known) conspiracy theories in politics, pop culture, and society at large. Show whether or not the known facts support the theories’ validity. Make sure that you look at the conspiracy from all angles and try to take an unbiased approach to your arguments.

Try not to be too alarmist or extreme, or you may wind up violating YouTube’s guidelines.

Here’s a great example of a popular conspiracy theory channel: Shane

9. Unsolved True Crime Mysteries

Reveal the world’s most tantalizing unsolved true crime mysteries. Explain why they haven’t been solved and share your personal theories for how they really turned out. You can also update these videos in the future if there are future developments in the case.

Look for cases that aren’t well-known and have fascinating details. Work on your storytelling skills to keep people engaged and make the story really compelling. You may even be able to incorporate news coverage into your videos.

10. Paranormal and Supernatural Activities

Film videos about alleged paranormal and supernatural activities. Take your camera to sites where ghosts have been seen or other unexplained phenomena have occurred.

You can visit:

  • Ghost towns
  • Popular places that are known to be haunted
  • Places where mysterious lights have been seen

Make sure you’re investing in the right gear for this kind of content, like:

  • EMF meters
  • Electromagnetic field detectors
  • Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recorders

These tools will help you prove whether there’s really paranormal activity in that spot.

11. Government Hidden Histories, Coverups, and Conspiracies

Dive into the hidden histories, coverups, and conspiracies of the government that aren’t discussed in textbooks. You can find conspiracies, hidden histories and coverups on social media or even through a Google Search.

Dive deep into these mysteries and see if you can find out if they are real or if it’s just another conspiracy theory. Conduct interviews, research data and archives and go the extra mile to make your content stand out.

12. Alternate History

Stir your audience’s imagination with videos that theorize about alternative history, and what the world would be like if certain events hadn’t happened or certain people hadn’t existed.


13. Subject-Based Lectures

Provide valuable, accurate information about an academic subject in the form of lectures. You can cover any subject, but we recommend choosing just one to focus on. Aim your content at students who need help grasping your chosen subject.

Here’s a great example of a lecture-style video: Secrets of the Universe: Neil Turok Public Lecture

If you want to take on this kind of YouTube channel, make sure you have the credentials and expertise to provide this kind of info.

14. Languages

Offer tips and hacks for learning new languages. You can also make a long-form lesson series teaching viewers how to speak or write a foreign language. Make sure that you have a strong grasp of the language if you want to create this type of channel.

You can create videos teaching:

  • Popular phrases
  • How to pronounce words
  • Customs and cultural norms associated with the language

You can interview native speakers and film in locations where you can have real-life conversations with people.

15. Exam Prep and Studying Hacks

Help students of all ages and levels of academia get the best scores on their exams by teaching them studying hacks and how to prepare for testing.

16. Online Course, Degree, or Certificate Program Reviews

Make it easier for students to choose the right online course, degree, or certification program by rating and reviewing them. You can dive deep into what different courses and certificate programs offer, and who these courses are for. You can even take free courses and review them in depth to see if they are worth your time.

17. Career Development Advice

Put your audience on the right path to their desired career by sharing all your insights, tips, and tricks for reaching their professional goals. If you have expertise in a certain field, you can provide first-hand insights into how to get ahead, how to improve your skills or which skills will give you an edge in the field.


18. Comedy Skits

Make your audience laugh with original comedy skits that you wrote yourself. You can also hire a screenwriter, as well as an entire cast and crew.

19. Satire and Parodies

Poke satirical fun at current events and trends, or create humorous parodies of beloved films, television series, or music videos.

20. Celebrity Gossip

Let your viewers in on the latest and juiciest gossip and headlines from their favorite celebrities.

21. Film and Television Reviews

Watch popular or current film and television series, and then film your honest reviews.

22. Music News

Keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest news and updates in music. You can select a specific genre or artist, or you can just cover the top trending headlines.


23. Parenting Advice and Guidance

Guide and advise parents, new and old, on the most effective ways to raise, care for, and help their children through life.

You can share:

  • Tips for caring for your mental health as a parent
  • Products that you use in your everyday life to raise your kids
  • Hacks for saving time and getting more done as a parent

You can also share your everyday life and your routines to get the kids off to school without fuss.

24. Family Vlogs

Vlog your family’s activities on a regular basis and show how you balance all the different aspects of your life (i.e., work, play, travel) with a partner and kids.

25. Pregnancy Tips

Share tips from your experiences with pregnancy – be it your own or someone else’s – to help moms navigate having a baby.

26. Family Travel and Vacations

Film videos showing how your family handles traveling and vacations with kids and pets. You can share tips and hacks on how to save money on your vacations, the best ways to keep kids calm during flights or any other advice that you have for parents.

Fitness and Wellness🏋️

27. Fitness Tips and Workouts

Encourage your viewers to be physically fit by sharing exercise tips, diet recommendations, and full-length workout demonstrations.

You can share workouts of different types, including:

  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Yoga
  • More

28. Mental Health Help

Help your audience improve their mental health with soothing affirmations, informative lectures, and actionable advice.


29. Quick and Simple Recipes

Share quick and simple recipes that busy viewers can use to cook meals and snacks at home without taking up too much of their precious spare time.

You’ll find tons of channels in this niche:

30. Baking and Desserts

Film demonstrations of recipes for desserts and other baked goods, tutorials for cake decorating, taste tests, and other baking-related videos. If you have any family recipes or fun things to share, baking and dessert connoisseurs will be dying to try them.

31. Healthy Eating

Promote healthy eating with videos that show viewers the best foods, beverages, recipes, and meal plans for optimal health. If you’re also into fitness, this is a great sub-niche that you can combine together when creating content.

Subscribers will love watching both fitness and healthy eating videos because they go perfectly together.

32. International Eats

Take your food-loving audience around the world with recipes for international eats, tours of foreign restaurants, or vlogs of you trying snacks from other countries.

If you’re not able to travel to all of these exotic locations, you can:

  • Recreate exotic dishes at home
  • Order international candies or foods and review them

Of course, if you like to travel and have the budget, you can go to international restaurants and explain the explosion of flavors to your audience.

33. Vegan/Vegetarian Meals and Snacks

Inspire vegan/vegetarian viewers with recipes, tutorials, and recommendations for tasty meals that are adapted to their diet.

34. Cooking Hacks

Show your audience how to make cooking as easy as possible by demonstrating the most effective cooking hacks, trying out new kitchen tools, or debunking bad hacks that don’t work.

You’ll find a lot of great channels in the cooking hack niche:


35. Live Stream Gaming

Live stream yourself playing a video game to show your movements, reactions, and comments in real time. You’ll have the opportunity to monetize your live stream and create deeper connections with your subscribers in the process.

36. Video Game Reviews

Play and review newly released video games that are getting a lot of hype. You don’t want to be nice and just say that the game is great. Instead, you need to be blunt and honest.

  • Do you hate a feature? Explain why.
  • Love the audio? Let the world know.
  • Rate the game 100% honestly.

37. Video Game Guides and Walkthroughs

Record guides and walkthroughs for popular video games, particularly those that players are finding difficult or challenging. You can show off:

  • Tips for beating hard levels or bosses
  • Character selection guides
  • Hacks or glitches

How-To Videos🎭

38. DIY Home Improvement

Demonstrate how to properly (and safely) complete DIY projects that will help improve a home. You can be very thorough with these videos and include:

  • Costs
  • Best materials
  • Alternative solutions

A lot of creators in this niche use affiliate marketing as a way to add to their channel’s overall profitability.

39. Arts and Crafts

Choose an art or craft that you’re good at or would like to improve your skills on, and film yourself showing how to do it. Some ideas for this niche are oil painting, watercolors, knitting, cross-stitch, rug making, basket weaving, macrame, and jewelry making.

40. Photography

Flaunt your photography skills and share your tips and tricks for getting the perfect camera shot. You can even take your viewers on an adventure. Imagine a wildlife photographer showing you behind-the-scenes footage of how he or she captures amazing photos from around the world.

41. Gardening, Landscaping, and Yard Maintenance

If you have a green thumb, then dip into the niche of Gardening, Landscaping, and Lawn Maintenance. Publish content showing your audience how you take care of plants, design a pathway, or keep your yard looking fresh and pretty all year round.

42. Vehicle Maintenance and Fixes

Create tutorial videos about how to maintain your vehicle, as well as how to fix it when it starts to have problems. You’ll want to create generic content as well as vehicle-specific content because many people will search:

  • How to change a timing belt in a YEAR, MAKE, MODEL
  • How to change the oil in a Civic
  • Etc.


43. Fashion Trends and Style Recommendations

Explore the latest fashion trends and share your recommendations for how to wear different styles of clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can also:

  • Review celebrity looks
  • Discuss odd worldwide trends
  • Dissect a person’s style

44. Makeup Tutorials and Hacks

Teach your audience how to apply makeup; test, review, and recommend new beauty products; and share makeup application hacks.

Making Money Online💰

45. Entrepreneur Advice

Give your viewers your insight and advice on succeeding at being an entrepreneur in your chosen industry. You’ll need to have real advice to give to your audience to find it valuable. For example, you can find people like GaryVee who run with this idea.Channels to look to for inspiration are:

46. Passive Income Tips

Reveal the best tips and methods of creating streams of passive income. Dozens of sub-niches fall within this niche, including:

  • Investing income
  • Real estate rental
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital products
  • Social media
  • So many more

47. E-commerce Guidance

Explain how to set up and run a successful, profitable e-commerce business. You’ll find a lot of drop-shipping channels, but you can also show your audience how you:

  • Source goods
  • Store goods
  • Secure bulk discounts

If you have proof of your success, it will help your channel feel more authentic and really help you boost your following.

48. Freelance Work and Side Jobs

Teach your audience the ins and outs of starting freelance work or taking up side jobs to bring in extra money.

Personal Finance and Investments💵

Personal finance and investing are one of the most profitable niches on YouTube, and you can leverage this niche with:

49. Investment Strategies

Share your strategies for investing money, including which companies and organizations to invest in and when. You can even venture into trends forecasting. as well as:

  • Budgeting
  • Investing
  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Everything investment-related

You should have a disclosure on your channel to ensure that if your words of wisdom steer a viewer in the wrong direction, you will not be held liable.


Tech channels can be a major hit, but you need to have the right content to make one of these channels work. You’re up against a lot of competition, but these niches can help you carve out your own segment in technology:

50. Technology News

Post content that keeps tech lovers up to date on the latest news about current and emerging technology. . If you have insider tips or people in the industry who will let you know of product releases or major gossip, you can rack up millions of views.

You need your sources for news to be legitimate and don’t want to be just another channel that copies everything someone else does.

A few channels that you can look to for inspiration are:

51. Tech Gear Demonstrations and Reviews

Demonstrate and review the latest and greatest tech gear, such as VR headsets, smartphones, and computers. Your biggest hurdle for this type of channel will be getting your hands on cutting-edge gear before it’s made available to the public.

You can focus on:

  • New product releases
  • Pre-order items that are sent to you before the masses

Over time, as your channel grows, you’ll start receiving gear to review from companies directly, which will make running your channel much easier.

52. Software and App Assessments

Assess and share your thoughts on software and apps in an industry like marketing, photography, or gaming. You can:

  • Create a top 10 app review
  • Review each app one-by-one
  • Show people the strengths and weaknesses of different software

53. Technology Hacks and How-To’s

Help your viewers learn the best hacks and methods of using different types of technology. You can:

  • Create full how-to videos on how to use certain tech
  • Hacks that show subscribers new ways to use technology


54. Adventure Vlogs

Film yourself going on an adventure at an exciting outdoor location, like a national park, a safari, or the site of an ancient civilization. You can gain a lot of inspiration from other travel vloggers, such as:

You can opt to have a silent video, allowing the sights and sounds to speak for themselves, or you can take a page from Yes Theory and bring storytelling into the mix.

55. Budget Tips

Help travelers on a budget with tips and tricks to maximize the fun of taking a trip while minimizing the cost. You’ll find that some of the most popular videos in this niche focus on things like:

  • Surviving in China on $20 for 24 hours
  • 5 Ways to Save Money When Traveling in Rome
  • Etc.

If you’re frugal and have a knack for saving money when traveling, you’ll love this niche.

56. Solo Travel Tips

Show the fun of traveling solo while also sharing the pitfalls, safety tips, and recommendations for the best places to travel by yourself. Many people want to travel alone, but there’s the fear that something can happen to them.

You can explain:

  • How to avoid sketchy areas
  • Key problems in the area (such as pickpocketing)
  • Secrets to staying safe on the train, in a cab or walking down the street

57. Luxury Travel Vlogs

Wow, your audience with vlogs about luxury travel destinations, including hotels, spas, and cruises. Show your audience what it means to be in pure luxury, such as:

  • Looking off of the balcony at your hotel in Cinque Terra
  • What the interior of the Maharajas’ Express looks like
  • What it really means to fly first class or on a jet

If you have the budget to travel in luxury, you can attract a massive audience who wants to see what traveling is like for the world’s wealthy travelers.

58. Travel Guides and Advice

Share the experience and knowledge you’ve gained through your own travels in the form of guides and advice videos. You can take this type of channel in multiple directions, but you want to be an educator and can choose to:

  • Show your audience the best route to see Ireland’s top castles
  • Restaurant guides and hotels to visit
  • Advice on how to best get through the city and when to see landmarks

You can even create a multi-part series through locations or a Top X things to know. Let’s look at a few examples:

59. Food Tours

One of the best parts about traveling is experiencing new cuisines. Embark on a food tour – either one of your own or one that you booked – and film yourself tasting and reviewing new dishes. You can eat your way through Naples ranking the top pizza places or go through Christmas markets in Germany on your food tour.

Things To Consider When Selecting a YouTube Niche

So far, we’ve established all the great reasons you need a content niche for your YouTube channel. Now, how do you select one?

Here are some things to consider when you’re searching for a YouTube niche to call your own.

Your Competition

Every niche is going to have some YouTube creators in it already. When you find a niche you’re interested in, count how many channels are posting videos to that niche. If there are a high number of them, you may want to look for a niche with fewer channels and therefore fewer competitors for viewers.

Your Point of View

You can still post videos to a highly competitive YouTube niche, providing you have a unique or compelling point of view. So, if you want to explore a particular niche, think about what’s new or exciting that you can bring to the table based on your personal thoughts, expertise, or experience.

Your Interests

It’s preferable that your YouTube niche is something you’re interested in. This will help you maintain the energy and enthusiasm you need to keep marketing your channel and creating fresh content – even in the face of setbacks or low growth rates.

Your Knowledge or Experience

Another area to mine for YouTube niche ideas is your personal areas of knowledge and experience. You may, for example, be knowledgeable about science or baking or growing plants. You may also have some experience in an industry that would make you a great resource of information for other professionals in your field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Faceless Niches that Don’t Require Me to Show My Face?

Some of the best faceless YouTube niches are Children’s Content, Conspiracy, Education, Food, Gaming, and Money and Investments.

Can I Have More than One Niche on YouTube?

Yes. If they are all related, consider combining them into a single unique brand of content. If they are completely different, think about creating more than one YouTube channel.

Which YouTube Niche is the Easiest to Do?

The easiest YouTube niches are the ones where you can be completely faceless, like Children’s Content, Education, Food, and Gaming.

Which Niches Pay the Most Amount of Money on YouTube?

Some of the top paying YouTube niches include Making Money Online, Personal Finance and Investments, Education, Tech, Lifestyle, and Gaming.

What Kind of YouTube Video Content is the Most Popular?

The four most popular types of YouTube video content are Comedy, Music, Entertainment/Pop Culture, and How-to’s.


Establishing a content niche for your YouTube channel is essential for helping you get more views, more subscribers, and more ad revenue. After you consider your interests, knowledge and experience, point of view, and potential competition, refer to our list of 59 of the best YouTube content niches. Find one niche (or more) that you can build on to help your channel stand out.

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